5 Thrusting Dildos in 2021: Choosing the Flawless One

Of course, vibrating rabbits and bullets are excellent: no one is going to argue with that.

Nevertheless, even the best of them are not able to imitate real man frictions. But thrusting vibrators are quite capable of that, which makes them almost perfect sex toys ever.

Thrusting dildos: TOP-5 rating

Almost every adult woman has tried some sex toys at least once in her life. However, for some reason, only a few of the ladies know enough about thrusting vibrators.

But let’s be frank after all: these guys are reasonably skilful in delivering tremendous pleasure to their owner, so it’s time to know them better.

The life of the battery is 6-8 hours: it will be enough for you to reach dozens of climaxesThis toys is rechargeable via a magnetic or USB-connecting charger Like most of the best sex toys, this thrusting vibe is made of body-safe silicone

Thanks to the modern sex toys manufacturers, we have a huge capability of choosing the best thrusting vibrator. But there are so many of them, that selecting the perfect one might be such a challenge for you. Don’t be nervous, we’ve done all the work for you and have made a list of the most noteworthy ones of the thrusting toys.

1. GIGI™ 2 from LELO

All LELO sex toys are so beautiful that choosing one of them is like being a kid in a candy store, huh?

You want to take this one, and that one, and that one as well. But GIGI™ 2 is a thrusting toy that deserves special attention. Let’s find out why is it so topnotch.

G-spot stimulation

This thrusting vibrator has a curved shape that provides access to the G-spot. Thanks to it, during masturbation you will feel pleasant thrusts in your secret place that will help you to reach orgasm much sooner.

Flathead for extra pleasure

This thrusting toy’s tip is flat, which means you may use it for extra stimulation, warm-up, and pre-weasel. This feature makes the device an excellent clitoral massager. Although some customers think the tip is a little hard and it could be a bit more flexible, the others vice versa consider this characteristic as a benefit.

You can use the vibrator head during external stimulation not only with its flat surface but with its pointed tip as well.

The variety of modes

This thrusting vibrator has eight settings that range from light tickling to powerful thrusts.


This thrusting vibrator is fully rechargeable. After two hours of charging via the cable, the dildo can work up to four hours. So, unlike battery-operated devices, you don’t have to change batteries during the fun.


LELO is one of the most famous and reliable sex toys manufacturers who care about their goods’ safety. This brand always uses only high-quality materials to create their vibrators, and this thrusting dildo is no exception. It is made from body-safe Silicone and ABS Plastic which are non-allergic and non-toxic.


  • GIGI™ 2 is world best-selling G-spot thrusting vibrator.
  • It perfectly fits for every woman.
  • This thrusting dildo is almost soundless. The only sound you may hear is a light murmur of your device.
  • It is 100% waterproof, so use it in a shower if you like.
  • The kit includes a charging cable, a storage bag, a sachet with the original LELO lubricant.
  • Full warranty coverage.


  • It’s hard to find any disadvantages in this thrusting toy. The only one is its high price. But if you want to be sure about the quality of the vibrator, you have to pay for it all right.

Customer review

I’ve tried a bunch of vibrators and sex toys in recent years, but this one is still one of my favourites. It’s ideal for me because this dildo gives such a pleasant thrusting sensation inside my body. Love this feeling!

Ginger Thompson, 38 years old

2. Stronic Drei Rechargeable Powerful Thrusting Vibrator from Fun Factory

The Fun Factory brand is well known to adult toys lovers precisely because of their thrusting vibrators patented technology.

It includes the work of two opposite magnets, thanks to which the toy moves back and forth like a real man penis.

Let us introduce to you one of their most prominent thrusting sex toys.


  • It is a fancy looking sex toy with a ribbed surface.
  • There are ten different rhythms for the best satisfaction.
  • The gadget has a curved tip to stimulate the G-spot.
  • Here is a wider part at the base of the dildo so that you can use it for anal masturbation as well.
  • The toy is made from the body-safe medical silicone, which is non-toxic.
  • It’s pleasurable to touch the vibrator because it is velvet smooth.
  • There won’t be any difficulties with cleaning the toy since the surface is non-porous.
  • The handle is comfy to hold, and the buttons are easy to press.
  • The vibrator’s engine is powerful but almost soundless.
  • The vibrator is rechargeable via USB.
  • The device is 100% waterproof.


  • Because of the magnets, this thrusting sex toy is forbidden to people with pacemakers.
  • Even though the ribbed surface of the thrusting vibrator should give additional pleasure, some girls complain that it is too rough for them and distracts them a little bit.
  • The initial charge takes too long: it’s about 16-22 hours.

Customer review

I don’t know how can anybody complain about this dildo, because it’s the best sex toy I’ve ever had! Such a realistic thrusting like making love with a man! And sometimes I even use it not only for vaginal but for anal penetration also.

Alicia McCone, 26 years old

3. Stronic Real Rechargeable Realistic Thrusting Vibrator from Fun Factory

Here you can see another one thrusting dildo from a famous German brand.

And if it looks a bit boring to you, because it doesn’t have a curved tip, don’t rush to conclusions.

This sex toy is capable of much, and it can pleasantly surprise you.


  • Like the other thrusting sex toys from Fun Factory, this one has magnets inside which make it move back and forth.
  • This dildo is realistic-looking, with the head like a real male cock.
  • The dildo’s surface is matte and non-porous.
  • The vibrator has seven different speeds of moving and three patterns.
  • While working, the toy is nearly soundless.
  • The vibe is waterproof.
  • Rechargeable via USB.


