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Incorporating sex toys in everyday life is a must for sensible people who understand how valuable such peaceful experiments can be.

A basic vibrator kept somewhere deep in the drawer can encourage you to push your limits and learn to enjoy stimulation on the other level.

Our review includes TOP rated sex vibrators popular among the consumers in 2021. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have – a properly chosen toy will enhance your sensations through pleasing pulsations, vibrations, and rotation.

Realistic stimulation one of the popular toys. You’ll get a thrusting feel regardless of how deepThe surface is so smooth that nothing will make you feel distracted The tools does not need batteries and is fully USB rechargeable.

1. Nora: The Best Original Bluetooth Rabbit by Lovense

General Description

This vibrator model has an innovative design destined to deliver incredible g-spot sensations to the user. Its basic shaft has got a rotating head with three rotation options.

The shaft is perfectly balanced and physiologically optimized so that the user gets enough stimulation and thrusting in the right spots.

The vibrating arm is flexible, which makes it easier to accommodate it to any type of body. There are 7 vibration options from the low ones to the ones that will make you climax like an earthquake!

Besides, you can use this tool with a partner and give him a chance to control your pleasure waves.

There’s a local control option via Bluetooth and a long-distance control option via Wi-Fi connection.

It’s a typical rabbit vibrator but in a revolutionized sex form. You can use it for foreplay, stimulation with a partner, and long-distance stimulation if you can’t see each other in person.

Short Specs

  • The setup is as intuitive as it can be. Merely download a mobile application, connect it to the vibrator, and start enjoying the vibration options. It won’t take more than a few minutes to understand how to use it.
  • It is water-resistant, and the maintenance is super effortless. The basic material is ABS plastic which is body-safe and hypoallergenic.

  • The clitoral stimulation arm is soft and flexible.
  • The manufacturer says the motor is quiet while managing to deliver stronger vibrations.
  • It works up to four hours continuously after being fully charged. The standby time is about five days.

  • The insertable length is 4.72 inches, while the handle is 3.15 inches long.
  • The package includes a Rabbit Vibrator, a USB cable, and a manual.

Pros & Cons: Customers’ Opinion



  • It’s is solid and convenient in use;
  • The range of vibration intensity is satisfying for most users;
  • Delivers impressive full-body orgasms with eye-rolling g-spot climaxes;
  • The customer service is flawless, and there’s always a possibility to get a replacement in case of trouble;
  • The packaging is discreet and the overall design makes the toy a perfect present for someone you love;
  • It can sync to the music.
  • The synchronization might turn out to be harder for some people;
  • It looks like it’s not as water-resistant as the manufacturer promises;
  • If you’re a devoted user of Hitachi, the vibration intensity can be not enough;
  • Some users say it’s too bulky.

2. LELO Shiver Maker GIGI™ 2

General Description

It was designed to help you get mind-blowing g-spot climaxes and full-body orgasms that you will not manage to control or withstand while having habitual sex.

The tip of the vibrator’s shaft is curved and smooth for exhilarating, effortless use.

The range of vibration options is wide enough regardless of what you need – a slight murmur or a strong, pulsating vibration. The device is compact with 4 convenient buttons placed on the handle control panel.

1.       Precise Design

The flat tip of the shaft combined with a wide range of vibration options will help you learn how to experience g-spot orgasms on your own. It’s a thrilling pleasure combined with a high-quality, silent stimulation.

2.       Double Trouble

The device is destined to work either as a g-spot stimulator or a clitoral massager. Just flip it over and enjoy new sensations.

3.       Flawless Curves

GIGI™ 2’s advanced design is a perfectly crafted physiological and smart sex tool that will unlock new pleasure levels due to its shape that will be suitable for anyone. Just pick out the angle that feels right and get to the action!

