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Men with hair loss should not fret any longer, but rather reach for the razor right away. A study by the University of Pennsylvania has found that gentlemen with bald heads not only look more masculine and authoritative than those with a full head of hair, but even taller and stronger.

To find out, scientists showed subjects photos of 4 different men – once with and once without hair. The study participants rated the men without hair much more authoritative and attributed better leadership qualities to them. Also in the matter of the physique the baldness cheated in the heads of the test persons some centimeters in addition. The same man was rated as taller and stronger when he was shown bald.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So losing your hair and shaving it is not so bad. What you should consider when shaving your head and how to properly wash, care for and protect your bald head from the elements afterwards, you’ll learn below.

Does a bald head suit me?

Not every type of man looks good with a bald head, no question about it. “Before you decide to go bald, you should definitely have your own head shape and skin looked at by a professional,” knows hairstylist Dimitri Dimitrakoudis.

If the shape of the head is irregular or the skin unclean, the hair expert advises against baldness in principle. Then you should better just trim the remaining hair and leave some stubble. Your head is well formed and the scalp is clean? Then nothing stands in the way of the balding.

How to shave the head properly smooth?

If you’ve decided to go bald, but you still have some hair sprouting on your head, it’s best to follow these step-by-step guide to shaving a bald head:

  1. If you currently have longer hair on your head, you should trim the hair to a few millimeters first. Otherwise, the razor blades will clog immediately, causing you to press harder and cut more easily.
  2. Mat off? Before you start shaving, you should wash your head with warm water. The hair will be softer and the razor will glide better later on.
  3. Scan the scalp again with your fingers for any irregularities. In birthmarks or pimples, which were previously hidden under hair, you cut yourself quickly. Ouch!
  4. Apply a generous amount of shaving gel or foam to the scalp.
  5. Start shaving in even strokes and with light pressure from the forehead to the nape of the neck. This way you automatically cut the hair on the top of your head against the grain. This way there will be no gray shadow.
  6. The hairs on the back of the neck grow in a different direction. If you shave from the front to the back, you shorten them with the stroke. That’s good! Because the hairs here usually do not fall out and are still quite thick, otherwise skin irritation such as pimples or ingrown hairs can occur quickly.
  7. Wash the razor thoroughly with warm water after each stroke, so that it does not clog up.
  8. Tip: If you fix and tighten your scalp a little with your fingers, you minimize the risk of cuts on the scalp. Also, change the razor blades regularly to prevent skin irritations such as pimples on the bald head.

Very important: The sensitive skin on the head is always irritated by a shave and therefore needs a gentle treatment afterwards: “Short shower with cold water closes the pores of the scalp and prevents irritation. Then dab the skin gently, do not rub it dry, and apply a skin care cream afterwards,” advises Dr. med. Lilia Westermann, a specialist in dermatology and venereology from Hamburg, Germany. She recommends creams with D-panthenol for severely irritated scalps after shaving.

What is the best way to shave my bald head?

Ideally with the same wet razor as for the face. Thus, the risk of injury is low and the shave is quite close, because the hair is cut almost directly on the surface of the skin.

Electric razors designed for the face are less suitable for the contours of the skull. Men with practiced hands can also use a razor plane or razor. This makes it even more thorough. At the same time, however, the risk of cuts increases.

Do I still need shampoo for a bald head?

No hair, no shampoo? Please do not! “The scalp should be cleaned with mild hair shampoos. The scalp of bald men is extremely sensitive to adverse environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, allergies, redness or pimples,” explains Westermann. Shower gel and soap can irritate the sensitive scalp. Here we have compiled the best shampoos for men.

What is the best way to care for a bald head?

Since the bald head is about as sensitive as the skin on the face, the expert recommends regularly caring for the scalp with a mild face cream. It is best to use a matting product for oily skin so that the bald head does not shine too much. Alternatively, you can lightly powder the scalp.

How to protect yourself from dry scalp and sunburn on the head?

If you decide to go bald just out of convenience, you might want to think again. The equation ‘no hair = less care’ doesn’t work on the head. Your bald head needs a lot of attention: “In the summer months and at high altitudes, for example on skiing vacations, always protect the scalp with a head covering or sunscreen. In winter there is a risk of dehydration and heat loss via the bald scalp. Not only frost and wind, but also dry heating air contribute to the loss of moisture from the skin,” explains the doctor. A rich care cream is therefore obligatory in the cold season. Just like a head covering.

Which caps are ideal for bald people?

A large part of the body heat is lost through the head. Normally the hair works against. Bald people should always wear a cap. But not all headgear is suitable for bald people.

The dermatologist advises caps made of cotton: “Often, the use of wool caps leads to hypersensitivity and also allergic reactions, so in these cases caps or hats made of cotton are most suitable.”In summer you can also protect your scalp from the sun with a cap or hat. Here you can find the best caps for men.

No hair, no work? Not quite. Bald heads need an especially intensive treatment. But with our tips baldness care will be easy for you.

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