  • The main disadvantage of this dildo is that it is not curved; therefore, it may not fit those women who are used to powerful G-spot stimulation.
  • There may be some difficulties to remember how to use the buttons. But when you figure out how to manage the vibrator, there won’t be any problems.
  • For some reason, it is like a magnet to dust and hair. So you should be ready to keep it only in a storage box and clean properly.

Customer review

A friend of mine gave me this vibrator for my birthday a couple of months ago. I was a bit confused at first because it is not as curved as I like. But when I tried this dildo for the first time, I was so excited! The thrusting moving makes me forget about everything and enjoy the process.

Hannah Stone, 32 years old

4. Exotic Diamond 10 Function Realistic Dildo Vibrator 9 Inch

If you are fond of realistic-looking dildos, you will like this thrusting sex toy sure enough.

Take a look at its shape and texture, its veins and head!

The only thing that will remind you it’s not real is the colour of the device.


  • If you are crazy about king-size vibrators, you will definitely like this one: it is nine inches long and 5.75 inches in diameter in the widest part.
  • The toy is flexible, made from jelly rubber.
  • Do you care about your intimate health and use only safe dildos? We hope so. Then you will be happy to know that this one is health-friendly, latex-free and phthalates-free.
  • This thrusting dildo has three speeds and seven patterns. It’s easy to control: push the button in a base and check the best option.
  • Here is a flashing light in a base, that shows you the vibe is switched on.
  • The gadget works with batteries (which are not included).
  • The price is more than affordable. It makes this gadget the best option for the beginners: even if you will not be pleased with it, at least you didn’t spend a fortune on buying this toy.


  • Some women think this thrusting vibe would be almost the best if it had the suction cup base.
  • The button is a bit too sensitive, but you will get used to it after a couple of using.
  • If you prefer quiet-working toys, this one is not the best choice for you because it is not as soundless as it could be.
  • It won’t fit ladies with tiny vaginas. If you are one of them, try some smaller thrusting dildos.

Customer review

Before buying this toy, I was a newbie in using any vibrators at all, not only thrusting dildos. So I wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money on the stuff and picked up this one. And what can I say now, after using it for a few months? The toy worth its price all right and it’s quite acceptable for the starters.

Tiffany Brick, 22 years old

5. The velvet thruster Jackie Powerful Thrusting Realistic Vibrator

Many women dream of trying not only traditional sex toys but also something much more powerful – like a sex-machine.

But such thrusting gadgets are expensive and huge, so only a few ladies can afford them.

And what the rest of us have to do? The answer is: to use The velvet thruster Jackie Powerful Thrusting Realistic Vibrator!

It is the best opportunity for you if you are not ready for the fucking machine and at the same time are tired of using the regular dildos.


  • It is a powerful and self-contained tool, that can move up to 140 thrusts per minute.
  • This thrusting vibe is very flexible: the shaft flexibility is up to 90-degree.
  • The length of the toy is 6.5 inches, and its wideness is 1.5 inches.
  • Here are ten speeds so that you can select the best one.
  • It’s portable, which cannot be said about the fucking machines.
  • The vibe is water-resistant.


  • According to customers’ feedbacks, the main argument against using this tool is its loudness while working, which sounds like a drill. So if you are shy or if you don’t want your people to know you satisfy yourself with the thrusting machine, it’s best for you to use another dildos and toys.
  • There may be some difficulties with using the item hands-free.
  • The vibe is heavy, so if are going to take it with you in a purse all the time, forget about this idea. But, comparing to traditional fucking machines, it is much more lightweight.
  • While choosing this tool, remember that it fits the experienced users perfectly. But if you are a beginner, there is a lot of less powerful and cheaper thrusting vibrators and sex toys.

Customer review

I’m an advanced sex toys user, and I’ve got dozens of dildos in my collection. But I’ve never tried any sex machine because they are too costly for me. And then of a sudden, I’ve heard about this thrusting vibe, which became my favourite and the best of all my dildos.

Lisa Smith, 41 years old

A couple of questions about thrusting sex toys

Here below, you will find the answers to the most frequent questions around thrusting vibrators. We’ve summarized the primary information for this subject.

What is the difference between the traditional vibes and thrusting toys?

Regular vibrators only make vibrations, while thrusting toys can make frictions resembling the movements of a real male penis inside your vagina.

What makes thrusting vibes move?

There are two options: either the toys move because of the built-in magnets, or there is a rotating shaft inside of them.

What is better – bullet, rabbit or thrusting vibrators?

It depends on your purposes. If you are going to stimulate the vagina and clitoris simultaneously, choose a rabbit. If you intend to have sex toys always in your handbag and to use them whenever you want, buy a bullet. But if during masturbation, you want to get such feelings that resemble sex with a real man – choose thrusting vibrators.

Can I use them for the anal masturbation?

Yes, you can. But only if your toys have a wider part at the base.

And don’t forget that this intimate area is very sensitive, so be sure to use the lube to avoid injury and discomfort.

In closing of the theme

If you are going to enhance your masturbation impressions and to reach an ambrosial satisfaction, thrusting vibrators is what you are seeking for. And we honestly believe that this article was valuable for you and did help you to make the best decision and to choose thrusting toys you always dreamed of.

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