The 6 best products against hair loss


Half of all men between 20 and 30 years of age must expect to lose their hair. Whereby 100 hairs a day are normal – only if the number is noticeably above, you should think about ways and means against hair loss.

What causes hair loss in men in the first place?

Stress, certain medications or an undersupply of nutrients can be responsible. In most cases, however, genetic hair loss is behind the threat of baldness in men. “The reason why some men lose their hair and others don’t has only been partially understood in recent decades. Scientists assumed for a long time that an excess of the male sex hormone testosterone would be the trigger. Now it has been discovered that it is not testosterone, but its breakdown product, so-called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that is the main cause of hair loss,” says Kevin Murphy, star hairstylist and founder of the hair care brand of the same name.

How do products against hair loss work?

The expert explains the process from full head to baldness like this: “If DHT accumulates in the hair follicles, they shrink and atrophy to miniature size. This results in a shorter life cycle of the hair and the new hair now grows back thinner and softer.”This is exactly where the majority of new anti-hair loss products come in. Other products improve the blood flow to the scalp and thus the nutrient supply to the hair roots – they use the power of caffeine or essential oils for this purpose.

We have taken a close look at the shampoos and tinctures. We present the most promising ones here. So that you know exactly what you can spend your money on with a clear conscience.

1. Minoxidil is considered to be the most effective remedy against hair loss

Minoxidil is considered to be the most effective active ingredient against hereditary hair loss to date. 5 percent of it is contained in “Regaine Men. The foam must be applied to the scalp twice a day. How it works: Minoxidil dilates the capillaries of the hair follicle and promotes blood and nutrient supply. Those who start the therapy first need strong nerves. Before hair growth starts again, there is increased hair loss. This so-called shedding shows that the therapy is effective. The old hair is shed and the hair follicles are prepared for the growth of new hair. It pays to persevere – results are seen after half a year. But: as soon as minoxidil is discontinued, hair loss resumes. By the way, numerous clinical studies prove that minoxidil works.

2. Caffeine hair tonic against hair loss

Power for the hair roots: shampoos with caffeine against hair loss stimulate blood circulation after about 2 minutes of application, but usually only work properly in combination with hair tonics containing caffeine. Because only the tincture is able to supply blood to deeper layers of the scalp, so that still active follicles can produce stronger hair, resulting in a fuller hair appearance. Unfortunately, many tonics dry out the scalp. Not so the new “Hybrid Caffeine Liquid” from Alpecin, which actually soothes and rebalances an already irritated, itchy scalp. Here we have compiled the best men’s shampoos.

3. Natural remedy against hair loss

This spray works completely without hormones against hair loss. This is made possible by the patented active ingredient MKMS24, which is extracted from lentils, thyme and bamboo. “MKMS24 is able to stimulate the hair directly at the root. At the same time, it makes it possible to extend the anagen hair growth phase, thus ensuring significantly less hair loss and more growth,” the manufacturer’s website states. Whether it can work? We were skeptical, but had a colleague test it out. The application is easy. In the first 4 weeks, one should apply twice daily 6 splashes on the affected areas. After that, only 1x a day – preferably directly after washing. The manufacturer recommends using a shampoo without silicones, so that the serum can penetrate as well as possible into the scalp and fully develop its effect. And what brings it? With our tester 4 weeks first nothing at all. After that, the hair loss decreased noticeably and after 6 weeks, small baby hairs grew in the hereditary receding hairline. After 2 months the corners are already visibly fuller. We stay tuned and order a second pack. One bottle lasts about 3 months at recommended application intensity. So just under 50 euros a month.

4. Growth spray for hair

This anti-hair loss spray stops the accumulation of DHT in the hair follicles. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, it uses biotinyl GHK, a tripeptide – women may know the active ingredient from eyelash serums, which manage to make the hairs grow thicker and fuller.

To ensure that this also works with the hair, the spray must remain permanently on the scalp for the first 14 days. Means in plain language: In the beginning spray daily and after 2 weeks only after every hair wash. If you wash your hair only every other day, the spray must be applied only as often.

5. Scalp serum for fuller hair

If your hair loss is just starting, L’Oréal Professionell has an adequate solution: The serum “Serioxyl Denser Hair” contains 5 percent Stemoxydine and, according to the manufacturer, improves hair density in just 6 weeks by stimulating dormant follicles to produce hair. For this to work, the tincture should be applied twice a day to the scalp and the roots of dry hair. Tip: Massage the scalp well afterwards. This promotes blood circulation and thus also stimulates hair growth. 

6. Hairdressing care for noticeably thicker hair

Hair needs a healthy breeding ground to grow. “The scalp is an extension of the facial skin and therefore needs the same intensive attention and care,” explains Kerstin Meyer-Lipp, Head of Research and Development Wella Care & Styling. “Most people focus mainly on their hair in their daily care routine, neglecting the scalp. However, a targeted treatment of the scalp is fundamental for healthy hair growth and should always be in focus with the desire for beautiful, vital hair.”That is why the manufacturer Wella has developed “Nioxin”. The system care is available in 6 different variants: matched to hair density, texture and the condition of the scalp. Therefore, you should not buy just any variant, but get advice from a trained hairdresser in advance, which variant fits best. Each set consists of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in scalp care. What they all have in common: They promise thicker (note, not more) hair in 4 weeks. By the way, here’s how a hair transplant works

Yes, it’s scary when the mop of hair starts to thin out. But don’t let it stress you out. It will only make things worse. At the first sign of hair loss, use one of these products and hopefully the problem will go away before it really gets serious.


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