Corona crisis: the best 9 leisure ideas for home


It’s the same for many: after a week of being sick at home, the ceiling falls on your head and you suddenly wish for nothing more than to be back in the office talking to your colleagues again.

At some point, the couch is worn out, every good series has been watched, and no video or book can replace buddies, colleagues, concerts, or the gym.

In times of the Corona pandemic, we now experience this scenario in a much more extensive form. Many people are in quarantine for weeks at a time, in the home office, or rarely leave the house due to curfew restrictions. And at some point it comes, the point at which you think: And what do I do now?

What can I do so that the ceiling doesn’t fall on my head?

The new freedom is seductive. Many people tend to let themselves go, the structure disappears from their everyday life. But that’s how you’re guaranteed to eventually get to the point where you’re staring at the wall and feeling bad about yourself. What you need is structure and routines.

Experience shows that bans don’t help very much. Meaning: If you set limits on how long you watch series or gamble every day, for example, you’ll quickly get frustrated. Instead, you can structure your day with other daily routines – these, for example:

1. Fixed bedtimes and wake-up timesThey help you maintain a daily structure.

2. Regular exercise: It is essential for good mood. Indoors or outdoors.

3. Fresh air: It ensures a clear head and reduces the risk of warehouse collapse.

4. Regular meals: Chips and sweets 24? Fixed meals organize your daily routine and prevent cravings from boredom.

5. Spiritual challenge: A complicated book, a learning task, a project, puzzles – use the time to train the mind and not sink into the hole.

6. exchange with friends and family: Phone calls, chats and video conferencing – stay in touch with friends and family. It lifts spirits and makes everyone feel less alone.

7. Home office: Despite the circumstances, you don’t necessarily have a vacation. And you are not necessarily sick either. Daily tasks make you feel needed and help everyday life retain some of its normalcy.

Social distancing: Will I lose all social contacts now?

The concern is understandable. After all, the contact of those you talk to face to face during these times is limited to family, roommates, or people at the supermarket checkout.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll lose all your social contacts. On the contrary: many contacts that are really important even intensify. If you don’t see each other, you have to write and talk on the phone – and no one does that by chance.

So, yes, the small talk with the barista in the coffee shop will be lost, but people who were important to you before will remain. All other contacts are probably replaceable and will come back – promise.

Quarantine: These tips will get you through the Corona crisis in good shape

When troubling news hits you every day, it’s admittedly not always easy to keep your spirits high. But it doesn’t help anyone if you bury your head in the sand. Here are a few ideas to prevent Corona collapse.

#1 Quarantine culture

You like to go to concerts, museums, the theater or readings? Then you don’t have to despair in the crisis. A livestream is no substitute, but a small consolation. Streamkultur collects numerous great offers on the net on Twitter. Culture on all channels – and often even live.

#2 Viva la videoconference

Hurray for technology. Thanks to Skype, Facetime and other programs, we can regularly meet our loved ones for a beer or a glass of wine despite the Corona pandemic. By the way, people who live in long-distance relationships have always done it this way – with success.

#3 The Home Workout

Those who secretly shed a tear when the gym shut down for Covid-19 can now laugh again. On the net there are thousands of offers for home workouts. Many of these workout programs train muscles that you would otherwise often ignore. The time you usually spend at the gym can be spent on top of your workout. Maybe you’ll incorporate one or two of these programs into your workout routine after Corona.

#4 Cooking for Creatives

At the moment, a lot of things are reduced to basic needs. Food is one of them. Why not make a virtue out of necessity. Instead of hamster shopping, cook creatively with ingredients you have at home. Use the time to try out new recipes. Cooking falls by the wayside for many people in everyday life. There are many tutorials and recipes on the web that are just waiting for you to finally make time for them.

#5 Dating opportunities for singles

Okay, there’s not much in the way of dating right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t flirt now. Singles who are not just looking for a fling have good cards now. You can use this time to improve your dating profile. Now there are more candidates than usual, because they have more time and being alone is difficult for some of them. What remains singles instead of dating? Long messages, intensive phone calls and video chat. This gives the opportunity to get to know the other person better. And the anticipation of the first date grows immeasurably – and you then also know sooner who is coming towards you.

#6 Day show for animal lovers

A frugal pet would not be bad now? There is also this in the net. The Monterey Bay Aquarium in the USA streams its underwater cameras, the Jelly Cam or the Shark Cam. Okay, for cuddling the animals are not very good.

#7 Canteen in quarantine

Many a colleague gets more creative in an involuntary home office than at the office desk. If you lack structure in your home office, for example, or if you feel lonely during your lunch break, this idea can help: Arrange to meet your colleague for an audio or video lunch date at lunchtime. Nobody does that? No way!

#8 Virtual wine tasting

Yes, there is such a thing. Means: you don’t even have to go to your wine store around the corner. For example here. You would rather have a whiskey- or a cheese tasting? Then call it together yourself. You have all the options.

#9 Series party together

If you’re already sitting on the sofa watching series, why not do it together with your friends?. For example via Facebook with Watch Party or the application Watch2gether (works for example with Vimeo and Youtube content). Netflix users can download for free the add-on NetflixParty to watch series together and chat at the same time.

A lot of time at home presents challenges. But it also offers opportunities to try new things. And there is no reason to get bogged down, but plenty of opportunities to make the best of the situation. Creative solutions are now more than welcome!

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