Cool down? The best tips when it’s hot


The office is boiling, the air conditioner is on strike and the colleague across from you is complaining that he’s really and truly too hot and has to take off his shoes right away.

And now? According to the legislator you are not allowed to give yourself heat-free (Only if the boss does nothing against constant 35 degrees in the office, you may refuse to work). 

The limit for halfway tolerable temperatures indoors starts much earlier for most people: “Depending on the culture, heat is perceived differently,” explains internist and general practitioner Hafis Sina from Hamburg. “Europeans get from an interior temperature of 26 degrees Celsius problems.”Sweat secretion increases and with it the loss of electrolytes, i.e. the body loses salts.

The result: the concentration decreases, the head seems to want to burst, the eyes are dry and burning. If you don’t replenish your fluid reserves in time, you could go straight from heat exhaustion to the emergency room. The physician: “I have already experienced people in the hospital who were completely confused and aggressive due to lack of fluids.”

The 8 best heat hacks to stay cool

1. Cool down, but in the right places!

If you don’t have a pool or can’t jump into the shower at the office, you should cool off conventionally under the tap. Simply run cold water over your wrists. Wherever we feel our pulse, cooling works twice as well. Also sleep or the place at the neck, below the earlobes is receptive for a short cooling down. By the way, it’s even easier with cool packs or towels that you have placed in the freezer or refrigerator beforehand.

2. Move sports into the early morning hours

Scorching heat is by no means a reason to cancel your sports program completely. Provided you don’t exercise in the hottest hours of the day or under the burning heat. Rather use the cool morning hours to jog around the lake or rock a crisp workout in the park.

3. Dress like a Bedouin

No, you shouldn’t wear a turban, of course, but flowing, light-colored fabrics made of cotton or linen. They let the air circulate much better. Even business shirts are now available in clever fabrics that keep you cool and sweat-free throughout the day.

4. Hang up wet towels indoors

Not everyone has an air conditioner at home and the fewest can exceptden the cool draught in the long term well tolerated. Although not quite as effective, but still a good (and especially cheap!) alternative is to hang wet towels or sheets in the apartment (for example, in front of the window). This creates evaporative cooling, which makes the indoor environment more comfortable. Who likes, can also put a fan in front of such a cloth.

5. Swap ice-cold drinks for lukewarm ones

Sounds paradoxical, but it really makes sense. The colder the drink you consume, the more your body has to work to compensate for the difference in temperature. And that only makes you sweat more. Lukewarm teas with peppermint or fresh berries, on the other hand, are much better now. If you don’t believe it – please really try it out and be amazed. 

6. Ventilate, but correctly!

Airing in the heat is only sensible if you create a draught. This means that a window that is open all day in an otherwise closed room only allows the heat from outside to creep inside. It is better to use the cool morning and evening hours to ventilate briefly and effectively – and in such a way that the air actually blows through the rooms.

7. Avoid spicy, powerful food

The canteen is serving pork knuckle and chili con carne today? Sounds delicious, but please not beyond the 30-degree mark! Hot spices only increase the production of sweat. It’s better to have a light salad or a cold fruit soup.

8. Cold Brew: So much more than just cold coffee 

If you don’t want to give up your beloved coffee and would sorely miss the caffeine kick – how about a cold brew instead? Unlike normal, hot brewed coffee, the cold variant is prepared with cold water. Cold Brew contains much less acidity and is therefore even more digestible. Since the bitter substances do not overpower the taste, the aromas of the beans can be tasted much more intensively and the caffeine content remains the same.

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