Hair dyeing for men: So no one notices it


May men dye their hair? This is probably not a much-discussed question in your circle of friends, or? Probably because most gentlemen prefer to keep it to themselves when they do it. Our answer is a clear: yes – if you do it right!

Why should I dye my hair?

The reasons for coloring are many: some men want to try something new, most simply want to cover up gray hair and look younger longer. Both are legitimate. “Admittedly, in times of the new gentleman à la George Clooney, gray hair is once again considered super cool and sexy.

But who wants to keep his youthfulness a little longer – go ahead!”, also says Stefan Desczyk, top stylist at Wella. And there is still a very own men’s concern with the hair color: If the main hair goes out slowly, a slightly lighter coloration can conceal that. Because lighter hair and the scalp stand out less from each other in terms of color. Whether you color your hair, but ultimately remains a matter of taste.

Whatever the reason, if you decide to dye your hair, there are a few important tips you should follow to ensure that the new color looks natural and not “dyed”. What it comes down to, we reveal in the following.

How will no one notice that I dye my hair?

You’ve decided to dye your hair? But it is best that no one notices? Don’t worry, there are dyeing methods that are tailored for men and guaranteed not to stand out:

  • The basic rule is: Don’t dye too dark! “Otherwise it looks too plastic and therefore artificial,” knows dyeing professional Stefan Desczyk. Instead of pitch black, choose a medium brown, the result usually looks darker anyway.
  • Your hair is slowly turning gray? Then the expert recommends a transparent ‘Grey Shading’ for the beginning. This is a light tint that does not completely cover your grays. So the result looks more natural.
  • Also good: Do not immediately dip all hair in color, but conceal grayed areas with comb strands in the natural tone. “This way you look fresher, but not dyed,” advises Desczyk. Important: Keep as much natural hair color as possible, then no roots are noticeable when growing out.
  • You want to get a little lighter? Then highlights are ideal. The professional warns: “Blonde strands must necessarily be dyed as a matter of course and in any case not look artificial.” Ideally, it looks like you just came from a summer vacation.
  • Important for strands, whether light or natural tone: cut the hair before coloring, not afterwards. If you do it the other way around with short hair – dye first, then cut – the result can look patchy.
  • Do not let too much time pass between appointments to keep the roots as small as possible. If it becomes visible, the cheating will be noticed immediately.
  • Don’t expect a wow effect when you first go for coloring. Otherwise you might be disappointed. Because remember yourself: You didn’t want anyone to notice right away. So it should come as no surprise that less is more.

Is there a difference in dyeing women’s and men’s hair?

“From a purely scientific point of view, women’s and men’s hair do not differ. Therefore, coloring works exactly the same,” explains Desczyk. You can color it completely or streak it, bleach it, dye it darker or tone it to an extreme shade. BUT: men’s hair is naturally more ash-colored than women’s hair.

If you want the result to be as natural as possible, you should therefore also choose cool and matte shades when coloring. Stay away from chocolate brown and golden blond! These colors obviously come from the bottle.

What hair colors for men are trendy?

“There are more and more fashionistas who want blond or even pastel colors. Especially extremely light platinum blond is no longer to be excluded from the trend shades,” says Desczyk. “But shades like neon orange, turquoise and ultraviolet are also in vogue.

“Of course, this requires courage – and above all the right job. The professional knows: “Most men still want timeless, natural, rather dark shades.” You’re always right on the money with this one.

Can I dye my hair at home?

Theoretically yes. However, this requires a lot of skill, especially with short hair. It is a) difficult to find the right tone and b) to always hit only the roots when recoloring. Desczyk warns: “If things go badly, the color at the ends of the hair may become darker and darker as a result of frequent overdyeing.

In the worst case, you have dark blond roots and black tips. Not such a sexy idea, is it?”At the hairdresser there are high-quality colorations for an even and uniform color from the roots to the tips. So the result looks natural for sure. If you try it yourself and fluctuate between two shades: Take the lighter one. You should also look for an ashy undertone. And get help with recoloring.

How to care for men’s dyed hair?

The best way is to use special shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. So that the color rinses out more slowly, care products for colored hair are particularly gentle. They also lock moisture into the hair. This is important because any coloring – no matter how professionally done – dries out the hair easily.

Conclusion: coloring your hair can remain your secret – but it doesn’t have to be

It’s legitimate that you don’t want everyone to see at first glance that you dye your hair. But: Stand to it, if you are nevertheless sometimes asked about it. Because why should you not do it?

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