The best products against bad breath in check


Zilopop Odor Killer

Stainless steel lollipop, about 10 euros via

Zilopop odor killer is an unusual method against bad breath, but a very effective one. The tasteless stainless steel lollipop is handled like a lollipop. After 2-4 minutes, bad odors, such as a hint of garlic or alcohol, are eliminated. Packed in a practical leather pouch, the unusual lollipop can be taken anywhere.

Wrigley’s Extra Bubble Mint

A pack of 10 chewing lozenges costs about 0.69 euros

According to the manufacturer, the sugar-free chewing gum stimulates the flow of saliva tenfold when chewed. This means that it not only provides in-between dental care, but also works against bad breath. Because a lot of saliva flow and healthy teeth permanently reduce bad breath and ensure fresh breath. The Wrigley’s Extra Bubble Mint taste fruity, minty, sweet.

Smint Spearmint

Sugar-free pastilles with mint flavor, 40 pieces, approx. 1.50 euros

The small mint pastille promises fast fresh breath with a cooling side effect due to the ingredient xylitol. The package with click system is practical for on the go and fits in any pocket.

Swissdent Pure

Mouth spray against bad breath, 9 ml, approx. 10 euros

“Mouth sprays – only nerds with window-glass goggles use them” – is a common prejudice. Well, the use of mouth sprays actually has a rather embarrassing image. The fact is, however, that mouth sprays can effectively help to eliminate bad breath. It should be worth a try, especially if the mouth spray is handy and looks stylish as well.

Sanct Bernhard Atemfrisch deodorant capsules

Capsules with parsley oil to swallow or suck, 200 pieces, about 15 euros via

Deo capsules for the mouth sound strange at first sight. With the help of parsley and peppermint oil as well as chlorophyll, no bad odor should arise after eating garlic, onions or alcohol. The menthol capsules can be taken prophylactically or directly after meals. Either swallow them with water or simply suck them down.

Odol oral care candies

Sugar-free oral care candies with mint-menthol flavor from Odol, about 30 pieces, about 1 Euro

The oral care candies from Odol are ideal as a toothbrush on the go. Taken after a meal, they are said to keep the pH value in the mouth constant and balance out plaque acids. In addition, the mint-menthol flavored candies promise fresh breath.

Mentos Up2U

Sugar-free chewing gum with two different mint flavors, 2 x 7 pieces, approx. 1.50 euros

The chewing gum Up2U from Mentos promises breath freshness in a double pack for on the go. You have the choice between Daylight Mint, the light mint flavor for daytime or Mintnight Mint, for the stronger mint need in the evening. Of course, you can chew one of the flavors regardless of the time of day. After all, the pack can be conveniently carried in your pocket, no matter when or where you go.

GoGo Dent Ice Mint

Ice Mint drops, 3 x 3.2 ml, approx. 3 euros

Chewing gums or drops you find embarrassing? Then why not try drops like GoGo Dent Ice Mint?. Simply drop them on the tongue and the refreshing mint flavor unfolds in the mouth. Afterwards, the small bottle disappears discreetly in your pocket.

Extra Professional Mints

Sugar-free pastilles with mint flavor, 20 pieces, approx. 1 Euro

Bad breath is not only caused by garlic, alcohol or nicotine, but also by poor oral hygiene. Brushing and regular flossing are the basic requirements for good breath. If it’s been too long since your last oral hygiene session, Extra Professional Mints are designed to provide short-term relief. The microgranules and the lamellar surface make it feel as if you have just put down your toothbrush.

Fisherman’s Friend Mint

Sugar-free menthol pastilles, 23 pieces, about 1 euro

The mint pastilles from Fisherman’s Friend are not for the faint of heart. The strong, fresh taste goes through the whole body. An ideal companion for disco and co.

Airwaves Strong

Sugar-free chewing gum with menthol, 10 pieces, approx. 1 Euro

Menthol-flavored chewing gum promises breath freshness on the go, so you can flirt away without any inhibitions. But please chew inconspicuously and not like the cow in the meadow or macho. Otherwise, despite breath freshness, it will be nothing with the women.

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