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The truth is: if you have more clothes hanging in your closet, you’re not necessarily better dressed. A few really good, quality pieces are way better than a bunch of clothes that don’t fit anymore, or that you bought because a) they were so cheap or b) they were trendy at some point in time.

Rigorously get rid of all your old clothes. Clothes that you have never really felt comfortable in, that just don’t look good on you or that you haven’t sorted out yet because they were expensive, go now.

What is the best way to clean out your closet?

If you’re one of those men who keep meaning to do the big closet cleanout, but ultimately fail because they don’t really want to part with anything – please urgently read on! We’ve put together a list of tips you can follow when you’re decluttering. You will see: This way, the big decluttering will be much easier for you.

1. First get an overview

About what you have in the first place. Clear out all the cupboards, chests of drawers and boxes and throw all the things in a pile – on the bed, for example. This is how you can see exactly how much you actually own. Bet it’s more than you thought? 

2. The second step is sorting

Put jackets on top of jackets, sweaters on top of sweaters, T-shirts on top of T-shirts. And try to put similar parts directly on top of each other. If you find many doubles of one category? From well-fitting white shirts for the office or special occasions, you can definitely keep 4 or 5 copies. But do you really need 5 identical gray sweatshirts? Hardly. Keep only the two you like best – because they fit or feel a little better, for example.

Also take a look at your boxer shorts. If you don’t only have a wash day every 4 weeks, ten pairs of underwear will do. Get rid of anything that is baggy, washed out, or just looks old. The same goes for stockings, undershirts and pajamas.

3. Repair or sort out broken items

There’s a huge stain on what used to be your favorite shirt, and it won’t come off? You can’t wear it now anyway – get rid of it! Even clothes that are only missing a button or where a seam has come loose often lead a pretty sad existence in the closet. And that only because you are simply too lazy to finally bring them to the tailor or to mend them yourself.

Look for exactly these parts once together and either tackle the repair or separate yourself. You have already understood correctly: Take them out right away and put them in the “get rid of them” pile.

4. Be honest with yourself

“But you can still wear that when changing a tire or doing yard work.” Don’t fib to yourself. Bet you don’t do as much dirty work as you’ve hoarded clothes for in the meantime? Same goes for baggy t-shirts that become sleep shirts and baggy sweatpants that you turn into chill pants. 

Do you really wear them to clean, paint, pull weeds, sleep and change tires? Or are these all just excuses to not have to part with them? If the latter is the case: Get rid of them! You are not alone with your separation phobia. Actor Daniel Brühl also has a hard time parting with clothes.

5. Get rid of everything that no longer fits

Those T-shirts from last summer are stretching your chest because you’ve been working out so much? You don’t need them anymore! You’re certainly not going to suddenly stop working out and cut yourself in half again. Here you will find the perfect t-shirt for you.

You have gained more abdominal girth over the last few years? Even then you should get rid of too tight clothes. Is it really realistic that you will ever again fit into the jeans that were so damn tight 5 years ago? Probably not. If the parts are too big, you could have them adjusted by a tailor of your choice, if it pays off. With too small things, however, this is usually not possible.

6. Do not cling to expensive clothes

Sometimes the only reason that keeps you from getting rid of your clothes is that you think with horror about all the money you once spent on them. It’s a pity if you never really wore it, or at least don’t wear it anymore.

But it is like it is: The money is gone anyway – whether the part is now unworn in the closet or whether you part with it right away. Rather make money out of it again and sell it. Where this works best, we tell you further down in the text.

7. Get rid of bad purchases

“What was I thinking?”Everything you wore once or even not once, now goes away! After all, what’s the likelihood that you’ll end up liking the pieces again someday? Vanishingly small. The good news: Hardly worn clothes and clothes with labels can easily be turned into money. The pieces are bound to appeal to some taste. Plus, here’s how to wash your jeans the right way so they last a long time.

What to do with old, discarded clothes?

A lot of stuff has come together? Super! But where to put the old clothes now? Best is to donate – then you collect a lot of karma points instead of masses of old stuff. Other people will be happy about the clothes that don’t fit you or you like anymore. 

But please don’t pass on any clothes with holes in them. Who is supposed to wear them anymore? Rather recycle as cleaning rags! And dispose of them when you already have more than enough of them.

By the way: Be careful with collection bins in front of the door – there are often organizations behind them that resell your old clothes and put the money in their own pockets. If you want to help people in need with your donation, you should donate directly to homeless shelters or similar organizations. If you use old clothes containers, then only with the label of “FairWertung.”

Where can I sell discarded clothing?

You make the most money on the Internet. Secondhand platforms like Vintage or eBay Kleinanzeigen cost time and nerves. But you can bet that your “old clothes” will find new, happy owners there. By the way: Here’s how you can save money when shopping online.

Who does not have desire to photograph for eBay & Co. and answer annoying inquiries about the fit with “wearing pictures”, simply go to the good old flea market. Here you get less money for the individual parts. But you get rid of a lot of mass in one day, which is immediately noticeable in your wallet. Take a buddy with you, then it’s more fun and you can share the booth rent.

The branded part was once very expensive and you almost never wore it? Then it is much too bad for the flea market and the usual apps. You can make a lot more money with the two designer second-hand stores Vestiaire Collective and Rebelle.

Here you pay commission, but in the end you still get more money than on eBay, because the price is set higher from the beginning. This is possible because the stores check all items for authenticity and the customers don’t have to be afraid of fakes and are willing to pay more.

What do I keep when I clean out my closet?

As a rule of thumb: If you absolutely can’t part with a piece of clothing, the quick check helps: Put it on again and stand in front of the mirror. If it fits you perfectly and you really like to wear it often, it can stay. You want it more concrete? Basics like jeans, T-shirts and wool sweaters in simple colors are timeless and can always be styled differently. These pieces should stay – provided they fit!

Apart from the combination talents for everyday life, you should also keep a well-fitting suit and a few matching shirts in your closet for special occasions. Even though there might not be an event on the horizon right now. Here we tell you which 5 fashion basics every man needs.

Sorting with a system: How do I organize my clothes best?

You followed our first tip and really cleaned out your closet and drawers down to the last item? Great! This is your chance to finally organize your clothes so that you can find everything at first sight. However, this only works if the piles are really neat and don’t fall apart. Folding sweaters and T-shirts, for example, and then arranging them on edge in a drawer saves a lot of space and keeps everything neat and tidy.

By the way, you should always fold woolen clothes, not hang them up. Because sweaters and co. will otherwise unhinge.

Shirts, jackets, pants and everything else that would crease unattractively by folding, goes on the bar. For this purpose, it is best to use narrow hangers covered with velvet, these are particularly space-saving and your clothes do not slide down again immediately after hanging up.

What can I do against clothes moths in the closet?

A moth flutters towards you while you are sorting out your clothes? Before their offspring eat through your sweaters during the summer, you should kill the pests. In the oven. One hour at 60 degrees – this is how you prevent moth holes. Synthetic clothing will melt away at these temperatures. The cold shock method is better: Put your clothes in a plastic bag and freeze them; after just one day, the pests will be gone.

If you hang up or fold worn clothes in the future only aired and spread cedar wood or lavender in the closet, such measures are no longer necessary.

In addition, you should not store your dirty laundry in your closet for reasons of hygiene.

Sorting out and organizing not only makes room for new favorite items. Wf you follow our tips to the letter, you’ll soon have the perfect overview of your closet – and that will save you a lot of time in the morning.

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