Gift ideas for men


Technology gadgets, something practical or a gag gift? There’s a lot you can give dad, brother or buddy for Christmas. Here comes the inspiration. By the way, the best gift ideas for women are here!

1. Bucket Lists

An inexpensive gift for film fans: The recipient can scratch off the poster to indicate which of the 100 classic films he or she has already seen. Also available in other editions, for example for beer, books and places.

2. Sportsman biography

You can bring great joy to enthusiastic athletes and fans with an inspiring life story from the world of sports. These three are very freshly published this year.

3. 3-in-1 charging station

Cell phone, headphones, smartwatch – if you use many devices, you know the tangle of cables. A practical wireless charging system provides a remedy. Advantage of this model: Charging also works with a case.

4. Ukulele

Your buddy or brother urgently needs a new hobby? We have something for you. A ukulele – the most common is the soprano ukulele – is not expensive and easy to learn. To be on the safe side, you can also give him the matching textbook as a present.

5. Lego Creator Harley Davidson

No matter what age – building sets are usually well received. Classic from Lego especially. This Harley-Davidson model has 1023 bricks and is almost as detailed as the original.

6. Bluetooth headphones

Whether you’re exercising, relaxing at home or on the go, good headphones are a helpful companion for any situation. It is worth investing a little more money in them. You should pay attention to good sound quality, secure fit in the ear and water resistance in sweat and rain when buying.

7. Polaroid camera

Whether it’s a vacation, event or new life event: everyone likes to take pictures. The problem: Thousands of pictures on your smartphone that no one ever prints out and eventually fall into oblivion. With an instant camera, also known as a Polaroid camera, you can not only shoot stylish memories with vintage effect, you also have them right at hand.

8. Record player

His records gather dust in the cellar? Time for a revival! Best with this portable record player. It’s retro on the outside, but equipped with the latest technology on the inside: USB port, RCA output for connecting external speakers, belt drive, integrated stereo speakers, infinitely variable volume control. And all this at a fair price.

9. Radio kit

You’re never too old for tinkering and building. With this FM radio kit, you’ll end up with something useful too. Ideal for tinkering and technology fans.

10. Meal Prep Boxes

Okay, Tupperware has had a dusty image for a long time. But in times of waste reduction, reusable boxes are very popular. And really good lunch boxes are not something you buy yourself, because they are often a bit more expensive. Paired with a Meal Prep recipe book, the perfect gift combo for a food-conscious man.

11. Hammock

Many hammock owners consider their sitting and lounging option the best investment they’ve ever made. And anyone who has snuggled up in a hammock with a blanket while watching a good movie and perhaps even dozed off nicely will probably confirm this.

12. Smartphone holder

Your buddy? The smartphone mount from Grefay is a real universal genius: it can be attached to any handlebar without tools, works with almost any smartphone and has 4 protective corners plus automatic locking, so that the expensive phone does not fall out even on the roughest ride.

13. “What is green and flies through space? A salad elite.”

Weird, flat and supposedly original: are these the words you would use to describe the jokes of dad, uncle, father-in-law or grandpa? Then here’s your humor supply: the bestseller by Karl Lauer.

14. Key finder

It’s always the same: Where are the keys? The glasses? The wallet? Often they turn up in the most unusual places. With the key finder from Esky this will not happen anymore. With 6 receivers you can track several things at the same time, which emit a special beep when the respective button on the remote control is pressed.

15. Retro movie poster

Again, something for movie fans, but who can say no to these chic poster prints? They will surely look good in his apartment.

16. A popcorn machine for Netflix night deluxe

Sweet or salty? Watching series or playing games together is even more fun with homemade popcorn. Extremely cool: the retro machine “Movie” in 50s look.

8 steps to a good gift

Nothing can go wrong with our 10 professional gift-giving tricks.

1. Don’t forget a holiday! So that you don’t end up empty-handed, you should let your calendar remind you of holidays in good time. For important dates, it’s best to set several automatic reminders in your smartphone.

2. Listen carefully! At the latest from the moment your calendar reminds you of the upcoming appointment, you should listen carefully in conversations. Your father is always talking highly of this new fitness tracker.

Your brother always walks past the shop window with his eyes wide open, where you can find these cool sneakers? Your buddy is always talking about this new computer game? Then you should remember just that. Such a gift proves that you have listened, thought about and know the taste of the other person.

3. Exercise your brain! Make a list of everything you can think of about the man – his interests, his hobbies, his favorite things. This visual representation will help you narrow down what you want. He goes to the soccer every weekend? Then fan apparel or tickets to a special game might be an idea.

4. Conduct interviews! You still can not think of anything? Then ask a common buddy or relatives of him, which you also know. This method also gives you the opportunity to organize larger gifts together.

5. Simply ask! It sounds uncreative, but it’s one of the best methods: ask for what you want. US researchers at the University of Harvard proved that desired gifts are best received.

6. Go inside yourself! Still no idea? Then give something you’ll enjoy as well. Example: You like fast cars and know that your buddy is not averse to them either? Then give him a driving safety training course or a lap around the Nürburgring.

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, two U.S. psychologists showed that a gift that reflects the giver can strengthen the friendship.

7. Money does not matter! Say goodbye to the idea that a gift with a big impact has to cost a lot. Even a barbecue or a Netflix night can make your mate happy. Often the gesture and the fact that someone made an effort is worth much more.

8. Hand it over yourself! Of course, if you have to send the gift by mail, that’s not an option.

Otherwise, the act of handing it over is something special. Look at the recipient and watch for reactions. Wait before you explain your gift. If you’ve taken our tips to heart, there’s no need for an explanation anyway.

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