Top 5 Realistic Squirting Dildos for Cum Sex – Review 2021

For the normal functioning of the body, sex is indispensable. But not every act ends with an orgasm for a woman. Some ladies have not experienced a single one in their lives. It makes her sexually inferior.

What is the use of squirting orgasm for women? Orgasm is the cure for many ailments. In addition to relaxation and pleasure, it has many more advantages:

Stimulates the heart muscle and blood vesselsRelieves emotional stress, stress, depression Promotes weight loss, one sexual intercourse of 30 minutes long burns 200 kcal

Don’t assume only single women, spins, or couples who have sex problems use dildos. Quite the opposite – most often, squirting dildo toy is bought by couples who want to diversify their sex life, embody sexual fantasies and get to know their bodies better.

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Rechargeable Remote Control Dildo 6 Inch

The 6-inch realistic ejaculating silicone penis opens the top five, as this toy can bring you and your partner all-around satisfaction.

You will love everything: texture, convex squirting head, control panel. For full sensation and comfort, apply lubricant to the squirting dildo before use.

Detailed Features

  • 4.72 x 3.35 x 9.96 inches; 
  • 11.29 Ounces;
  • unisex-adult;
  • manufacturer: LoverQ.


  • hypoallergenic silicone in the composition;
  • the presence of a control panel;
  • 20 vibration modes;
  • the presence of a sucker;
  • waterproofness;
  • rechargeable;
  • minimalistic design;
  • durability.


  • relatively high cost;
  • some may find it disappointing by 6 inches.

Real customer rating

I only regret one thing, that I didn’t make this purchase earlier! After using this ejaculating dildo for the first time, you will realize that you spent the money well! After several years of marriage, sex with my husband became a routine and did not bring me any pleasure. Oh Gods, now I know what squirt is! And we are happy again!

2. Burst It Up Squirting Dildo 99290

This dildo is very realistic! It looks and feels like a real squirting penis in the most immodest sizes. So, you have 8.5 inches of pleasure in your hand.

According to the provider’s review, the material is antibacterial Sil-A-Gel, so this ejaculating dildo is safe. Besides, you can use the suction cup to free your hands and open up a limitless world of pleasure.

Detailed Features

  • size – 8.5 inches;
  • double layer: soft outside, hard inside;
  • thick embossed trunk with a scrotum;
  • made of cyber leather;
  • manufacturer: Topco Sales, USA.


  • 8.5 inches with an additional 7 inches;
  • completely safe for the body and does not contain phthalates;
  • a suction cup for hands-free entertainment;
  • easy to clean;
  • includes a storage bag;
  • has the most realistic appearance: texture, size, color.


  • the cum container is difficult to clean;
  • requires at least 3 hours of continuous charging.

Real customer rating

Already in two minutes, I reached orgasm! I easily learned how to handle it. Everything turned out naturally. Now, to get an orgasm from this dildo, it takes me a maximum of five minutes. But I deliberately delay this moment. During sex, I also use a vibrator – otherwise, I can’t cum.

3. Big Shot Silicone Vibrating Squirting Dildo by Evolved Novelties – Vanilla

This ultra-realistic squirting dildo helps you cum in a few minutes. You can make all your fantasies come true.

You can use the suction cup and free your hands to play with your partner. You can control this ejaculating toy with two buttons. After use, wash it off with soap and warm water and let dry.

Detailed Features

  • 8 “with an extra 6” insertable length;
  • waterproof vibrations;
  • phthalate-free and latex-free;
  • USB cable;
  • manufacturer: Evolved Novelties. 


  • ten speeds of vibration;
  • the realistic texture of the head and veins;
  • the presence of a durable suction cup;
  • can be charged through the reservoir below;
  • two control buttons: for vibration and squirting.


  • difficult to clean the cum cup;
  • the control buttons are inconvenient;
  • it is very very firm.

Real customer rating

I used to be able to satisfy myself with my fingers, but since I started using vibrators it no longer works. When my ex tried the Big Shot Squirting Dildo on me, it felt amazing. Until that moment, I hadn‘t even thought about trying ejaculating toys, and that was a big mistake!

4. King Cock Squirting 7-Inch Dildo Vanilla

Squirting Cock dildo from the King Cock collection is a super realistic squirting phallus with the effect of cum.

