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Fancy your next favorite game? We regularly test the latest PC and console games and present our personal favorites here in more detail. There should quickly be something for everyone’s taste. Let’s go:

Cyberpunk 2077

The expectations for “Cyberpunk 2077” couldn’t be higher. After all, developer CD Projekt RED last created the masterpiece “The Witcher 3”, which has since been considered by many to be the best role-playing game of all time and is brimming with memorable experiences. The hype for Cyberpunk 2077 is correspondingly great, and it has to be at least as good in order not to disappoint. Whether the game succeeds in this, we could clarify in a detailed test (on PC and Xbox Series X).

The open-world action adventure Cyberpunk 2077 is predominantly set in Night City – a megalopolis that is atmospherically and visually strongly reminiscent of the film “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott.

But the game also gets Hollywood charm via Keanu Reeves, who takes on one of the main roles. We ourselves are in the skin of the mercenary (or mercenaryess) “V” and in the first hours only care about money and glory. Which story then develops from it, everyone must experience for itself.

Because in Cyberpunk 2077 our decisions in the missions have a much more formative effect than in the last Witcher part. Thus, the events towards the end can turn out extremely different. Depending on how we have behaved before. We truly tread our own personal path. Not only in the main quests, but often also in the optional side missions, which are surprisingly high quality and varied and should definitely be taken along.

Especially since there are quite a few quest gems hidden underneath!

Cyberpunk 2077 is, in short, an absolutely impressive story masterpiece that at many points (and especially at the end) simply leaves us with an awestruck “Wow!” sitting there. An adventure that can be so gripping, emotional and surprising that you want to lose yourself more and more in the neon world.

This emotional pull only succeeds in the absolute exceptional games – and that’s exactly what Cyberpunk 2077 has become in our eyes. Even if not in all aspects. Because as far as the pure action gameplay is concerned, the game offers high-quality fare, but nothing extraordinary, which one would expect in view of the great story level.

In terms of open world, Cyberpunk 2077 can once again score big points. Night City offers what feels like the perfect balance of story progression and interesting side hustles. Even open-world masters like Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed) can still learn something here.

Beyond that, Cyberpunk 2077 looks absolutely fantastic. Especially on the next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X. However, the graphics crown goes to the PC, which, equipped with potent hardware, makes Night City look the best. Especially at night, when the many neon lights show off the game’s widely supported ray tracing technology for more realistic calculation of lighting, shadows and reflections to full advantage. This may sound like a question of detail now.

However, once you have seen Night City with fully enabled ray tracing, for example via a current NVIDIA graphics card like the RTX 3080, you won’t want to miss the definitely improved immersion and gaming experience. Especially since an epic like Cyberpunk 2077 deserves to be shown in the best possible garb.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

For fans of action-heavy shoot-’em-ups, 2020 definitely had something to offer. Doom Eternal” made the start at the beginning of the year, which we present in more detail below. Finally, in March came “Call of Duty: Warzone”, the Battle Royal offshoot of the shooter series. Free to play and extremely popular. But not everyone is into this kind of PvP mode.

Those who want classic multiplayer and, above all, a really well-staged campaign again, will now also get their money’s worth at the end of the year with “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”.

To get straight to the point: The campaign in “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” turned out really well and is the real highlight of the new series installment for us. The story is set in the late 70s and early 80s and focuses on the Cold War. But also the Vietnam War is thematized.

As part of an international team of agents, we hunt down a Soviet spy named Perseus, who could upset the balance of power. In the approximately five to six hours of gameplay, there is hardly any time to take a breath, so well is each mission staged. Finally, the game offers more than just a pure baller orgy. For example, it is often necessary to proceed stealthily. There are also several approaches to choose from here and there.

This varied mix and the gripping narrative make the campaign overall one of the best in the series – and it’s definitely not to be missed, even if it is very short.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer, on the other hand, doesn’t offer enough new elements to particularly stand out. Those who want the tried and true in new settings will also be quite happy with it, though. At this point we would like to take a small bow for the zombie mode, which is actually meant to be a little co-op fun, but in practice with good friends it really shreds. Here we have to fend off increasingly stronger waves of zombie hordes and pimp our own weapons accordingly. This may not entertain in the long run, but for in between the mode is a pretty good ball fun snack, where tactical action is also necessary to persevere to the end. Our conclusion is similar: “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” is suitable for all those who want a really good CoD campaign and then want to let off steam in multiplayer or zombie mode for a few hours in the evening.

Watch Dogs: Legion

In the third part of the series, Ubisoft wants to do things a little differently than in the predecessors. In essence, the gameplay remains the same: In “Watch Dogs: Legion” we explore an open game world in which we can really let off steam and make use of all kinds of cool hacks via smartphone in order to stand any chance at all against the great powers of the city. But this time not in the role of a single character. In the fictional London of the future, any passerby can be recruited for our purpose and thus made playable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a policeman, a construction worker or a pensioner. A great and refreshing concept.

The biggest highlight of the game, however, is another – the game world!

“Watch Dogs: Legion” tells a thoroughly exciting story in the approximately 20-hour-long campaign, in which our hacker collective Dedsec faces several enemies to be fought at once.

Among them is the hacker creep Zero Day, who blames us for his bomb attacks in London right at the beginning. Our reputation is correspondingly bad in one fell swoop. So everything must be done to set things right and incidentally give the oppressed inhabitants back their city.

The great thing about this is that we can approach and complete each mission in a highly individual way. For example, if a police station is to be infiltrated, we can storm in without further ado at gunpoint. Or we can approach an officer, inspire him with our cause in a side mission and then simply walk through the building with him without being detected.

This example also shows how much the fun of “Watch Dogs: Legion” with its special recruitment feature depends on your own approach.

Because a trick is quickly found that always works in principle – but also gets boring just as quickly. Only those who see the city and the missions as a creative playground will really enjoy Legion until the end. For example, it’s also worth just cruising through the fantastically detailed game world and taking a look at the famous buildings and areas that you may still remember from your last city trip.

Simply fascinating, how atmospheric and lively London has been realized. Especially for PC gamers and owners of NVIDIA graphics cards of the new RTX 30 series. They get over particularly realistic ray tracing reflections in combination with the upscaling technology DLSS a real “State of the Art” feast for the eyes – especially at night.


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