Mini Clit Vibrator: Small Bullet We-Vibe, Vibrating Egg for Women, Pink Lipstic Lelo – Review

Why always think that more than that? is big, the better it is. is? Mini vibrators are proof that we can do ourselves good with little sextoys.

Mini vibrators have been part of my collection for a while now. Discover good models, methods to use them and their advantages [1].

Fact that the vibrator is small means that your mind is more focused on the sensations and you really feel vibrationsThe vibrations of the vibrators increase your pleasure tenfold You can even put it in your handbag if you want to spend a moment alone at the office

My Choice #1: Mini Vibrator Pack of 12.5 cm

For the “mini” vibrators, you will find everything in sex shops, some of them meaning 6 cm sextoys and others 6 cm sextoys. others of 20 cm.

According to me, a mini vibrator is 15 cm and less. It is not like a sex of a and you must take into account a few centimetres corresponding to the location where you put your hand to hold it.

This mini vibrator that I recommend is 12.5 cm. C is therefore a small size that is easy to transport and hide and comes with a lubricant and batteries.

There are 7 levels of vibration that allow you to increase your power, but surely, the choice of level can also depend on the level of the power. where you are now.

Until at power 4, when the vibrator is in you, it makes almost no noise. C is perfect for secret masturbation at home or outdoors.

Made of silicone, the mini vibrator is particularly soft.

The shape of the glans is well marked and I find it very pleasant to touch. is a good thing.

All of this is good. First, it increases the diameter a little and you feel more when you penetrate.

Che glans is also very good if you decide to put the vibrations of your vibrator on your clitoris in order to reduce the risk of infection. have a clitoral orgasm.

Finally, the glans going up a little, it rubs the area of the G-spot every time it comes and goes.

At the base of the vibrator, the black part is turned to the right. It is quick to wash and I advise you to leave it in the small storage bag provided when you use it.

To protect it when it is not in use. is not in action.

The quality is there, as always with Dorcel’s women’s sextoys.

This mini vibrator is also available outside the pack: see here.

Selection of the best little female vibrators

If my choice does not convince you or if you want to compare, I will I have compiled for you a list of vibrators sold on Dorcel (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them.

How to use your mini vibrator for women in the best way?

On the comparison of the classic vibrators, I had already given you some ideas.

The dimensions of the minis offer you complementary scenarios:

  • Method in silent public: The mini vibrator fits in your purse, so you can take it to work to offer yourself a solo masturbation, I advise you to turn on the vibrations once it is in you and not to exceed level 4, so it will be constantly silent and no one can hear it.

  • Discovery method: What better way to discover intimate toys than with such a sextoy? the first time I used a vibrator with Julien, it was a model of this size, there is no fear and penetration is pleasant and painless, even if you are stressed. if you are virgin or wet with difficulty, opt for a mini vibrator.

  • Tease method: Take it when you go out with your partner, then when you’re in a deserted place, show it to him and insert it into your vagina; the times I do it to Julien, his sexual impulses gallop! the size of the mini vibrator allows you to put it on easily, quickly and painlessly, so it’s ideal when it’s a question of slipping it under a skirt.

Why choose a mini vibrator?

The mini vibrator has many advantages that can be decisive when choosing your sextoy:

  • Its small size is very practical so as not to hurt You don’t need to caress yourself for five minutes before you can enjoy it.

  • Its format makes it ideal to start the foreplay, and if your man (or woman [2]) is not very good at it, don’t forget that the format avoids pain.

  • This sextoy doesn’t scare like a huge 23 cm dildo, if you make a slight blockage on sextoys, start with a mini female vibrator is a good idea.

1. Women’s vibrator use in sexual partnerships: results from a nationally representative survey in the United States

2. Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use among women who have sex with women

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