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When we talk about male sex toys, the first thing that comes to mind is a masturbator (or a sleeve or a pocket pussy – name it as you like).

And when we talk about a masturbator, what exactly most of us are thinking of? Sure enough, about the Fleshlight products. This brand’s sleeves are one of the most popular sex toys for guys.

Masturbators are to-go devices for those who like to pleasure themselves with more sophisticated gizmosThese items are designed like a real vagina, anus, hand, or mouth So, what masturbators on the market are better than Fleshlight? Let’s see

But is there something better than Fleshlight in the niche? And if so, then what you have to be aware of to choose it the best way? In this review, we will analyze the TOP-5 of the most significant alternatives to Fleshlight so that you will be able to pick the superior option.

#Top Sex Toys Better Than FleshlightBenefits
Autoblow A.I.

  • One mixes all the available techniques and gives you unique stroking
  • In addition to choosing a blowjob way, the user can adjust the speed of the device
  • There are such techniques as Full Stroke, Top Stroke, Bottom Stroke, and so on
Lelo F1s

  • It does not cause allergies and is easy to clean
  • The outer shell of the toy is made of aluminium, not plastic
  • Despite the aluminium case and the presence of a powerful motor, the device weighs only 286 grams
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The masturbator has ten rings to simulate real frictions
  • The maximum speed of the device is 140 movements per minute
  • The inner insert is easily removed from the masturbator for cleaning
Lovense Max 2

  • The internal part of the toy is made from soft and elastic TPE
  • There is an adjustable air vent that provides a suction effect
  • Select the best vibration and squeezing level
Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

  • The inner surface of the toy has bulges for additional penis stimulation
  • You can use it in a shower
  • The toy is made of Sil-A-Gel and does not contain phthalates and latex

1. Autoblow A. I.’s review

How many sex toys which use artificial intelligence do you know? And how many of them have you tried? We bet, none.

It’s easy to explain: most of them are very expensive and not every man can afford such a cost of a sex toy.

But here is a piece of good news. Brian Sloan and his team did their best to produce a device that would be both affordable and have artificial intelligence. Autoblow A. I. was made by VIECI (Very Intelligent E-Commerce Inc) to turn masturbation into a real thrill.

The artificial intelligence

While working on the project, this masturbator’s creators analyzed tones of porn and erotic videos (actually, about 10 hours) to find out what blowjob techniques are the most popular. The developers have designed algorithms for ten different variants of the device operation.

Top-quality materials

The masturbator’s body is made of durable plastic, and the inserted sleeve is produced of high-quality silicone.

It doesn’t content phthalates and other potentially dangerous components so that the contact of the sleeve with your penis is health-friendly.

Powerful motor

Inside the masturbator, there is a strong engine that drives the grip and sleeve. If you compare it with Autoblow 2, the previous development of VIECI, the new engine turned out to be twice as powerful.

Relatively quiet work

When the previous model (Autoblow 2) was released, some users noted that it was too noisy.

Therefore, the manufacturers fixed the mistake and took this problem into account when developing Autoblow A. I. Comparing to the previous one, this model operation is 50% quieter.

No need in the batteries

To use this device, you don’t need to have an impressive supply of batteries, as is the case with many similar models. To get unbelievable satisfaction, all you need to do is to connect the masturbator to any wall outlet.

Talking about the flaws

This device is better than Fleshlight, but it has a couple of drawbacks:

  • It is quite large.
  • It is very problematic to use it outdoors since the masturbator works only from the power grid.
  • Even though the machine is quieter compared to the previous version, it still works a bit too loudly, especially at its maximum speed.

Customer’s review

This is obviously not my first masturbator. I already have Fleshlight and Tenga. And yes, I have repeatedly heard about the first Autoblow model, read reviews, and thought it would be nice to buy it over time.

And now I’m the happy owner of this device. What can I say? Without a doubt, it’s greater than all the sex toys I had before it.

Chris Peck, 32 y. o.

2. F1s Developer’s Kit RED by LELO’s review

Lelo is one of the most famous brands in the niche of sex toys.

Such popularity is easy to explain because the quality of the items is much better than most competitors.

And the F1s Developer’s Kit RED is a typical sample of this axiom.

So let’s find out how this device can be better than Fleshlight?