Having fun with this extra realistic dildo, you will enjoy not only the sensations that you get from vaginal stimulation but also the way it explodes inside you with a splash of pleasure! Thanks to the small silicone reservoir for fluid/lubrication, you can induce ejaculation over and over again, getting incredible pleasure from moisturizing the womb.

Detailed Features

  • 8.2 inches, total – 9.33 inches, squeezing – 3.1 inches;
  • modern PVC-material Fanta Flesh;
  • soft, moderately elastic structure;
  • includes includes a toy cleaner and lotion probe;
  • manufacturer: Pipedream.


  • knows how to cum;
  • simulated sperm ejaculation;
  • high detail of the product;
  • flexible, resilient barrel with embossed texture; 
  • hypoallergenic material, phthalate-free;
  • accepts body temperature quickly;
  • included: semen simulator and cleaning agent.


  • lack of ergonomic control;
  • some women find it too harsh;
  • PVC material is porous.

Real customer rating

I got my first orgasm with a vibrator at the age of 17. I had masturbated before with a jet of water in the bathroom. But I cannot call it some fantastic sensations. Using King Cock turned my life upside down. I easily learned to handle it. Now, this is my best ejaculating friend!

5. Strap-On-Me Silicone Squirting Cum Dildo – Vanilla

The 32.3-inch sex toy can be cut to the desired length. Due to the three-layer shell of the ejaculating toy, you will not feel that there is something inside.

Press the button at the right moment – and a powerful squirting stream of lubricant will erupt into you. The manufacturers have emphasized that it was not just a miserable injection but something that you feel, that will give you maximum pleasure.

Detailed Features

  • total length: 7.7″, insertable length: 6.5″, width: 1.5″;
  • shape memory;
  • Silicone, ABS Plastic;
  • G- & P-spot stimulating;
  • manufacturer: Dorcel.


  • anatomically perfect ergonomics nice seamless design;
  • the most delicate soft-touch coating;
  • easily attaches to a loincloth;
  • made of hypoallergenic material;
  • control is adjusted for the right and left hand.


  • silicone is not too durable;
  • difficult to ejaculate hands-free;
  • sprays only water-based liquid, viscous and sticky lubricants will not spray;
  • it is impossible to use silicone lube with this type of dildo.

Real customer rating

The first orgasm received from the vibrator gave indescribable emotions. All these one-time meetings with men, in which I did not get an orgasm, seemed so insignificant! I got such a powerful squirt. And for the first time, I realized that you don’t even need a man to get such vivid sensations. The thought that you are responsible for your orgasms and can give them to yourself whenever you want, and seemed especially sweet.

FAQ Section

  • Is there a difference in the technical characteristics of squirting dildo sex toys? – There is a difference in the quality of the material, motors, touch, and the appearance, you must admit, also plays a role;
  • Are these squirting dildos suitable for anal sex? – Yes, but it is best to use a condom and models made of porous materials. Anal sex requires a lot of lubrication, so there is no need to turn the dildo into a sponge that absorbs all the lubricant;
  • Is it safe to use a dildo with cum? – If you are afraid that the ejaculating dildo material, or the lubricant that will be in you, may harm you, then do not worry. Everything is maximally hypoallergenic and careful about your health, and harmless;
  • Is there any benefit from using squirting sex toys? – From a medical point of view, we can talk about the beneficial properties of a dildo. There is an interesting fact: a woman’s sexual satisfaction will help to avoid several gynecological diseases;
  • How to avoid damage? – There is a risk of mechanical damage while using squirting dildos. But you can avoid it if you carefully read the instructions for use and use the dildo solely for its intended purpose, using a high-quality lubricant.

Some Tips For Choosing The Most Realistic & Best Dildo

If you make a small list of requirements when buying it directly, you can avoid the erroneous decision in favor of a vibrator that will not suit you. The main criteria are:

  • length and diameter of the working area;
  • the presence of additional structures (for the anus, clitoris);
  • dildo material;
  • technical side;
  • place of the purchase;
  • cost.

For girls, small sizes of devices are suitable, and the diameter may vary, with or without additional stimulation of the clitoris / G-spot.

More experienced women can use a combined type of squirting unit for both vaginal and anal caresses. For having fun with a partner, some designs diversify having sex and deliver positive sensations to both participants.

The manufacturer plays a significant role in the choice of ejaculating toys. It is better to purchase squirting dildos with a high rating, a product of famous brands, with information in the review.

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