Rate 5 Vibrating Dildos for Beginner Women

Vibrating dildos are the most common sex toys among both men and women. They are suitable for both solo pleasure and with a partner.

Today, the topic of sex and everything attached to it is quite common, there are already intimate shops in almost every city, and there are simply a huge number of vibrating dildos on the Internet. The assortment of sex vibrating dildos is quite extensive, so it can be difficult for users to choose among these toys. Our Top-5 review of the best vibrating dildos will help you make the right choice!

Among the variety of vibrators and vibrating toys, there are several criteria by which it is easier to make a choice:

Hypoallergenic material of dildo - your health comes firstPresence of batteries and different levels of vibration Waterproof (you may want to take such vibrating toys with you in the bath)


The Gigi 2 is an improved version of the Lelo Gigi Massager, loved by millions of customers.

The new sex vibrating toys have become twice as powerful as its predecessor, completely waterproof, and acquired new vibration and pulsation modes – now there are 8 of them!


  • Material: medical silicone;
  • Stimulation: G-spot, vaginal, clitoris.


  • gives pleasure for 4 hours;
  • vibration is silent;
  • waterproof dildo;
  • has eight vibration modes;
  • you can easily adjust speed and intensity via a practical interface during sex;
  • this vibrating dildo is made of safe materials.


  • can only be used with water-based lubricants;
  • requires at least 2.5 charges.

Customer’s Review

I bought myself this wonderful vibrating dildo! This year for the first time, I decided to try such vibrating toys. And you know, these are indescribable sex sensations. The husband laughed, and the last time he asked to give it to him. I was embarrassed but gave. So, such a thing has never happened to me!

The neighbors were probably in shock at 5 in the morning! Although I am not a fan of any sounds during sex, I had no strength to restrain myself!

2. Rave by We-Vibe

Rave is one of the world’s best G-spot vibration stimulators from the well-known Canadian manufacturer We-Vibe.

It has more than ten modes with the ability to create your own. You can create entire sex playlists, as the sex toy will remember them all using the free We-Connect smartphone app.


  • Stimulation of the G-spot, vaginal, clitoris;
  • Operating modes: vibration and vibrating waves;
  • Type of control: from a smartphone, built-in remote control.


  • powerful dildo vibrations are ideal for stimulating the clitoris;
  • made of body-safe silicone – free from phthalates and BPA and latex;
  • an ergonomic dildo shape with an asymmetrical design that best suits the female anatomical features;
  • equipped with a powerful but silent motor.


  • despite the resistance of the material to moisture, do not submerge this vibrating dildo in water;
  • with silicone dildos, you should use a water-based lubricant, even if the natural secretions seem to be enough;
  • due to the instability of the Internet, the connection with the dildo may be lost.

Customer’s Review

An excellent high-quality vibrating dildo, there are ten modes of operation in terms of intensity, but I rarely get to the last, mostly 7-8 maximum is enough for me, as I don’t need further. The body is pleasantly velvety slightly, plastic, does not allow water to pass at all, and there is nothing complicated to care for.

After use, it is necessary to wash it with soap under the tap, and immediately before sex, you must treat it with an antiseptic. The lubricant must be water-based.

3. Mission by Lovense

According to the review, the Vibrator Lovense Mission dildo will give you pleasure and diversify your sex life!

The best dildo is a fully programmable G-spot vibrator with powerful vibration, depth sensor, and 8-8.5 hour battery.


  • IPX7 waterproof vibrating dildo;
  • Made of materials that are safe for health.


  • longest battery life among Lovense toys: 8 – 8.5 hours continuous use!;
  • perfectly curved and silky smooth;
  • size, curvature, and softness will provide the strongest sensations and vivid orgasms while stimulating your G-spot;
  • optional / adjustable depth sensor function
  • forget about buttons! The deeper you insert the Mission, the more the toy vibrates.


  • there is still some noise;
  • vibration is unusual in hand;
  • no low battery alert.

Customer’s Review

I persuaded my husband to buy this vibrating dildo, he denied it for a long time, and he would cope himself, but I took it up. As a result, during sex, the husband himself asks to get it out!

With the help of a vibrator, you can stimulate the clitoris and vagina and the head of the penis. So it is a misconception that a vibrating dildo is made only for the fair sex.

4. Svakom Anya

Anya is a powerful vibrator with a heating function. Its medium size makes it convenient to store and very easy to use.

Anya has a powerful motor. Its strong vibration brings passionate excitement. Anya’s built-in heating core can heat up to 38 degrees, which is close to human temperature. Therefore, you can enjoy hot sex with vibrating impulses even in cold winter.


  • G-spot stimulation, anal, vaginal, clitoris;
  • External design: spiral.


  • has a warm touch, and soft silicone feels like a second skin;
  • designed with a charging port and fully waterproof;
  • the effect comes guaranteed and quickly;
  • keeps charge for a long time.


  • not a very convenient button for switching on and switching intensity;
  • little noise;
  • it takes a little longer to charge;
  • no storage cover.

Customer’s Review

I like this vibrator because there are no unnecessary functions in it, everything is straightforward, and the most important thing is that it is pleasant. It is quite pleasant to the touch, soft silicone is made soundly, and there are no extra odors. It vibrates slowly, so you can increase the pace as you get excited.

And of course, its size is not large, which is quite enough to relax. For beginners, it is suitable for getting acquainted with vibrating sex toys.

5. STRONIC REAL by Fun Factory

STRONIC REAL is a super realistic new generation sex pulsator made according to the patented German Fun Factory technology.

It gives orgasms immediately during the first time use! Even if before meeting with it you had problems with reaching the peaks of pleasure.


  • Dildo Weight: 10.83 oz;
  • Country of origin: Germany.


  • realistic head with a careful drawing of the foreskin, elastic, smooth, fits perfectly into the G-spot;
  • 6 levels of intensity and several modes of vibration (48 options for combinations of work). This pulsator will surprise both the novice and the advanced lady;
  • powerful shocks without noise;
  • 100% waterproof – can be used in the water environment;
  • comfortable grip and only three control buttons. An elementary intuitive setting mode.


  • unpleasant smell, but at the beginning;
  • weak vibration, apparently due to size and shape;
  • no storage case included;
  • can be heavy for beginners;
  • quite noisy.

Customer’s Review

I have seen many vibrators in my lifetime, as I can tell you that this one is just brilliant! Form, modes, design. I like it! It seems to be nothing innovative, but it combines all the best from other models of vibrators and vibrating dildos. It looks laconic and not vulgar.

The surface is made of good soft material. It feels very comfortable inside, there are many modes. I’m delighted!))

The Best Vibrating Dildos: The Criteria Of Choice

The best vibrators and dildos can include the following functions: pulsation, vibration, rotation, translational motion.

These vibrating toys are distinguished depending on the size and shape.

After taking into account all the recommendations, you can confidently determine the optimal toys and dildos with the vibrator option.

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