  • The combination of high-tech and sensual pleasure. The creators of this masturbator managed to combine the latest developments of modern electronics with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Patented SenSonic technology, which is a development of the Lelo brand, allows you to get an unusual feeling while using this sex toy. The presence of 10 sensors and two powerful motors combines two functions in one toy: they are pure vibration and sound waves. Due to this, better penis stimulation is achieved.
  • Connect with a specially designed app for a complete sensation. Also, if you have experience in IOS or Android developing, then you can experiment with the settings in the Lelo SDK to further enhance the feelings during masturbation.
  • Two-hour charging via USB allows you to enjoy the two-hour operation of the device.
  • In addition to the masturbator itself, the kit contains a spray for cleaning, gloves in the style of a Formula-1 racing driver, a storage bag, two sachets with a lubricant, a charging cable, and a warranty card.
  • Some users note that sound waves are not enough for penis stimulation. Also, there is not a stroking feeling that is crucial for many guys while masturbating.
  • Because of the relatively small size of the toy, men with a large penis may find this tool not too comfortable.

Customer’s review

I don’t have any experience in masturbating with something except my hand. I mean, I hadn’t had before I bought this bad guy.

So I cannot compare it to a Fleshlight or another masturbator, but I never regretted that I picked this one. It is a terrific sensation every time my dick is inside of it!

Stan Davidson, 41 y. o.

3. Onyx 2 by Kiiroo’s review

At the end of 2019, the Dutch brand Kiiroo introduced its new product, Onyx 2.

It is an improved version of the previous model, Onyx.

It is a masturbator that allows you to use it both solo, in couples or with VR glasses.

  • The tool can be used in tandem with another Kiiroo brand product, the Pearl 2 device. This is especially convenient for couples who are far from each other.
  • The body of the toy is made of durable plastic; the inner insert is produced from Real Feel Super Skin. By the way, the creator of this material is the Fleshlight brand.
  • In addition to the masturbator, the kit contains a USB cable, a manual, and a sample of lubricant.
  • There is no storage bag or a cleaning spray in the kit.
  • For an hour of operation, you will need to recharge the tool for almost 6 hours.
  • It can be too tight for guys with huge cocks because its insert’s diameter is 4 cm, and the internal length is 16.5 cm.

Customer’s review

My wife and I use this thing when I go on a business trip. So far, we both are satisfied.

Tim Arnoldson, 38 y. o.

4. Max 2 by Lovense’s review

Max 2 is a cool masturbator that simulates real sex. Close your eyes, and you will never know that these overwhelming frictions are made by a machine and not by a real person.

Of course, it has a couple of drawbacks, but even with them, it is a worthy alternative to Fleshlight.

  • The inner surface of the sleeve feels like a real woman flesh, with all its folds and bulges.
  • You may also buy the sleeve that looks like a pussy, with labia and a clit.
  • You may choose the character and the position for interactive sex.
  • You or your partner can control the masturbator with a unique app.
  • Max 2 can connect with other Lovense toys, for example, with Nora.
  • Recharge via USB.
  • An operation is a bit too loud.
  • No storage bag or lubricant in the kit.

Customer’s review

I liked that the external surface is ribbed and not smooth.

Most other models, including some of the Fleshlights, are too glide, and I am not comfortable holding them.

Neal Scott, 27 y. o.

5. Doc Johnson Mood Exciter Double-Sided Stroker’s review

If you are looking for an affordable and compact masturbator, then this one is a brilliant pick for you.

It seems a bit too plain for experienced users, who are used to Fleshlight and other more complicated sex toys, but for the newbies, it is the right choice.

  • Compared to other masturbators, especially the Fleshlight ones, this toy is pretty cheap.
  • The product is an excellent pick for those who do not have much experience using pocket pussies.
  • It is a compact and lightweight masturbator, which is convenient to take with you.
  • The device is elastic so that it stretches well.
  • The masturbator has an open outlet for more convenient cleaning.
  • A lot of users complain about a weird smell.
  • During washing, as well as when using a large amount of lubricant, it may slip out of hands.
  • Dust and dirt quickly accumulate on the surface of the toy.
  • The masturbator is a bit short. Its length is only 12.7 cm so that men with large penises will probably face some discomfort.
  • Due to the open outlet, no suction effect is created inside of the toy.
  • The kit does not contain a storage case or bag.

Customer’s review

I bought this little guy to take with me on a business trip because it’s tiny and lightweight.

At home I have Fleshlight, but this stroker is smaller than it, and this is its main advantage.

Jon Bee, 29 y. o.


There is not a single guy who is not stroking himself from time to time. Most of them use their own hands or Fleshlight products.

But we are sure that there is a lot of masturbators that are better than Fleshlight.

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