Stimulate beard growth: the best tricks


Your beard won’t grow as full as your buddies’? Don’t give up hope too quickly: Many young men suffer from irregular beard growth. If you are still under 20 years old, the chances are even quite good that an increased beard growth will still occur.

Because the first beard hairs that begin to sprout during puberty are very thin. Some gaps in the beard still closes with the strengthening of the beard hairs towards the end of puberty in your early 20s. Tip: Shave the initially thin beard hairs rather off. That looks more well-groomed than an irregular fluff.

Does shaving accelerate beard growth?

The myth stubbornly persists.

But: No, frequent shaving does not accelerate the beard growth, and the hairs do not grow back thicker either. Because when you shave, you do not come into contact with the hair root, which is responsible for the growth and quality of the beard hair.

But the beard hairs cut off in the middle no longer run fringy-pointed and are rougher and stronger. This way you can at least cheat a little more beard density. Very important: Do not play around with the beard hair, do not pull on it. This will irritate the root, which in the worst case will stop hair production. In this way you grow your own beard gaps. Whether instead Bartroller accelerate the beard growth, you will learn here.

Beard growth turbo testosterone

Also the fluctuations of the “man hormone” testosterone in the blood can change the intensity of the beard growth in the course of the life still. Because the testosterone level also affects the hair growth in men – for better or worse. In adolescence, it first rises and often has not yet reached its peak at the end of puberty.

While an increase in testosterone negatively affects the roots of the head hair and can lead to hair loss, it simultaneously causes an increased body hair and thus also a stronger beard growth, which from a certain length covers smaller gaps well. 

By the way, artificially increasing the testosterone level for the sake of beard growth is not a good idea. Firstly, hormone preparations can only influence the thickness of the beard hair and not the number and distribution of the hair follicles. And secondly, you must take into account that a hormone increase can also result in increased hair loss on the head.

Promising therapies for circular beard gaps

“The most common reason men with uneven beard growth or even real gaps in the beard area visit our specialist practice for hair disorders is circular hair loss (alopecia areata barbae) or congenital short growth of beard hair,” reports dermatologist and hair specialist Dr. Frank-Matthias Schaart from Hamburg. About 1 to 2 times a month men with gaps in the beard area visit his special practice – with the request for diagnosis or therapeutic help. With these therapies, the specialist can give hope to those affected, at least in the case of circular beard hair loss:

  • High-dose zinc treatments;
  • Topical immunotherapy through an external application of cortisone or the injection of cortisone crystal suspensions into the hairless areas;
  • Fractional laser treatment. Schaart: “Hereby, in about 50% of cases, after 15-18 weeks, there is a complete regrowth of the fallen hair.”

However: “Against constitutional, i.e. inherited gaps in the beard is usually no herb grown, because here the hair roots are missing or are not even created,” says the expert, “In rare cases, infections of the beard hair roots by bacteria or fungus or. Connective tissue diseases cause hair loss in the beard area are.”

Can you transplant beard hair?

“Corrections in the upper lip area and on the cheeks are possible,” says Ursula Halsner, hair surgeon from Munich. In simple terms, the operation involves transplanting tiny particles of skin (approximately 0.9 millimeters in diameter) with hair roots from the head to the face.

“It is important that the hair on the head is strong enough to be used as a replacement for the beard. Too thin hair is unsuitable.”

The operation takes about sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the size of the grafts. “The healing time is only about ten days, a bandage is not necessary.” After twelve weeks, the new beard hair begins to grow from the transplanted roots.

Make an appointment for this with a hair surgeon or send him a photo in advance to determine whether the operation is feasible. You can find even more information about hair transplantation here.

Nutrition tips for a fuller beard growth

Before you decide to use such drastic methods, you should first try to provide your beard growth with the optimal growth conditions in a natural way: Thus, the nutrients promote Biotin and Silica demonstrably promote healthy hair growth. Preparations are available cheaply in drugstores.

Special beard growth remedies such as.B. BeardActive usually also contain biotin, silica, L-cytein and B vitamins in combination with other minerals and vitamins. However, with a healthy diet you can save this expense. Healthy, protein-rich foods such as vegetables, fruit, oatmeal, eggs and cheese should have fixed places on your menu. 

By the way: Rubbing spicy mustard or garlic on your skin to stimulate hair roots to produce unfortunately doesn’t work and belongs to the realm of beard myths.

Are there hair growth products for the beard?

Some men try with hair growth products for the head to help their beard growth on the jumps. Serious studies prove z.B. the effectiveness of the active ingredient Minoxidil or. Finasterid with hereditary hair loss (is available as a preparation z.B. Regaine) – on the head.

Whether minoxidil or Regaine also in the beard region works, is controversial: “Finasteride in tablet form does not help as a rule against irregular hair growth of the beard. Differently than within the range of the head hair, where it with the condition-conditional hair loss of the man, partly sensational successes obtains”, says hair expert Schaart, “if at all one can make an attempt with Minoxidil (5%) containing solution, which one massages 2x daily into the affected areas. An effect is not certain however also here.”

A full beard is still trendy, no question about it. If you have gaps in the beard, which bother you extremely or burden, you should rather decide for another beard style. Beard styles that are compatible with irregular hair growth are e.g.B. the Fu Manchu or the again very hip Moustache. More inspiration can be found in our beard hairstyles gallery.

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