Interview with jeans designer Janine Chilton-Faust


Our fashion director Yilmaz Aktepe met Janine Chilton-Faust for an interview and talks to her about denim trends, business and the new masculinity.

What item of clothing – besides a good pair of jeans, of course – should definitely not be missing from a man’s wardrobe? A pair of sneakers that can be paired with anything is an absolute must-have. The sneakers culture has been flourishing for years in an unprecedented way. These shoes will certainly never go out of style.

What fashion details reveal a sophisticated man, even if he dresses a little more casually at times?
A well thought-out outfit gives him away: if all the accessories are coordinated, if the top is given a solid foundation by a perfect pair of chinos or denim, or if a confidently used flash of color dominates the balance in the outfit, then that says a lot about the man in question.

Suit and tie are no longer mandatory in business fashion. This means that men can no longer hide behind a uniformed wardrobe and are thus forced to show individuality. How to solve this new problem?
In this case I advise sovereignty. Men should look for inspiration in fashion magazines, on social media or even from artists. It is best to first create a foundation of timeless basics. Personal style can then be expressed with a statement shoe or colorful socks. Prove courage, but start in small steps!

Can you also wear denim for business?
If you wear a classic, plain five-pocket denim with a pressed button-down oxford shirt, for example, it works beautifully. Ultimately, it’s the inner attitude that counts. In other words, a confident man looks strong even in casual clothes.

What fashion faux pas men should avoid when dressing casually?
Never pack too many trends into one outfit! If, for example, the oversized pattern shirt is to become the key element of a look, then combine it with plain and well-fitting trousers. Or if a pair of colored, tapered jeans is the key piece, wear it with a simple t-shirt. The formula for success is: don’t try too much fashion at once. Being loud is allowed, but always keep it in balance.

Since the jogging pants have also become street-appropriate, the jeans have got very strong competition. Who will win the battle?
The sweatpants have indeed had a good run, they are now even offered as a hybrid model in the classic trouser clothing line.

But denim can sit out the little high in peace and will end up as strong as ever. Denim offers much more variance in cuts, can be worn for almost any occasion. It is impossible to imagine life without jeans.

Gender neutrality is currently a strong trend in fashion. The traditional attributes of masculine and feminine are being dissolved. How will this influence men’s fashion in the future?
If you look at the current collections of men’s designers and include the streetwear labels, the common thread seems to be “no rules” for all of them. We will see more and more clothing and styling that deals with the themes of diversity and inclusion in a very creative way.

Limitations are being broken, and creative expression is coming into focus. In general, this is an incredibly exciting time in fashion right now.

What will be the new trends in men’s fashion?
We’ll see a return of classics, a nod to the ’90s, what we’re currently calling “Dad Leisure” – even more functional, even more practical, mixed with a dash of irony.

Everything is a bit nostalgic, looks familiar, but amazes with a new, modern approach. There is also a big influence from the sports sector with its performance-oriented materials and colors. But these are mixed in unexpected ways and through different means to create an exciting street style.

Prints will continue to play an eye-catching role: from camouflage to references to the animal kingdom to floral patterns – and everything in between. Men’s fashion is becoming more versatile and bold. Irony has brought a lightness to fashion that makes men afraid of it, promises fun.

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