Eyewear trends 2021 for men


In the past, buying glasses was an event that meant agony rather than joy. The reasons: far too little choice and the models had a rather old-fashioned design. Fortunately, this has now changed and glasses are available at the optician in all colors, shapes and materials. A trend that continues and is still growing are retro models and the courage to wear glasses.

Eyewear trend #1: bold acetate frames

Corrective glasses made of thick eye-catching acetate frames (derived from cellulose) in nerd style are still heavily on trend. Especially natural sand and brown tones are very popular and have a 70s style, which is currently also celebrating a revival in fashion. 

The coolest and most modern style of nerd glasses is to break the cliché. Dare to combine the glasses with sporty streetwear or minimalist, sharply cut fashion in the style of labels such as COS or Arket.

If you have a severe visual impairment, an acetate frame offers a great aesthetic advantage. Thanks to new processes, it is possible to press the lens strongly, but if you have a high diopter number, the lens will still be thicker. A strong frame hides the thickness of a lens very well and conceals especially from the side.  Do you already know glasses with a blue light filter? Here we tell you how useful they actually are.

Eyewear trend #2: 1970s Aviator

This season, classics such as aviators and retro Wayfarer-style models are getting a new lease of life. Featuring casual ’70s references, for example, shiny gold details, a teardrop-shaped lens pulled down or a subtle gradient in the glass. If you don’t like it quite as flashy, go for a thick, bold acetate frame here and steer clear of tinted lenses.

Aviator glasses are a classic, especially as sunglasses. If you use your glasses in traffic, you should pay attention to the tinting. Gray and brown distort color impressions the least. Yellow optimizes contrast perception. Green, blue and red, on the other hand, are not suitable for driving. 

Eyewear trend #3: Nerdy oversized

The oversized trend is definitely the most eye-catching, with which you show courage to wear glasses. Models in the nerd look have been very trendy for several years now. Oversized, almost square frames are the big trend among corrective models and look most exciting in a marbled shield pad look. However, a model that does not suit every face shape: An oversized frame looks best on an angular, narrow face.

How to style oversized glasses? Such a striking pair of glasses is definitely a very conscious decision, so you should be fashionably very saddle. The most stylish way to wear oversized glasses is with a 70’s style suit or a bold style break. Especially retro sportswear, such as tracksuits in the 80s look of the hip-hop crew Run DMC.

Tip: If you’re still in need of a new pair of sunglasses, we’ve rounded up the latest trends for you here.

Eyewear trend #4: discreet metal frames

The contrast program to the trends shown so far is of course also available. Filigree metal frames are becoming more and more popular. Especially 2 shapes are in trend: oval (almost round in John Lennon style) and rectangular.

You should choose an oval frame made of thin metal if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your glasses – and if you have soft, young facial features. For men with prominent features, the contrast of hard and delicate is often too extreme.

The rectangular models have a strict 50s style with a straight bridge between the eyebrows. These frames definitely leave a stronger statement, as their geometry gives the face a kind of frame. 

The most important thing when it comes to choosing glasses: take your time! Try on many different models, especially frames that at first glance do not match your taste 100%. Often they look completely different on the face. Another tip: Never choose alone! A companion at your side, who honestly gives her opinion and knows your taste, is a very big help.

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