Mask duty: Stylish protective masks for men


Sustainable mask made of organic cotton by PHYNE

The Mannheim-based label PHYNE stands for sustainable, high-quality streetwear and of course remains true to its principles even in Corona times. The face masks are produced in Portugal from organic cotton and support European producers who are strongly affected by the crisis. The cotton mask comes in different colors and wear sayings like “Fearless Future” or “Protect what you love”: Here you can buy the mask in the online store (retail price: 9 €, 5-pack: 39 €).

Mouthguard instead of tie from LEWIN

Do you like to wear a suit or do you like to style a tie and pocketkerchief to your look? Then the protective mask should also match your style. Custom tailor Thorsten Lewin makes suits and accessories near Hamburg’s harbor and uses his high-quality materials to create protective masks. Japanese denim, in combination with noble tie cloth make every MNS mask a real unicum and designer piece. Order by email to: [email protected]

Masks for homeless and retirement homes with RECOLUTION

Revolution + Eco = Recolution! The Hamburg-based label, founded by school friends Robert and Jan, has stood for unconditionally fair, clean fashion and supply chains since 2010. Of course, this also applies to their organic cotton masks, which are made in Portugal. In addition, Recolution has launched a donation campaign: For every 2 masks sold, the Hamburg-based company donates 1 mask to homeless people and retirement homes. The white and black models are printed with #staysafe and cool graphic prints. In the Recolution Online Shop you can order the protective masks (1 mask for 12 €).

DIY masks at ETSY

On the most popular DIY portal you can find masks in all colors, for adults and children. Our favorite are the masks from M.iFace. The washable cotton masks come in different sizes and have a custom patchwork pattern. The designs of the Munich are a nice alternative to the classic, white masks, because they are not committed to any particular style or look and complement your outfit stylishly. At Etsy online store you can order the stylish masks (around 40 €).

The 1 Million Euro Mask by ARMEDANGELS

Armedangels has set itself a big goal and is well on its way. Through the sale of their stylish purist masks, a donation of 1 million euros for “Doctors Without Borders” should come together. For every mask sold (€10 each), Armedangels will donate €2 to the organization for emergency medical aid. (Donation status on 23.04.2020: 123.316 €). At Armedangels online store you can choose from 2 models: an OC model made of 4 layers of cotton and a TC model made of 2 layers of cotton/polyester mix and 2 layers of polyester fleece.

Are there any colors or patterns you should not wear?

Allowed is what pleases. BUT: If you wear a mask, it will always look a bit intimidating. That’s why we advise against certain prints. Protective masks with grimaces, clown or horror motifs are a very bad choice and simply inappropriate. It may be funny and cool at first, but it will look very threatening to the people around you (especially children). Better save the horror fun for Halloween.

Does a mouth-nose-protective mask protect against infection?

No! A breathing mask does not protect a healthy person from infection with the Corona virus. But people who carry it protect others from infection with SARS-CoV-2 by wearing a mouth guard.

What should I keep in mind when wearing a protective mask?

  • You should always have a spare mask with you if possible. If your mask is wet due to condensation of the air you breathe, you should change it.
  • Wash your mask regularly at 60 degrees in the washing machine.
  • The mask should fit snugly and always completely cover the nose and mouth.
  • Wearing a mask does not replace regular hand washing and a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Stylish design, sustainable manufacturing and charity: protective masks can be more than a filter in front of your face. We hope we were able to give you some stylish tips on how to wear a protective mouth-nose mask.

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