Unlock Unparalleled Pleasure with These 4 Incredible Fleshlight Butt Alternatives! Discover the Best Toys of 2023 to Take Your Sensual Experiences to the Next Level!

Do you want to try something from the Fleshlight range but don’t know where to start?

Getting confused in a variety of models is really not difficult, because there are a lot of them!

Let’s first figure out which experience appeals to you the most: butt, pussy, or mouth. Fleshlight offers several options for each of these holes, and the variety of internal textures is even greater.

In this article, we have collected five small reviews on the most popular male toys of the Fleshlight brandEach of these Fleshlight deserves to take its place in your collection A discreet case will be at the same time, an excellent assistant for the use and storage of sex toys

1. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Masturbator

Do you like a blowjob? We don’t know a single guy who doesn’t love them.

If you agree with this statement, you will like the male toy developed by the Fleshlight brand.

  • A water-based lubricant combines with soft, resilient material mimicking the touch of human mucous membrane. 
  • Fleshlight’s patented material is hypoallergenic completely. It can be easily cleaned from lubricant residues and dries quickly enough.
  • You can control the suction power by turning the back cover of the Fleshlight.
  • Our research team has not found faults with this Fleshlight.

Sleeve inner texture

The channel starts with a narrow entrance; then, you get into the alternation of short full cameras and tight rings.

The channel gradually narrows, and the chambers and circles become ribbed and bumpy. The further you push your penis, the stronger the texture stimulates you.

The third chamber is like a chessboard. You will be teased by identical tubercles located one after the other from above and below.

The fourth camera greets you with wide diagonal edges. The fifth camera is the narrowest and is dotted with small diagonal ledges that will stroke you gently, but persistently.

Customer Feedback

I already used the Fleshlight toy before, but it was the sleeve of the Classic Pink Lady. I doubted what to order, a Turbo hub, or some texture with a butt input. But I chose a more compact option, as I often travel. The full-size Fleshlight is too big to take on the go. This sleeve pleasantly surprised me! Inside, it is very gentle, but it stimulates perfectly!

I can last from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of movements and my mood. The channel is a bit short, but I knew it would be like that. You need to wash the toy thoroughly; I was ready for this. Any ribbed texture requires the most thorough hygienic treatment.

2. Lena The Plug

The Girls series is one of the most sought after among other Fleshlight collections.

Each texture gives not only physical pleasure but also an emotional attachment to an inspiring actress.

LENA texture design was developed by a talented girl who knows a lot about joys!

General Product Description

The exterior design is a replica of the charms of the hot American adult movie star Lena. The color of the material also correctly copies the skin tone of the actress.

Sleeve Texture

Immediately after entering, you find yourself in a long and reasonably broad, but very strongly textured channel. It gradually narrows, giving you an increasingly exciting feeling.

The second chamber is a dense ribbed ring, the elements of which are located longitudinally.

You find yourself in another small chamber just after it. This one has many small rounded tubercles arranged in a checkerboard pattern. And the fourth is another dense and ribbed ring, with ribs running longitudinally. The fifth camera will meet you with smooth transverse ridges throughout the channel.

  • The branded cover allows you to control your movements during the game process better, as well as discretely store a sex toy.
  • Fleshlight’s super realistic exterior design will further excite your senses.
  • All Fleshlight sleeves are compatible only with water-based lubricants.

User review

This male toy is already my third Fleshlight. The texture is super stimulating and unusual, especially at the beginning. For me, the last camera seems a little monotonous.

I get the most vivid sensations when I go through two tight ribbed rings! It is impossible to describe, so I feel new emotions. Of course, the sleeve has to be cleaned for a long time after each fun, but it’s worth it!

3. Riley Reid

The next Fleshlight is another hot chick. Meet the sexy girl next door!

Detailed Product Description

Externally, this Fleshlight is a copy of the labia porn diva Riley Reid. The male toy is also identical to the skin tone of a popular girl.

Many reviews say that both Fleshlight from this series is fabulously good. The actress released two textures: pussy and butt. At the same time, a sleeve imitating a vagina has become more popular among buyers.

Sleeve Texture

The beginning of the channel consists of several narrow rings, the diameter of which is gradually increasing. Then you abruptly stumble upon a very dense ring.

The second camera is wider than the first. But in it, you are met by oblong elongated processes directed directly at you.

Squeezing through this camera, you have to overcome another very dense ring. The next chamber has spirally located ribs, and small tubercles lie between them.

  • This sleeve guarantees the best suction due to the diagonal twist texture.
  • The exterior design of the entrance is 100% realistic.
  • Water-based lubricants are the only ones that can be used with Fleshlight. 
  • Guys with sensitive skin may find its texture too rough.

Owner review

This is my favorite Fleshlight sleeve! Some of my friends said he was too stimulating.

That’s why I love him! If you want to be more resilient, train with Riley.

4. Classic Pink Butt

Our rating completes one of the first Fleshlight sex toys available on the market.

Product Description

The overall look of this Fleshlight is the epitome of classics. The butt hole, in combination with a delicate pink shade of material, will delight everyone who loves high-quality male toys.

  • The exterior design is very realistic.
  • Soft material retains elasticity for a long time.
  • The smooth channel is easy to wash after use.
  • This might sound boring to experienced experimenters but sometimes smooth texture is perceived as dull. 
  • Fleshlight is designed for use with water based lubricants only. 
  • Pink might not seem very realistic.

Buyer Feedback

The texture may not be exciting internally, but it is pleasant to the touch. It has a narrow entrance, and also a tight sleeve throughout its length.

I am happy that you will require no long-term cleaning after using this toy.


Have you already decided which Fleshlight from our list you want to try first?

All these sex toys have been thoroughly tested by active experimenters and approved by our customers!


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