5 Must-Have Anal Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Bedroom Fun! – 2023

The one who does not doesn’t like anal pleasure… doesn’t.

So Julien hesitated for a long time before taking the plunge (and d appreciate), I have quite a long experience in the field.

J was able to test different sextoys for the They are put on this page in my order of preference. You understood the process!

Begin gently anal penetrationIncrease sensations ten times during your masturbations by distributing the pleasure to other areas of your body Have a discreet and cheap sextoy that fits discreetly on your bedside table

1. Best anal glass dildo: hot or fresh, intense

This anal dildo measures 22 cm, a particularly long and practical size, because you don’t have to worry about it.

Don’t put all the sextoy in your ass and the rest of the sextoy in your ass, be careful (especially if you’re a woman), but don’t be afraid [1]. Your penetrations, or those made by your partner, are fluid.

Its diameter is 3.3 cm. C is a dimension that allows you to feel each penetration, I often start by putting a little saliva (the lubricant also makes the I don’t want to go through with a finger before going to the dildo. All you have to do is find the right position and that’s it. is far from the be a dildo xxl.

The main advantage of this glass dildo is its ability to heat or cool, simply by dipping it in water. Try it and you won’t regret it. sodomy is very different when you feel a heat wave invade you or the cold of the glass make you shiver.

Perfect for either solo or partner play! Also, you will definitely love the marked glans you can feel when they are just being inserted in your butt when it is still not too large.

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2. Best anal plug: shapes and vibrations for a prostate orgasm

Here is the best anal sextoy according to Julien!

This anal plug is made by Aneros, a brand known for the quality of its intimate toys.

Advantage of this prostate massager is its ergonomics.

This is the case. expresses d Since a plug is intended to stay in your anus for a certain time, it is important to find a shape that perfectly matches the hole in your anus. Better, the different shapes are a pure delight if you move back and forth. start a wave of pleasure.

L With its small handle, this plug s catches easily and you don’t have to have never had the impression that the plug will be released by itself or s insert too deeply. C is exactly the size that it is necessary to.

We’ve tried this sextoy on many occasions, imagine, you decide to spice up your daily life by wearing it at the office or during a romantic meal… It would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

I also put it on during sex. With Julien’s sex in my vagina, it makes me.

However, Julien likes to have one in the room. anus when he makes me the His back strokes naturally cause a contraction of the buttocks and he loves the effects that he feels then. D Besides, he often comes faster when he has the plug between his buttocks.

The plug has a a vibration mode in case a traditional plug is not enough for you.

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3. Best vibrating prostate stimulator

Reach the Prostate orgasm (orgasm from the famous point P) to the Sold on Dorcel, it breathes quality, the materials used are solid and soft, and the functionalities are also present.

In fact, it matches the outline of men exactly. one man is sodomizing his partner while the other one caresses behind the anus and in front of the penis

This highly erotic region has a tremendous impact on Julien.

But on me, I can also tell you that it feels very good even if I prefer a simple dildo.

The prostatic stimulator makes little noise despite its two motors, which are efficient and offer vibrations that perfectly raise the temperature to at the In total, 10 vibration modes are adjustable, we often start around the 4th or 5th and end at the last one.

The stimulator has an autonomy of just over an hour, so it is more than enough even if you make the foreplay last, it is also waterproof and if you dream of a sodomy in the bath, that’s what is quite possible.

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4. Best anal vibrator: vibrate with anal pleasure

Like the dildo, the vibrator can also be used to massage insert into a vagina than into an anus.

I find the shape of this vibrator perfectly adapted for anal penetration. It’s curved, but it doesn’t bother me at all. A slightly finer aspect in the middle is ideal to feel each penetration as well as the marked glans is also a delight.

The price of this anal vibrator is n is not to displease you, especially since It has several nice features. 7 modes of vibration transport you to the levels of The particularly soft material is particularly soft. Silicone is also waterproof and can heat up.

If you are a woman, the vibrator is a good idea because you can also use it. Use for your vagina (make sure to clean it thoroughly before switching from the For a man, Julien really advises to choose the prostatic stimulator instead, it offers more variations.

The only downside is that the autonomy of a vibrator is quite low (about 90 minutes), but do you really need more for anal caresses?

For your information, it measures 14 centimeters, plus the metal tip by which you hold it, if you prefer a small model, take a look at my recommendations for mini vibrators.

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5. Best belt dildo: sodomize your partner!

This low waist harness fits well on women’s hips, it does not fall despite your movements, the straps adjust quickly and have a lot of weight, which means that whether you are thin or with shapes, you can use it thread.

I am going to. The dildo is large, measuring almost 18 centimeters long in size, but do not push it all into the anus of your partner, and if you have to, get another compatible toy. It is a good idea to choose dildos of different sizes depending on the type of intercourse you are having.

The black dildo and the gold metals on the anal sextoy make it a particularly elegant object.

Everything is going according to plan! Don’t be nervous, boys [2]!

It is delivered in its elegant black box and its discreet storage ensures you all the information you need. privacy that the we’re looking for with this type of sextoys.

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1. A Clinical Reference Guide on Sexual Devices for Obstetrician-Gynecologists

2. Sex toy use by gay and bisexual men in the United States


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