These men’s fragrances women love


Love goes … through the nose. An info that you should definitely take to heart. With fragrances you influence your charisma. But it should not be just any perfume. We’ll tell you which scents make women go weak:

Oriental woody fragrances for men have a mysterious effect

There is pure seduction through oriental-woody fragrances such as musk or sandalwood. They are said to have an aphrodisiac effect, which supposedly every woman falls for. Because woody, slightly fruity-sweet notes make you mysterious. At the same time, these notes stand for concentrated masculinity, sovereignty and seduction. A mixture that no woman can withstand. 

Musk: Exudes a woody, slightly fruity note that radiates seduction and, above all, masculinity. Its aphrodisiac effect is said to make every woman fall for it.

Amber: A delicate fragrance with which you can conquer women’s hearts in an instant. Woody, sweet, warm and earthy. A blend that is full of sensuality.

Sandalwood: A woody note with a downright arousing effect. The tart-sweet character makes you mysterious – and that’s what women go for.

Perfume examples:

Oriental-woody fragrances are for example Floris No. 89 (50 ml about 71 euros), a classic fragrance that has been making women’s hearts beat faster since 1951, and the  Colonia Oud by Aqua di Parma (100 ml about 187 euros), which combines sensuality and masculinity. 

Sporty fresh fragrances signal energy and ambition

Women want men who know what they want. Ambitious, determined and full of energy. This is what women associate with so-called chypre fragrances. Because the fresh notes remind the female sex of a sporty fresh guy who radiates an incredible elegance. Bergamot and patchouli are characteristic of this group:

Bergamot: Clear, fresh and tangy, the scent of bergamot invigorates the senses. On women this mixture has an almost magical attraction. The refreshing character radiates energy and power. And what do women think about? Success, of course! And that this arrives, is probably known for some time now.

Patchouli: This fragrance has a stimulating effect on women and radiates pure sensuality. The sweet earthy and woody-woody note makes you seem mysterious and seductive.

Perfume examples:

Sporty-fresh fragrances are for example Giorgio Armani Aqua di Giò (100 ml about 90 euros) and Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Essence Aromatique (50 ml about 67 euros). Both fragrances stand for fresh naturalness, which make you look strong and sensitive to women at the same time.

Sweet seductions that smell of fruit or chocolate

Most women have a sweet tooth. This is probably the reason why gourmand perfumes inspired by desserts are so well received. Vanilla, chocolate, fruit and spice notes almost drive the female sex crazy. The sweet nuances are used only in low concentration. But that is already enough to unfold the full effect.

Tonka bean: Tonka bean has an eroticizing effect not only in food. Its spicy-sweet scent, reminiscent of vanilla and rum, makes you want more. It envelops you with a warm radiance in which women simply feel secure.

VanillaThe absolute classic among the sweet fragrances is vanilla. In addition to the warm sweetness, it smells slightly of wood and tobacco. In perfumes, it provides a certain depth in which women are only too happy to let themselves fall.  

Perfume examples:

Among gourmand perfumes Pacco Rabanne’s One Million (50 ml about 66 euros) is an absolute bestseller. It makes women melt away just like the combination of tonka bean and cocoa in Joop Homme Extreme (75 ml about 38 euros). 

How much perfume should I apply?

Please not too much. To envelop women in a fragrance cloud of seduction, be sure to consider the concentration of the perfume. An eau de parfum is stronger than an eau de toilette. Therefore, one or two spritzes are enough. After all, you only want to beguile women, not suffocate them. With eau de toilette you should also not spray more than four times.

Where to apply the fragrance?

By the way: Not only the fragrance itself is important, but also where you spray it. Because the full aroma of a perfume unfolds only on well supplied with blood and warm body regions. The body heat activates the fragrances so that the scent can spread more intensively. The neck and wrist are ideal for this. But you can also apply a few drops to your hair, especially if you wear it for a longer period of time. Because of the dynamics you can release the fragrance gradually. For men with skin sensitivities, there’s also a solution: just spray your pocket square, tie or scarf.

With this perfume know-how, you’ll have the female sex wrapped around your fingers. So before your next date, make sure you know which fragrance you’re wearing. It can be decisive in the end.

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