Manicure and pedicure for men


An appointment in the nail studio currently falls flat due to the Corona regulations. Luckily you don’t need one either. With this step-by-step guide your fingers and toenails are in the best hands with you anyway.

Manicure instructions for men in 6 steps

The first impression counts. Your hands are your business card. Maybe not the first, but certainly the second look at your fingers. And that’s why you should give your nails the attention they deserve. And while we’re on the subject: Here’s what else women look for in men.

Step 1: Shorten and file your fingernails

Shorten your (dry) fingernails with a clipper. Scissors splinter the nails – this makes them more susceptible to infections. It’s best to buy the clippers directly in a set: a small one for the fingers, a larger one for the toes. Afterwards with a sandblade or microcrystal file into the desired shape.

How to file your fingernails properly? Start in the middle and work your way to the sides. File only in one direction and not too deep on the sides. The nail ends with the tip. Where you file, there is dust. Therefore: remove the nail dust with a brush afterwards.

Step 2: Remove excess cuticle

Soak the fingertips in water and soap for a few minutes. This softens the cuticles and makes them easier to treat later. Do not cut the cuticles, but gently push them back, otherwise they may grow wild. Use an orange or rosewood stick, but a thumbnail will also do in a pinch. Why this wood? It is very hard and particularly dense. The probability of splinters getting into the skin is low.

Step 3: Remove dirt from under the nails

Remove dirt from under the nails with the tip of the file. Start on the outside, push the dirt inwards first and remove it carefully.

Step 4: polish the fingernails

Polishing files – also called buffers – smooth nail grooves, they eliminate callus residues and make the nail shine even without polish. First remove unevenness on the nail with the rough side of a polishing file. Then use the fine side of the polishing file to gently circle the nail for a few seconds. If that’s not enough for you: Apply colorless nail polish.

Step 5: care for the cuticles with oil

Stroke once with an oil care stick along the edge of the nail of each finger. This is worthwhile, because it keeps the cuticles supple and ensures that they do not tear. So the nails always look well-groomed. If you don’t want to invest in a pen, a drop of olive oil will do the trick.

Step 6: Remove discolorations on the nails

A regular white nail edge looks well-groomed: At the end of the manicure, simply brush the nails once with a nail whitening pen gently along a small piece under each nail edge. By the way: How to get rid of calluses on your hands.

Pedicure instructions for men in 6 steps

Not only the hands should be groomed, but also the feet. How to get your toenails in top shape:

Step 1: trim your toenails 

Toenails, especially those of men, are usually so thick that you need a clipper to shorten them. Always keep in mind: always clip only crosswise. The toenails should then extend beyond the nail beds, but not beyond the toes.

Step 2: round off the corners with a file

So that you do not get caught in the socks, file with a coarse sandpaper file to make the cut edges round and smooth. You should especially round the corners, but do not file down too far, otherwise the nails can grow in.

Step 3: Balancing the cuticles

As with the hands, the same applies here: push instead of cut. Gently push back your cuticles with a wooden stick. This is best done directly after a bath or shower. Then the skin is still soft. Tip: If you gently push back your cuticles with your thumbnail once or twice a week after showering, they will never grow over your nails and you can save yourself this step.

Step 4: Remove dirt from under toenails

As with the hands, use the tip of the file to remove dirt and sock lint from under the nails. Start again on the outside, push the dirt inwards first and remove it carefully.

Step 5: polish the toenails

Grooves and rough spots on the nail surface can be easily removed with a buffer or polishing file. Run it gently but steadily over the nail surface so that the nails lose their dull appearance and shine slightly.

Step 6: care for the feet

Finally, you should massage the whole foot with a greasy cream, not omitting the cuticles. 

Tip: If you apply cream to your feet every night before you go to bed, you can count on significantly less calluses in the long term. And if it’s already too late for that: How to remove calluses properly.

Manicure and pedicure for men are not complicated. If you follow our step-by-step instructions and repeat the procedure weekly, your nails will soon always show their best side.

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