Chest hair: How much can a man show??


You probably know this feeling all too well: It’s hot, your shirt is cursedly tight and sticks to your sweaty body. Clear message: Your upper body needs to cool down urgently. What’s stopping you from undoing the top buttons? Right: your chest flokati.

Especially in summer and in hot and humid environments, this dilemma plagues all men with luxuriant hair growth. But before you stoically endure the agony or frantically start shaving with a razor for the balding, you should know: Chest hair isn’t automatically a no-go. Admittedly: Many celebrity men currently present their chest hairless or merely tattooed. But that doesn’t mean that all men have to walk around like that – not even you. We reveal on which occasions you can show how much chest fur to still look attractive.

Chest hair on the beach? Perfectly okay!

You are only human. Even if your chest looks like a burst teddy under your shirt, when you’re at the beach or in the pool, you should prioritize feeling good over looking good. And, hey, there are still plenty of women who find chest hair sexy. The only requirement: it must look well-groomed. A woman wants to be able to imagine tenderly tickling her hair with her fingers. Therefore, wash your chest hair thoroughly with shower gel and, if necessary, brush the mat before you go to the beach and take off your shirt there.

Hairy chest on a date? Show your confidence!

Even if male models in advertising currently convey the opposite: In real life, just as many women are into the hairy chest as the smooth one. Even the hair around the belly button is very popular with the female sex. Psychologists suggest that body hair emphasizes masculinity without appearing aggressive. If you want to seduce a woman, the most important thing is to appear confident and authentic – with or without a mat on the chest.

Chest hair in the bar? Do not open more than one shirt button

If you want to get to know a woman, then leave the top button of your shirt open at night when you go to a bar or disco – no more. Too much chest hair can be off-putting at first glance. Also, a hairy chest in a shirt unbuttoned wide quickly appears as an aggressive pickup line. Chest hair, on the other hand, that is not obviously displayed, stimulates women’s fantasies. However, if you are just out with the guys for a few beers, you shouldn’t worry too much about the subject. Better just sit back and enjoy the beer.

Chest hair during a workout? Tank tops are the best choice for you

Running and working out will make you sweat, no question about it. While a sweaty but hair-free chest still passes for “shiny,” sweaty chest hair is definitely a turn-off to attractive women. The best solution for you are tank tops. The cut is very masculine, showcasing your muscular arms that get maximum fresh air – and the hairy chest area is covered in a breezy way. Here you can find a small selection of tank tops for re-shopping:

Chest hair in the office? Keep it under wraps

Even if you personally don’t think a few hairs peeking out of your shirt is so bad: It’s not okay on the job, whether you’re a highly paid CEO or a waiter. With thick chest hair, you definitely make an unkempt and unprofessional impression at work. In the catering industry, body hair is a no-go anyway due to hygiene regulations. Sorry, but here the top shirt button remains closed in any case.

Can I influence the growth of my chest hair?

No. “Whether and how many chest hairs sprout is determined in the genes,” explains andrologist Jens Jacobeit from the Endokrinologikum from Hamburg. That is, you have no influence on the growth at all. By the way: Men develop full fur only in their mid-30s.

Conclusion: Showing chest hair is hip

…as long as you adapt your look to the occasion. If you regularly trim your chest hair with a razor, you know how quickly the beasts sprout again. One thing is certain: women definitely don’t find scratchy stubble more attractive. Therefore, just stand to your chest fur, if the opportunity allows it. Now you know where chest hair is in and where it is out.

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