Short Specs

  • You can use it either for G-spot or clitoral stimulation;
  • It’s 100% waterproof, and you can safely use it in the bathroom;

  • The main material is ABS plastic combined with silicone;

  • There are two finish options available: glossy and matte;
  • The measurements are 6.5 x 1.4 x 1.3 inches;
  • The insertable length is 3.7 inches and the diameter is 1.5 inches.

Pros & Cons: Customers’ Opinion



  • It’s a very stylish sex toy that can be a perfect present for your partner;
  • It’s quiet and discreet for those who share the apartment with the other neighbors;
  • The intensity of the vibrations is sufficient;
  • The choice of the material for the surface is flawless – it does not feel real but it’s smooth and pleasant;
  • The sex toy is durable – it will deliver years of pleasure with proper maintenance.
  • It’s not long enough for tall and thick ladies;
  • It’s not always easy to manipulate this sex toy because the handle seems to be too short for some users.

3. Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth remote control vibrator

General Description

It’s one of the most powerful and convenient sex vibrators in the market of sex toys.

You won’t manage to hold your moans while getting more and more powerful full-body orgasms.

It’s a flawless tool not only for solo sex play or foreplay with a partner – you can also use it for discreet public play before having exciting sex action.

Short Specs

  • You can activate the sex toy either manually or with the voice through a mobile application.
  • The sex toy is flawless as a remote-control tool that you can use with your partner either in the bedroom or in a public place.

  • There’s a music synchronization option for the flawless solo play.
  • The number of vibration patterns is surprising. You can set vibration levels and patterns in different combinations to find out the one that you’ll love most.
  • There are buttons on the handle that you can use while enjoying the solo sex play if you’re not willing to synch your device with the phone (well, not every user is ready to install an application like this because he/she is not ready to be frank about the sexual preferences).
  • The motor is very powerful, and the manufacturer promises a long battery life.

  • Your neighbors and roommates will never hear you enjoying the sex toy because the motor is super silent.
  • It’s an improved version of the sex toy with a redesigned antenna and stronger connectivity.
  • You’ll get up to 3 hours of continuous use.
  • It’s made of body-safe, waterproof materials.
  • It’s wireless, comes with a USB charging cord, and there’s a 1-year warranty.

Pros & Cons: Customers’ Opinion



  • It’s very powerful for all users regardless of the experience;
  • The mobile application is convenient and intuitive;
  • The wireless connection is very steady;
  • It perfectly hits the right spot;
  • It’s durable;
  • The long-distance control is impressive – your partner will get as much pleasure as possible thanks to the powerful and silent vibrations even in a public place.
  • It’s not discreet for some of the users, though the majority of them find the toy quiet and reliable;
  • You’ll have to get used to the design if you are not used to the vibrating eggs;
  • You’ll have to be careful with the maintenance – some users say the material of the surface is not solid enough.

4. Womanizer™ Classic

General Description

You’ll get something more than discreet shipping within 3-5 days combined with a 100% secure payment and full warranty.

Besides, most users agree that the manufacturer offers incredible customer support. You’ll never be disappointed with the purchase even if something goes wrong – the online management will help you out 24/7.

It’s a flawless clitoral stimulation sex tool destined to lead you to the new orgasm levels. You’ll finally find out what a delayed orgasm is, and you’ll be hungry for more and more clitoral stimulation with the tool that you don’t have to touch. These airwaves and mind-blowing suction in the right places will turn your perception of orgasm into something brad-new.

Womanizer™ Classic: How It Works

Spread It

Merely spread the labia so that you can attach the vibrator to the exposed clitoris.

Enclose It

Press the head of the vacuum vibrator sex device to the clitoris head and check whether the seal is comfortable and the pressure is enough

Discover It

Discover the new levels of orgasmic stimulation that will certainly take you higher than you might expect.

