How to grow a beard


What distinguishes a good beard from a great beard is the shape: It should accentuate the jaw and make it look squarer. And while genes decide how fast and how thick your beard grows, there are a few steps any man can take to make sure his beard looks great by the end of the journey-whether it lasts 2, 3, or four months:

The first few weeks: Stop shaving

Yes, this is obvious. But, if you’ve ever tried (and failed) to grow a beard, you know that not shaving is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. Most men struggle not with impatience, but with the “side effects” of a new beard: the hairs sting quite a bit and can cause skin irritation. And even if your beard looks patchy at the beginning, it’s worth keeping at it: as soon as the hair gets longer, the gaps close (optically).

Make sure you try to keep it up for 2 months. Then the beard already looks quite full and the initial aches and pains subside. Sometimes also Bartroller stimulate your beard growth.

From now on daily: soothe the itching with beard oil

A beard oil cares for the skin under the beard, which is interesting especially for men who are beginning to grow a beard, because it relieves the itching – which occurs with some, until the facial skin has become accustomed to the new splendor. The application is very simple: rub 2-3 drops in the palms of your hands, run it through the beard and massage it into the skin and beard hair. Best used twice a day, morning and evening. 

Buying Tip: It is best to buy a beard oil based on argan, grape seed or jojoba oil. These oils are absorbed particularly quickly and leave no greasy shine in the hair. Fingers away from strongly perfumed care creams, which can clog the pores and make the itching even worse.

Brush the beard regularly

Just as it is a daily morning ritual to comb your hair, you should also brush your beard every day. So you can hide any gaps in the beard and immediately see whether the beard hair has grown evenly or may soon need to be trimmed again.

For this it is best not to use a comb, but a brush. Beard combs pull too hard on the hair. This is handy to bring a mustache in shape, but not intended to untangle the whole beard. With bad luck you pluck out a part of the painstakingly grown hair again. Much gentler: a special barber brush with natural bristles. Brushing with it also stimulates blood circulation, giving the hair optimal growth conditions.

Trim only the contours every week

Yes, you should let it grow first. But not shaving for two months is not the way to go. If you grow a beard out of nowhere and the hair grows the same length all around, it will make your face look rounder instead of more striking at first. And nobody wants that. Many men therefore give up the rearing and reach for the razor. But all the beard needs is a little shape.

The easiest way to trick more contour into the beard: look straight in the mirror and trim only the hairs that are now visible below the chin with a trimmer – without lifting your head. So shave from about half the height of the Adam’s apple.

Just because you can’t see the skin under your beard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. The better the skin is cared for, the healthier your beard will grow. The best way to clean your beard is to take a shower every day.

But please do not use shower gel, which would dry out the beard hair and quickly make it look brittle. Better: wash with a mild beard shampoo and use a scrub once a week to loosen dead skin flakes that get caught between the hairs.

By the way: Just as for the hair, there are also conditioners for the beard. Such a beard conditioner makes the rough hair a little softer, so they no longer scratch so much and can be styled later easier. Simply massage a small amount into the still wet beard, rinse, done. When drying, please don’t rub too hard with a towel or blow-dry hot – both will ruin your beard hair. And: Only untangle with the brush when dry. Otherwise the beard hair can break.

Style shape into the beard instead of cutting

Especially in the initial phase, when there is no professional cut in the beard, this stands out quickly times strange and looks unkempt and not cool. Instead of cutting it yourself, you should get yourself a beard styling cream. You can rub like hair wax in the hands. Then with flat hands and the beard brush apply the sides. Then pluck the hair on the upper lip and chin in shape.

In between never simply trim yourself

You can clean the contours of your beard during the growing phase with pleasure. But you should never trim the “inside” yourself. If you use the trim attachment of your electric razor for this, you shear everything back to a uniform stop length and the beard should finally get a distinctive shape, which (unfortunately) only a barber can manage. So off to the professional!

After 2 months off to the barber

When your beard has reached about 2-3 cm in length, it needs a decent cut. You should definitely not do this yourself, because now you need to pave the shape for the future: a distinctive contour. Only a professional can do this.

A barber can also trick you with the length at the sides, so that the beard fits your individual face shape and really flatters you. Either way, the hair on the sides should later be shorter than on the chin – also so that the beard blends well into your sideburns and thus into your hairstyle.

A good beard cut lasts up to 3 months if you do your homework. That means shaving once a week (only) the specified contours, washing thoroughly every day and caring for your hair with oil and a brush.

It can take months to achieve your own #beardgoals. And this time can be quite annoying. Surely you will think more often about simply shaving off the beard. But to persevere is worth it: The first few months are the most time-consuming care, with time it’s for beard wearers more relaxed. Then it’s just a matter of maintaining the status quo with a little care.

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