Clitoral Stimulators: Personal Massager, Dildo for Women – Review Wireless Thrusting Vibrator Lelo for G-Spot

The clitoral stimulator is often reserved for women who have a great knowledge of sextoys.

Is not due to the fact that it is complicated to use or particularly difficult, but rather to its low notoriety, yet it has solid assets to transform this small ball of pink flesh, nicely named “clitoris”, into a button of pleasure. It is so healthy, yet [1].

The masseur is far from the image d a perverse and vulgar accessorySober and elegant, it's is a discreet object that many people do not suspect is being used on the clitoris It takes up little space, you can easily store it in your drawer and take it out just as quickly when a masturbation craving occurs

My Choice #1: The Hitachi Magic Wand clitoral stimulator

This clitoral stimulator is the most famous. C The Hitachi Magic Wand brand offers a top-of-the-range intimate toy.

Current time (j write this article in July 2018), the description on Amazon n is not yet well translated and says a little n anything…  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything.

Its operation is simple. You turn on the clitoral stimulator and put the ball at the level of your clitoris. No need for a strongly support, the important is to place it well.

Sometimes, I spreads my lips a little with my fingers so that the masseur is in direct contact with my clit. other times, it gives me big chills and I prefer to do it over my lips.

Then you will find on the sextoy two buttons to increase the power of the vibrations or reduce them.

Once again, I advise you to start with a gentle massage, then to continue. increase the power gradually until to come. C is the best way to have an orgasm.

The ball measures about 4.5 cm and this size ensures that the vibrations provide a pleasant sensation over most of your sex, even if the best ones are obviously related to the Where they differ from others, they are different from other clitoris.

Is at the level of their speed. The vibrations are fast. You don’t feel that way at all with a vibrator.. L object is quite heavy, which ensures a good grip and precise gestures.

If you doubt its effects, look at the comments on Amazon is rare when you see so much.

The price of the stimulator is high, but this cost is justified by a long service life and a high quality product.

The brand markets two variants with a tip that allow you to use it in a variety of ways. offer to offer to other movements on the clitoris.

I haven’t tried them. If you do, don’t do not hesitate to give me your opinion and it is possible that I will be tempted for my future masturbations if you are several to recommend them to me.

Selection of the best clit stimulators

If my choice number 1 does not convince you, I will I have compiled for you a list of stimulators sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them.

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, no clue on the packaging can guess what it contains, here is a selection of clitoral stimulators on their site.

How to use a clitoral stimulator?

Of course, a clitoral stimulator is a uses differently from a prostate stimulator, another sextoy appreciated by men and women alike.

I’ve only recently discovered this toy and I’ve been working on it for a while now. Here are some of them that I invite you to copy to get off on:

  • Deviating massage” method: Wand type masseurs, at the like the Geisha balls, n The ball of the masseur is pleasant all over the body and you can enjoy it. to be used for the back, feet… J loves to start with such areas and move towards my sex as I go along. operating on the top of my thighs, then stealthily on my vagina, before going down… The heat rises in the body and when I finally decide to masturbate, I am usually in an advanced state allowing me to enjoy strongly and quickly.

  • Cache method : For my public masturbations, a clitoral massage is often easier and more discreet than Don’t put too much intensity otherwise noises can be heard. I’ll be able to hear it. I’ve already done in the changing rooms of the pool and in my office.

  • Preliminary methods : C is a sextoy adapted to foreplay. Julien l He juggles wonderfully between the intensities and sometimes penetrates me with his fingers at the same time!

  • Active method : And if instead of moving the stimulating massager on your clitoris, it would be better to use it. was your body doing the movements? I do it between two cushions on my sofa, undress and sit on the vaginal stimulator, keep your legs strong because you have to stay on the surface and not penetrate with the stimulator by accident… Then rub your clitoris moving as if you were riding your man… You control the situation and prolong the pleasure… With this masturbation technique, I always take time to come, but it’s not easy. At the end, my pelvic movements are so fast that I end up completely tired.

Why choose a clitoral stimulator to masturbate?

A “soft” sextoy and so good! You do not need to Are you not sure if the stimulator is right for you?

Here’s why you should hurry up. to buy one:

  • There is no There is nothing better than vibrations on the clitoris, “vaginal” women (who have an orgasm more easily via penetration than clit stimulation) are rare, but these stimulators are the best sextoys to do good to this wonderful little ball!

  • C is more than a sextoy. A Wand masseur s It is used all over the body and therefore causes a Of course, make sure that you have a good feeling everywhere. it is perfectly clean when it approaches your sex, an area that is always sensitive.

  • A real discovery: Stop the classic dildos and vibrators, a clitoral stimulator is rarer and shows your perfect mastery of pleasure objects [2].

  • No vulgarity with such a sextoy.

1. Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use by women in the United States: results from a nationally representative study

2. Changes in a woman’s sexual experience and expectations following the introduction of electric vibrator assistance

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