Men’s bathroom: 8 things that should disappear immediately


So far, you’ve given rather less thought to the towels and toilet brushes in your bathroom? Come on, you can do better! After all, the bathroom is one of the rooms that gets inspected most curiously when you’re visiting someone else’s home. Most of us certainly don’t place hemorrhoid cream and lubricant on the edge of the bathtub, and dirty socks can also be kicked off quickly if the date suddenly comes upstairs after all. Nevertheless, there is a whole series of things that stand around in the bathroom with almost all men and do not let them shine (certainly not with women).

Who wants to cause with the next lady attendance neither disgust nor horror, should pay attention therefore to a few small details. These things can be safely thrown in the garbage can and at best replaced by more stylish alternatives:

#1: Hand soap

We really don’t want to be small-minded and a hand soap from the drugstore with aquarium or flower decoration is no spawn of hell, but there are real and honestly chicer things. You don’t have a shower curtain with Arielle the Mermaid or Bayern Munich bed linen. Let’s hope anyway.

No joke: Put a really noble hand soap at your sink with a really, really good scent. I bet you’ll be asked about it the next time you visit? Women especially love things that smell good. And a noble hand soap with a rosemary-cedarwood note is probably more likely to do that than the 0815 sea breeze chemical mace from the supermarket.

#2: Towels

Since you first moved out, you’ve been lugging around those old towels from grandma’s house? The ones with the floral embroidery and the cute bird pattern in pale pink? Ouch! Your grandmother in all honor, but please part with them or use them to clean your bike. Apart from the fact that such a towel hodgepodge looks really unattractive – even towels usually have an expiration date. After the umpteenth wash, a towel gives up the ghost and neither feels fluffy nor looks dewy.

Speaking of dewy: Please change your towel at least every 3 days. You wouldn’t believe how many germs can be found in it. The spectrum ranges from saliva to dander to intestinal bacteria. Besides: There is hardly anything as disgusting as the smell of wet, rotten towels that never really dry out. So it’s better to invest once in a proper set of towels that match in color and feel good to the touch. 

#3: Bath mat

There’s a mat in front of your bathtub that doubles as a costume for Alien would pass?

Threads growing from a breeding ground of hair, dandruff, toothpaste residue and toenails? Now you feel sick? Then for heaven’s sake throw the thing in the trash! The fact that the mat fits so well with the toilet lid upholstery (which is forbidden anyway!), does not count by the way. Bath mats of this kind are and remain disgusting. Since really no woman wants to put her bare foot on it. 

Alternative: Your feet do not have to do without something warm at all. Choose a bath mat that you can literally look at the bottom of. For example, a flat woven model made of cotton, which simply looks clean.

#4: Room scent

Scented gel pyramids are the miracle trees of sad bathrooms.

They look like you’re trying to cover up the fact that you’re secretly smoking in the bathroom. If the part should emit your absolute favorite scent – just hide it behind the closet. If you get the idea that it does smell like a toilet stone – get rid of it. In addition: Often there are a lot of unhealthy substances in the products. According to the Federal Environment Agency, some of the ingredients can trigger contact allergies and other intolerance reactions.

Their recommendation: It is better to ventilate regularly! And: “Unpleasant odors are an indicator of unhygienic and thus unhealthy indoor air conditions and should not be covered up with fragrances.” 

#5: Entertainment

There are magazines piled up next to your toilet? Please do not! And no, even Dostoyevsky and Kafka have nothing to do next to the bowl. In fact, nothing that looks like you would like to make yourself comfortable on the toilet. If you absolutely want to stash your literature in the bathroom, then it’s better to do it near the bathtub. Looks much more harmless.

#6: Detergent

Do your health and nature a favor and leave toxic, harsh cleaners on the supermarket shelf. The promises on the packaging may give you a good feeling, but the fact is that almost 100 percent sterility is utopia and, moreover, not at all necessary. After all, you don’t want to transplant kidneys in your bathroom.

To have a clean, limescale-free bathroom, you basically need nothing more than good old-fashioned home remedies like vinegar, baking soda or citric acid. If you’re too lazy to mix it yourself, there are, of course, ready-mixed products that are 100 percent biodegradable, vegan and environmentally friendly.

#7: Dirty laundry

Come on, the times when mom collected your dirty underpants from the floor and washed them are gone.

Carry the parts directly into the laundry basket and the thing is done. If you spread your sports socks all over the apartment, you quickly signal to a woman that she has to clean up after him and can’t get the simplest things right. Ergo: Quickly get rid of them, then you won’t have any embarrassing surprises at your next visit.

#8: Toilet lid

If you think Bart Simpson underpants and dachshund ties are cool, you can continue to sit on motif toilet lids for our sake. A clean toilet seat with dancing dolphins is better than a dirty white one. And still: We have never seen a nice motif toilet seat. Really never. 

Alternative: a stinkin’ normal white toilet lid. Available in every hardware store.

There are things that no one likes: dirty bath mats and mountains of laundry. Especially in the bathroom, you can change a lot with small things – even with a small budget. 

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