Short Specs

  • The sex device boasts its patented air-technology. It’s more than regular vibration – it’s a vibrating option combined with the vacuum clitoris massage.
  • You’ll have to invest in a water-based lube for the toy because it’s made up of fragile material that needs proper maintenance.
  • It’s a reload of the former Lush version with stronger vibrations, pulsations, and smarter patterns.
  • The package comes with the vibrator itself, a USB charging cable, and a user guide.
  • One of the coolest features of the device is that you can customize the vibration options basing o your needs – the intensity and the patterns are fully customizable.
  • There are three steady levels ad ten vibration patterns that you can combine however you need.

  • The toy is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems available in the market;
  • There’s a more powerful inside-out option that you can try if you need stronger stimulation.

Pros & Cons: Customers’ Opinion



  • Air-stimulating technology brings the orgasmic sensations to new levels;
  • 8 vibration patterns are enough for the majority of the users;
  • It’s water-resistant – you can get it to the bathroom for solo pleasure or foreplay with the partner;
  • The silent mode might affect the battery strength, but it’s worth it – the device gets silent and discreet so that you can use it if you share the apartment with the partner;
  • You get multiple orgasms;
  • Touchless stimulation is incredible;
  • It teaches you how to orgasm even you’ve never experienced this before;
  • The magnetic USB pin is very convenient – it gets no more than a couple of hours to get the device fully charged.
  • You won’t manage to develop a strong orgasm with the toy if you’re a newbie;
  • Your partner will have to adapt to your needs while you place and launch the tool to make you feel excited and satisfied;
  • You will not orgasm if you’re fond of g-spot massage – nevertheless, you can combine this device with the basic g-spot vibrator and get thrilled with another squirting orgasm.

5. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Rechargeable Powerful Thrusting Vibrator by Lovehoney

General Description

It’s an incredibly cheap and stimulating thrusting vibrator at the same time.

It’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to invest in additional batteries. Besides, it offers 10 speeds.

This is optimal for the majority of the users. Of course, if you’re an experienced buyer of the toys like these, you will not be impressed that much.

Nevertheless, this vibrator turns out to be the revelation for the majority of couples all over the world, as well as for the loners.

It’s one of the most controversial toys on the list because some users can’t understand whether it’s a deserving purchase or not. It’s silent and convenient when it comes to everyday use and maintenance. But is it satisfying for the newbies? Let’s see…

Short Specs

  • It’s a safe water-proof device that you can use in the shower or the bathroom. It also simplifies the maintenance and clean-up process (which is obligatory with any vibrator);
  • It offers 10 vibration options, and you’ll always manage to pick out the most satisfying option for you.
  • You should use it with a water-based lube not to damage the surface and prevent yourself from unwanted rashes.

Pros & Cons: Customers’ Opinion



  • It’s one of the best foreplay toys for the inexperienced partners who feel inexperienced;
  • It’s cheap for the functionality;
  • It’s effortless when it comes to maintenance and storage;
  • It’s sufficient for the majority of users even if they are inexperienced.
  • Remote connection fails at times;
  • Some users say the price could have been lower because of the functionality;
  • Experienced users find the toy insufficient;
  • If you’re a devoted user of Hitachi Magic Wand, you might find the device too weak.

Best Rated Vibrators Review in 2021: Additional Info

  • Invest in a Water-Based lube. It will save you from numerous health problems, unpleasant rashes, and allergic reactions.
  • Make sure you store your best vibrator properly. Keep it clean and never forget to place it in a special pouch to preserve its surface, and make sure it doesn’t get sticky with time. You’ll have to purchase special powder or baby talc to make sure your vibrator is ok of its surface is made of silicone.

  • Check the manufacturer’s guarantee. The advice might seem dumb, but it demonstrates the company’s respect for the client and the readiness to pay back for the potential mistakes. A vibrator can turn out to be harmful to specific categories of users.
Important! Even the best vibrators cannot be used while being connected to the electric socket.

If you buy a vibrator for cheap, and if it can work while being connected to the electric socket, take your time and study the reviews of the customers.

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