The 4 best bags for men


Where to put snacks, keys, cell phone and wallet when a man leaves the house? Sure, you can try to stow everything in your pants and jacket pocket, but at the latest with a tablet or laptop there are difficulties. Especially when going to the office every day or on a weekend trip, everything should be well stowed away.

Is there actually one bag that is suitable for every occasion and every project? The answer: Unfortunately not. There are exactly 4 types of bags that every man should own in order to have the perfect companion at hand in every situation. Which are those, we reveal here.

1. A backpack is the perfect man’s bag for everyday life

For years messenger bags were extremely popular with men, but can you still be seen with them? Yes – but only if you really work as a bike courier. In purely trend terms, you’re absolutely right with the good old backpack. No wonder: backpacks simply look much more casual and they offer much more carrying comfort.

Can you combine a backpack with a suit?

This can look pretty cool – but can also be a complete disaster. A business-level backpack should be made of dark leather. When it comes to the shape, the simpler the better. Too many applications and details reinforce the casual look. The same applies to eye-catching patterns, large prints and bright colors.

2. Well dressed for the office with a business bag

If a backpack for the office is too sporty for you, then you should buy a briefcase. With a purist, timeless design you can wear a briefcase trend-independent. The slightly stuffy briefcase look has even become quite trendy lately. A classic briefcase looks really cool with jeans and a sweater.

How to recognize a good briefcase?

When buying a briefcase, it depends on the following characteristics: Because the good piece is quite stressed in daily use, you should attach importance to high material quality and very good workmanship. Most noble, but not quite cheap, are models made of genuine leather. If in doubt, invest a little more money than to save at the wrong end. Who wants to carry around a bag made of wrinkled leather? In addition, especially important: If you want to transport a laptop in it, check the dimensions beforehand.

3. Weekender for short trips

The name suggests it already, a Weekender is a travel bag for short weekend trips – perfect especially if you travel only with hand luggage. If the Weekender was not too classy and expensive, you can also use the bag as a gym bag. The flexible bags fit just as well in the gym locker as they do in the hand luggage compartment on the train, on the plane and in the trunk of your car

If you want to use your weekender as a gym bag, we recommend a nylon model. Especially if you often carry wet or sweaty clothes, robust, water-repellent nylon is easier to maintain. Leather or canvas models can get nasty water stains if they are not regularly waterproofed.

4. A suitcase for long trips and business trips

You’re going away for longer than a weekend? Then you need a suitcase in any case. Hard or soft shell? It’s a matter of taste. In both you can transport your clothes more easily than in a backpack or duffel bag – which is especially important for business trips with a suit in your luggage.

Avoid creases with the right packing technique

Never fold suits flat. Better: Put the jacket upright in the suitcase, let the lap hang out of the luggage for the time being. Place sweaters on top of the jacket to pad it out. Then fold jacket sleeves and fold lap upwards.

How to pack my suitcase to save space?

Tuck stockings into shoes. Fold undershirts or T-shirts first and then roll them up to fill gaps in the suitcase in a sensible way. Last but not least: always roll up your belt so that the buckle is on the inside, saves space and prevents marks in the surrounding clothes.

Conclusion: A suitable bag for every occasion 

To have the right bag for every situation in life, you need exactly 4 bag models: a practical backpack for everyday use, a weekender for spontaneous short trips or the gym, a classy briefcase for work and a robust suitcase for when you’re on the road for a longer period of time. When choosing a bag, look for high quality materials and good workmanship. If in doubt, you should invest a little more money, so you have something of your companion for a long time. 


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