Growing your hair: how to always look your best!


From long to short is cut quickly, but if you want to grow your hair, you have to practice patience. Just let it grow? If only it were so simple! Because you should still get your hair cut in between, so that you also look well-groomed in the transitional period. Here’s how you can go from cut to cut and look dazzling in the process.

Goal 1: From cropped to short haircut

The starting point: Your hair is shaved all around. For a classic men’s cut, you are missing about 6 cm on the top of your head and 2-3 cm on the sides. With an average hair growth of 1 – 1.5 cm per month, the undertaking will take a good 4 months.

Get only the sides cut during the transition period

“It is not much transition until the next cut. It is important, however, that the hairdresser only ever (!) shorten the contours – after all, it’s mainly the top hair that should gain length,” says Alexander Fehrenbach-Voigt, art director at Lippert’s Friseure in Munich. When the hair grows, it usually stands out wiry in the first weeks. Quick help against the unwanted hedgehog look: Apply a pea-sized blob of styling paste (for example Texture Touch from EIMI) in the palms of the hands and wave it through the top coat with spread fingers,” says the professional.

The goal: a timeless short haircut

Persevered? Congratulations! You can style your new short hairstyle in many different ways, for example elegantly with a side parting or tousled with waxing. Another reason to be happy: the new haircut is also particularly popular with women.

Goal 2: Get rid of the undercut!

The starting point: Shaved-out sides, long top coat, hard edge. Now the transitions should be smoother? No need to get impatient. “This takes only 6-8 weeks, depending on the length of the top hair,” knows hair professional Alexander Fehrenbach-Voigt. Here’s how to get there:

The right transitional hairstyle after the undercut

The sides must now grow first, the rest remains as it is. That’s why the hairdresser only cuts the tips of the top hair and the outermost contours – i.e. the hair above the ears and at the nape of the neck – during the next 2 to 3 appointments. Fehrenbach-Voigt explains, “So that the undercut edge gradually disappears, the transition between the sides and the top hair is slightly frayed each time.”

The goal: A casual short haircut with longer sides

The side sections are about 4-6 cm long and blend seamlessly into the slightly longer top hair? Great! Then you’re either at your goal or you can let your hair grow even further as described below.

Tip: For a casual styling like in the photo, part your hair on the side and then apply a shine-giving pomade such as the Tea Tree Grooming Pomade from Paul Mitchell with medium hold in the hands rub. Then run it through your hair with your fingers spread, done.

Goal 3: from short to long

At the latest now you can practice patience. Because if you want to grow your hair from short to chin length, you have to let it grow a good 15 cm. You should allow at least one year for this.

The right transitional hairstyle for the initial phase

Many men give up at the beginning. Because now the project “grow long hair” is particularly annoying: the bangs always fall into the eyes and the sides stand out trapezoidally. But it is quite easy to prevent this: Blow-dry the hair on the top of your head backwards and apply wax (for example from American Crew) to create a quiff. Then style the sides with a dab of hair gel (for example from Schwarzkopf) flat against the head. Practical: You can use this to conceal the short haircut you have grown out in the first 2-3 months – and thus create a good basis for your future plans.

In the transition period it is called: Hair behind the ear

It pays to persevere! As soon as you can tuck your bangs behind your ear, they won’t fall in your face anymore. “Now you should clean the contours every few weeks and gradually adjust the length of the sides and top hair, so that over time you get a uniform length,” explains Alexander Fehrenbach-Voigt.

The goal: medium-length hair

Done! When the strands reach your chin, you officially have long hair and our respect – you’ll have to find someone else who can match your patience. You want more? From now on it will take another three quarters of a year to reach your shoulders. Provided you don’t cut your hair too often. Three months is a good span between hair appointments to quickly gain length and still look well-groomed.

Conclusion: Patience pays off

If you want to let your hair grow, you don’t have to hide it under a cap or a hat in the meantime. On the contrary, our pictures show that not only the new desired hairstyle, but also the transitional solutions on the way can look very good. Sure, you sacrifice a few millimeters each time, and you might get there a little slower than if you didn’t cut your hair at all. But your hair will grow healthy and strong.

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