5 tips to make you look 5 years younger


Celebrity men like Jared Leto, Hugh Jackmann and Matthew McConaughey demonstrate how to get more attractive, not older, as the years go by. They all don’t look a day over 35. Yet they are all easily over 40. You don’t need to be a superstar with enviable genes and a good beauty doc to minimize the signs of time and turn them into benefits.

But: Getting older and looking young is detailed work that requires consistent and constant implementation. What tricks you can use to appear younger, we’ll tell you here:

1. Stand by gray hair instead of dyeing it

Sounds contradictory, after all, gray hair makes you old, right? It depends. Fact is: women find gray hair sexy. Celebrity men like George Clooney or Transformers star Josh Duhamel don’t dye their gray hair, but let it grow naturally – and you should too! Just make sure it’s a classy gray.

Gray hair is usually wirier and less shiny. Therefore, you should use a shampoo with particularly nourishing ingredients and preferably also use a conditioner that makes the hair softer. Absolutely uncool is when the grays get a yellow tint. Special shampoos for silver hair, which reduce the yellowing effect and refine the shade of gray, can help. Here are more tips for men with gray hair.

2. Muddle your hair to conceal receding hairlines

This much is clear: Combing your hair strictly over the corners or getting a weird fringe cut is not an option at all. This only draws the eye even more to the bald spots. It is much more advantageous to casually tousle the hair with pomade. Because then the longer hair on the top of the head falls loosely over the balding areas and make them appear sexy. Click on the following link if you want to know how to cleverly conceal hair loss.

To keep the cool out-of-bed look all day, you need a flexible pomade. Rub a coin-sized blob between your hands and sweep it through your hair. tousle briefly, then leave alone.

3. Switch up your skincare routine to anti-aging products

Your buddy is in his 40s, but his smooth, nearly wrinkle-free skin easily makes him look 10 years younger? Don’t believe him when he claims good genes alone are responsible for his good looks. If you want to look like you’re 35 or even 30 years young in your 40s, you should get into a solid skin care routine in your late 20s:

  • The best face cleanser against wrinkles: If you have been using shower gel for your face, you should switch to a proper cleanser as soon as possible. Shower gels degrease the sensitive facial skin too much with the result that it becomes dry and thus wrinkled faster.
  • Moisturizer and sunscreen keep wrinkles at bay: Body lotion plasters over the finer pores on the face. A proper moisturizer, on the other hand, keeps the skin supple. If you choose an anti-aging product it doesn’t mean you’re old, it means you’ve chosen a cream with a good dose of nourishing ingredients. Very important is the sun protection. UV light is the number one cause of wrinkles, so it is the biggest enemy of young and healthy looking skin.
  • Peelings rejuvenate the complexion: If you also exfoliate 1x a week, your complexion will look fresher and more youthful. Peels cleanse the face with mild acids that gently but effectively remove dead skin cells and dirt stuck in the pores.

4. Use anti-aging eye cream from now on – every day!

You’ll be doing yourself a big favor if you use an eye cream morning and night, right after cleansing and before moisturizer. Because the skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the whole body. That is why the first wrinkles appear here. They are often played down as laugh lines, but they quickly turn into less attractive ‘crow’s feet’.

Men who regularly plump up and protect this sensitive region with cream look younger longer. We have tested for you once across the range: These are the best anti-aging products for men.

5. Trim your body hair to look younger

Trim your chest hair to a minimum. Numerous studies prove: This is exactly what women like. If you want to look young for a long time, you should also keep an eye on all your other body hair. Because hair – except on the head, unfortunately – grows wilder and wilder over the years and in unusual places.

Get yourself a magnifying mirror. Check your face. Do single, extremely long hairs suddenly sprout from the collar and slowly but surely connect the chest fur with the beard? Do the eyebrows grow? Do hairs come out of the nose? Out of the ears? You would not be an isolated case.

Uncontrollably sprouting hair is not only the opposite of sexy, it is also considered a sign of incipient loss of control over one’s own body. So exactly the opposite of what you want. And while we’re on the subject of unwanted body hair: How to remove back hair.

Conclusion: men who age well and in style retain their youthful charm

Women are cheating pros when it comes to looking younger and more attractive than they naturally are. That’s why they see through men’s clumsy younger-looking strategies such as dyed hair or a botoxed forehead. Men who try to look younger with the help of youthful clothing or language are quickly perceived as embarrassing.

So it is better to take care of your skin and hair regularly and according to your needs in order to keep their condition at an optimal level for a long time. Then smile lines and gray temples look enormously attractive and even give you a youthful charm that makes you look years younger.

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