How to Use Penis Pump with Attachments Properly for Enlargment

A penis pump, medically referred to as a vacuum erection device, is a non-drug treatment addressed to treating ED.

The device increases the blood flow to the penis, which, in its turn, builds an erection and maintains it for a longer time for successful penetrative sex. Sometimes a penis pump is portrayed as a penis enlargement tool. However, the machine’s primary function is treating ED.

Hydromax7 is indeed the best penis vacuum pump built with quality and safety in mindThis model is a well-studied and realized engineering Comfort pad at the bellow gaiter is meant to prevent the pubic bones from getting stressed

How a Penis Pump Works

A penis pump is generally intended for those men who have been diagnosed with moderate erectile dysfunction. You may be prescribed to pair the pump with drugs for severe cases.

A pump is composed of a plastic tube to fit over the penis, a pump attached to the cylinder (might be of hand or battery-powered type), and a construction ring – a band to fit around the penis base once it is erect. Thanks to the effective suction, the pump causes a blood flow to the penis. In a non-erect state, the blood vessels of a penis contain the minimum amount of blood and oxygen. But when they get filled with blood, they swell, and the penis becomes more extensive, longer, and thicker for a temporary period.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Using a penis pump for a more prolonged and more effective erection is quite a straightforward thing to do. As every review by real users shows, none of them had trouble making out how to implement the pump. However, if it’s the first time for you, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: To avoid painful friction, apply some lubricant to the head of your penis, as well as the open end of the penis pump cylinder, and about 2″ inside it;
  • Step 2: It is advisable to trim your pubic hair to prevent the penis pump ring get caught in the pubic hair and provide a more effective seal;
  • Step 3: Place your penis inside the plastic tube;
  • Step 4: Use the hand-operated pump to create a vacuum inside the cylinder, or press down the button for several seconds if it’s a battery-operated device;
  • Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until you get full penile engorgement (the penis head must lift from the bottom of the cylinder);
  • Step 6: When your penis becomes erect, place the construction ring around your penis base to keep the blood inside the penis and maintain the erection longer;
  • Step 7: Keep your erected penis inside the cylinder for several minutes;
  • Step 8: During one session, it is recommendable to create and maintain from three to five erections;
  • Step 9: Once done, remove your penis and wash the penis pump with a mild soap water solution.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

If penis pumps are used correctly, you shouldn‘t fear any side effects or ineffectiveness. It is significant to follow the device’s instructions carefully since, in case of high air pressure in the cylinder, your penis may get injured.

Men with specific health issues such as blood disorders or blood clots had better consult a doctor before using a pump.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump

Nowadays, there are many penis pumps available online, over-the-counter, and in specialty stores. Moreover, you can find them in brick-and-mortar pharmacies, too. Such an abundance of variations makes it difficult to find the best penis pump that will meet your needs and be safe to use. That’s why it is highly crucial to learn how to make a ground choice.

When choosing a penis pump, the first thing to pay attention to is the FDA approval. Otherwise, the risk of ineffectiveness or even injury due to incorrect use may be higher.

Another point to pay attention to is the vacuum limiter. The latter will stop the vacuum’s pressure and prevent the penis from trauma.

When searching for the best penis pumps, make sure the construction ring is your size. If it’s too tight, you will experience significant discomfort, while a too –oose one will appear inefficient.

Finally, responsible manufacturers who are confident in the quality of their pumps provide a guarantee like Bathmate does for Hydromax7. This tool comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for sixty days! Find a detailed review of one of the best penis pumps on the market here.

Hydromax Series by Bathmate

An erect penis is the symbol of not only sex but also masculinity. Erection is of high importance to any man impacting not only his sexual health but also his psychological state. Unfortunately, far not all men get an erection as and when needed. For many of them, it is an arduous struggle to sustain an erection when sexual intercourse comes. Bathmate, a famous brand registered under DX Products, realizes this well and has brought forward the Hydromax series of penis pumps. The whole series is unique thanks to the innovative water-to-vacuum property. And the Hydromax7 pump is undoubtedly the winner from the entire series.

Let’s have a closer look at this fantastic penis vacuum pump’s functionalities so that you know for sure this is the model that best meets your requirements.

Hydromax7: The Ultimate Review

Hydromax7 is one of the top-rated penis pumps in the massive market of penis exercise machines. Ideally, it aims to help the user achieve a rock-hard erection artificially. However, it performs another function: it acts as a penis extender.

How to Use the Penis Pump

The machine has a hollow chamber where you must accommodate your penis, a valve at the tip, and a bellow gaiter right at the opening. Before inserting your penis into the cylinder, you should fill Hydromax7 with water. Remember to push the pump toward your pubic bone; otherwise, it won’t create an airtight seal.

How Hydromax7 Affects Your Body

Bathmate company recommends using the penis vacuum pump as an exercise tool to boost your penis health.

The Hydromax7 penis vacuum pump’s immediate effect is to sustain an erection for up to 15 minutes, which will probably be enough for quality sexual intercourse. However, the long-term effects are much more impressive. Using this penis pump, you will gradually start to notice the following improvements:

  • Sustainable erection;
  • Reversed erectile dysfunction;
  • An increase in the penis size;
  • Diminished dependence on the use of this vacuum pump to sustain an erection;
  • Rock hard erections;
  • Significantly lifted self-confidence.

And finally, scientists have proved that frequent sex improves the user’s sex life expectations and decreases prostate cancer chances.


  • Superior construction;
  • Delivers a quicker erection;
  • Provides 35% more power on suction than other pumps;
  • Made of polycarbonate plastic;
  • The bellow is made of premium-quality rubber;
  • Tested and ensured safe by Aspen Clinical Research;
  • The pressure can be regulated with the one-way valve at the tip;
  • It is proved to increase penis size.


  • It doesn’t have a handball squeezer for easier pumping.

The Results of Using Hydromax7: Permanent or Temporary?

How long the results of using Hydromax7 preserve depend on how long you have used it. It’s like gaining muscle growth: you have to work out continuously for a long time to keep your muscle growth permanent.

The same refers to Hydromax7. Short use of the vacuum pump will only provide you with a temporary erection (from 10 to 15 minutes). After the orgasm, the blood will leave the penis tissue, and your penis will go placid again, just like in any usual scenario. To regain the rock-hard erection, you will need to use the pump again.

Reviews on Hydromax7

This pump is so popular with adult men that all new pumps are compared to it upon release. Nearly every user leaves a review to show how efficient the tool is.

Before ordering Hydromax7, I was dubious about all the claims regarding the model. After sticking to all the instructions of use carefully for a couple of weeks, I have experienced huge changes in my penis. I am delighted with the difference it has made, so is my wife. Plan to go on using the penis pump.

I have been using Hydromax7 for almost three months. Changes in terms of the quality of erections I get are undeniable. But what makes a good bonus is that my penis has grown almost half an inch, and the girth has increased noticeably! This penis pump feels more comfortable than my previous one, and it is elementary to use. I use it for around 15 minutes in the shower. Kind of my daily routine. I will recommend this model.

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