Celebrity beards: the 8 coolest beard trends


Where better to research trends than on the red carpet? We took a look at which beard hairstyles are currently high on the list for celebrity men. Bet you can copy a stylish look from it?

1. Three-day beard

Jason Statham

The three-day beard is probably the most popular of all beards – even among women, by the way. According to studies, women find men with stubble beard particularly sexy. The beard stubble wears, for example, “Fast and Furious” star Jason Statham. So it’s no wonder that beautiful women like his fiancée, top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, fall for him. If, like Statham, you have receding hairlines or very little hair left, a three-day beard will draw the eye to your face. Guaranteed to make you look more casual and youthful. The best way to shave the stubble look á la Statham is with a trimmer. Find out what other beard looks the ladies like here: Women like these beards.

2. Full beard

Liam Hemsworth

His full beard belongs to actor Liam Hemsworth like currsysauce to sausage. Hemsworth wears his beard the same length all around. If you have an angular face like Hemsworth, chances are good that the beard look suits you just as well. If you have more of a round face, this beard can unfortunately quickly apply unflattering. Grooming tip: Use a beard oil regularly to keep the hair from looking tousled.

3. Sideburns

Lucky Blue Smith

Top model Lucky Blue Smith is often seen with shorter sideburns. A beard style that instantly gives him a casual James Dean charm. The hair quiff is also reminiscent of the actor – a good combo. Tip: Make sure that the sideburns do not become longer than two fingers wide. This looks rather strange than stylish.

4. Mustache

Dev Patel

The mustache is no longer just something for fashion avant-gardists. Combined with a little more beard on the chin and cheeks, the look is loosened up. Especially if you have a rather elongated head like actor Dev Patel, you should try the Moustache – as it balances out the proportions.

5. Mustache-full beard combo

Jamie Dornan

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor says of himself that he looks like a little boy without a beard. The combo of a full beard and trimmed moustache accentuates his masculine features. If you should decide for this look, pay attention to a clean contour of the beard – so you always look smart guaranteed. By the way, the cleanest contours are made with a razor. If your beard grows too wild, it will make you look old and unkempt, just like these 5 grooming sins.

6. Contoured full beard


The full beard of the rapper Drake is one of his trademarks. The sideburns are shaved away and the lower neck area is kept smooth. The style makes the face more prominent – but actually suits every man. Grooming tip: The look lives from the fact that it is so meticulously accurate. Make sure that the contours of the beard are always neatly defined.

7. Longer full beard

Jason Momoa

It’s a trend that’s been around for years: XL full beards are still very popular. Actor and “Aquaman” actor Jason Momoa is known for this look. Important to know: This beard visually elongates the face and conceals the chin and cheek area. Be sure to use the right beard care here, otherwise there is a danger of strands and the look quickly looks brittle instead of stylish.

8. Six-day undone look

Kit Harington

Here the 3-day beard may stand a few days longer. You should only make sure to always trim the hair around the lips. The rest does not need to be clean shaven. With the undone beard look, make sure that your hairstyle is always neatly groomed. Otherwise it no longer looks casual, but unkempt. Game of Thrones” star Kit Harrington combines the beard style with a smart gel hairstyle.

The celebrities show it: Beards are super trendy. With the right style you can emphasize your masculine features and always make a smart impression. Whether it’s a full beard or an undone look, proper grooming is key – a tousled face doesn’t make a man more attractive.

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