5 Anal Plugs of 2023 to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level!

With its conical shape, the anal plug easily penetrates the body.

It can be used in a variety of ways, whether in pairs or during masturbation, and men are the first to appreciate this accessory that can give prostate orgasms [1].

Have tested several of them. Here is my feedback.

Begin gently anal penetrationIncrease sensations ten times during your masturbations by distributing the pleasure to other areas of your body Have a discreet and cheap sextoy that fits discreetly on your bedside table

My Choice #1: The Aneros Vibrating Anal Plug

This black silicone prostate massager is manufactured by the Aneros brand and its size is in line with standards.

An anal plug n does not need a be large to take effect, especially when worn for long periods of time.

The measurements of this one are 9.8 cm at the level of the lower part which does not go into your buttocks, 3.2 cm wide for the penetrating part and 12.5 cm long.

You can see that its shape is quite original. C is a good idea because depending on the movements you make, it allows you to feel shivers of pleasure.

C is a huge plus for such a young male’s thing as it has the advantage of being convenient at the expense of all other parameters.

Its grip is solid and do not need any efforts to move with it or introduce it in less ergonomic sex toys.

The plug quality is satisfactory and maintaining it relatively fast.

It has at its disposal a vibration feature.

C is quite rare to find a good vibrating plug and this vibrator is removable and it is therefore possible to remove it.

For a beginner, vibrations help to achieve the desired level of performance.

The day you discover it, you immediately understand why we call the prostate, the male G-spot.

Selection of the best anal plugs for men

In case my first option is not convincing, I will give you a list of the greatest anal plugs sold on Amazon (the highest site for a private package and a bearable purchase) to choose from.

We also at times buy sextoys on Dorcel Store, where products are quality and shipping is fast again with no clue about what is contained in those packages; here are some selections of anal plugs found on their website.

How to use the sextoy plug anal?

Big plug, mini plug, inflatable plug, anal plug, glass plug, vibrating plug.

The choice is vast… Choose yours according to the masturbations or couple uses that attract you ideas?

Here are some of them from my experiences:

  • Classic solo pleasure method: He’s giving me took me a long time to convince me to try the anal plug and more, to be sufficiently up to date. comfortable to allow me to to have a prostate orgasm. Since then, it’s been is the one of the sextoys for men that I most often take out to masturbate. It is possible to insert the plug, leave it in place and enjoy the sex!

  • Method worn alone: Flora likes to wear a vibrating egg or Geisha balls a few times a month when she comes out. particularly excites to feel that she defies prohibitions and breaks a taboo. J Take a small anal plug that holds well in place and go out with it, you will feel unique sensations when sitting, lowering or even during ordinary movements.

  • Ways to prepare for sodomy: I would not, however, do it In contrast, I sometimes practice anal penetration Flora may use a dildo or strap bucket in that case an anal plug can be of help as it is small and its shape can be easily taken by the little hole between the haunches; this process is painless but clears the path for a bigger sex toy.

  • Method increased to two: During foreplay, insert the men’s anal plug into your anus and leave it that way, everything you do later during your sex is likely to trigger delicious moments on the plug side!

Why choose an anal plug for men?

The anal plug is a taboo that you must absolutely make fall if you dream of it but you do not want to use it (so well, a simple vibro toy can make you happy, too: [2]).

Don’t you dare cross the line.

Although I have done some before, I do not regret it and it does not He did not become a sodomite who forsakes his wife to pursue clandestine homosexual relations (note: this phrase is about adultery but it does not criticize homosexuality!).

Follow my advice and choose the anal plug will allow you to:

  • Discover the joys of the prostate orgasm.

  • Increase the sensations tenfold during your masturbations by distributing the pleasure to d other areas of your body.
  • Gently start anal penetration.

  • Get a sex toy that does not hurt and can easily be inserted into your anus.


  • Man, you could own a sex toy which women and children can use.

  • Spice up your outputs when you wear a plug.
  • Have a discreet, inexpensive sextoy that fits discreetly into your bedside table.

1. Sex toy use by gay and bisexual men in the United States

2. Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use by men in the United States


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