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Sim Racing for home: Top 6 car simulators

Simulators are used for training and research purposes by recreating the feel and hazards of driving and flying as lifelike as possible. Equipped with pressure-sensitive pedals, seat belt pretensioners, sequential racing manual transmission, and high-def video and audio outputs, the simulators are also enticing to all after-work motor enthusiasts.

High-end machines may not be for the faint of wallet – some top-of-the-line models rival luxury cars – but they’re cheaper than financing an amateur racing career. 

Strap yourself into the hydraulic bucket seat and neither you nor your loved one has to whimper in fear, hoping that all the screws have been properly tightened on your four-wheeled torpedo. Of course, nothing can replace the feeling of sliding over real asphalt into the gravel bed. But racing simulators offer a variety of cars and tracks. And even though you may not get what you want this time, you will have fun getting what you need: A wonderfully carefree adrenaline rush.

Get off the couch, into the cockpit, and hit the virtual racetrack at full speed…. 

Sim Racing at home: Vesaro

The British company Vesaro offers something for everyone, from the basic Stage 1 to the complete Stage 10 simulator, for beginners to professionals.

Stage 3 costs around 5.000 Euro. For that you get the core rig, pedals, gear stick, the “Cobra” racing seat, the Tactile Feedback System, which jerks on the seat and is supposed to make you feel the race, as well as a 40 inch LED screen and the THX 500 watt surround system.

Stage 2 comes in at 2.600 euros but comes without screen. With an Occulus Rift VR (approx. 700 Euro) you could at least see where you are going.

Sim Racing at home: Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Special Edition

The high-end device including the “Buttkicker Advance Tactile Feedback System” (!), the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Special Edition, sells for a whopping 60,000.000 Euro over the counter.

Sim Racing at home: Eleetus

Handy, versatile, made for the man cave in the family home: young gaming and entertainment company Eleetus from Ontario, Canada offers its owners a 40-degree rotation simulator. The only sim racer in the Men’s Health gallery whose seat moves along with the screen! Eleestus says Awesome. We say: with the new software Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios it will be a round thing: 35 racing locations and 94 different vehicles. Video game website GameSpot has awarded Project CARS 8 out of a possible 10 points – “fierce, authentic, technically challenging, and picture-perfect graphics.”. There’s nothing quite like it, says Renè Hermenau, operator of the world’s largest destination for DIY sim racers, too: xsimulator.net

The Eleetus Simulator was developed by Bill Bales who has designed numerous golf simulators since the end of the 80s. 

Sim Racing for home: VGT Pro Carbon

From 40.000 to 62.000 euros

VGT from California comes up with different LED LCD display sizes, from 40 inch to 173 inch. Of course we have chosen the grandé version with 3x 65 inch screens. The triptych is a garden of speed lusts with a musical hell via exhaust pipe and clicking gears.

The world of racing simulators is small, but sufficiently expensive, so you should avoid wrong decisions. Therefore, VGT advises to pay attention to the following points when buying a simulator….

Sim Racing at home: VGT

  • The company, from which you buy the equipment should still exist in five years’ time. Inform yourself. SUSTAINED UPGRADES for your toy are as important as SUPPORT.
  • The audio system: The LED graphics are brilliant, but without the right sound your brain won’t believe you’ve just been overtaken by Senna in rainy Donington. So don’t bury a powerful audio amplifier as a useless extra feature. The same goes for a decent…
  • vibration generator: Sound without feeling the engine vibrations on your body and hands is like potatoes without meat.
  • The video display should be sharp and free of blur, this is especially important for panorama screens consisting of three screens. Otherwise, VGT says, you might get sick on the ride
  • Controls: When it comes to the steering wheel, pedals or gearshift, research is going faster than might sometimes be suspected. It should make sure that all new models are retrofittable
  • Computer Keep in mind that triple high definition video displays and graphics-intensive simulation demand high processing performance from computers. Either the simulator company supplies their own computer system or you have to make sure that your computer processors and graphics cards can handle the high performance. Otherwise even the best hardware is no fun. 

Sim Racing at home: CXC Simulations Motion Pro II

From 50.000 to 78.000 euros

CXC Simualation has no “free” 40-degree seat like Eleetus. Its “low-mass motion” system relies instead on taut speed. The rapid change between acceleration and deceleration is designed to effectively simulate the g-force in a Formula 1 car. The seat shifts by a maximum of 12 centimeters. Shaking is guaranteed.

Sim Racing at home: CXC Simulations Motion Pro II

Around 2000 Euro

CXC has a lot of extras on offer. Among them a vintage wheel handmade from the Enrico Nardi forge. Nardi’s now legendary three-spoke wheels adorned the Ferraris and Porsches of the sports car era of the 50s and 60s. It is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and mahogany wood and has a diameter of 380 millimeters. In the nearly 80.000 Euro Pro Motion Pro II variant, the wooden steering wheel is included in the price.

Sim racing at home: e6 LAB Company Ellip6

From 65.000 to 80.000 euro

In this Frenchman, the beauty lies hidden. Ellip6 is the perfect illusion: “Driving like the pros”, raved the colleagues of Auto-Motor-and-Sport. This simulator is not driven by hydraulics like its colleagues but by electric motors (220 volts). This leads to smoother movements overall, according to company owner Pierre Tantot. Abruptly there would be only, if one lands in the guard rail. – Racing according to French standards.The e6 LAB Company boasts a 6 DOF mobile platform (6 “Degress of Freedom”), six axles under the seat accurately reproducing the sensation of acceleration, drifting, sliding, braking and even jumping. Weight of the yellow Colo: 400 kilograms.

Sim racing for the home: FMCG International High End Full Size F1™ Style Simulator

Around 100.000 Euro

Why not? If you treat yourself to an entire Formula 1 car with simulator equipment, you won’t have to worry about the size of your living room. The high-end toy comes with Pirelli F1™ show tires, a 5.1 digital speaker system, sub-woofer, custom super high end digital PC with Intel Core i7 processor, and 3 x 23 inch TFT screens (8ms).

If you have 6000 Euro to spare, you can order the 65 inch 4K ultra high definition curved screen as a little nugget.

Millionaires are sometimes considered eccentric, maybe that’s why FMCG attaches importance to them rolling the bolide according to their individual color preferences. But this applies to the order as a whole: everything is made to measure according to the client’s wishes.

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