5 Mind-Blowing Dick Sucking Robots of 2023 That Will Leave You Speechless! Get Ready to Experience Unparalleled Pleasure with These Incredible Machines!

Do you want to get a bright orgasm, but do not want to strain your hands? We understand you!

Therefore, our team has prepared for you a rating of the best dick sucking robot models!

Have you heard about sucking robot before? This thing is a fantastic sex toy, as it combines the best sleeve textures and the power of electric motors. You won’t get such feelings anymore. After you try any dick sucking robot from our list, you will no longer return to the frequent masturbation.

#Top Dick Sucking RobotBenefits
Autoblow A.I.

  • Several options for speeds and lengths of stroking movements create the effect of diversity
  • A sex toy can be connected to virtual reality glasses
  • Three interchangeable sleeves of different sizes will satisfy all the guys
Lelo F1s

  • The software will be updated for free
  • The wave-like internal texture adds pungency to the senses
  • A transparent insert on the case allows you to observe what is happening personally
Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Vantage Pack

  • The maximum speed is 250 shocks per minute
  • The device can work for an hour from one full charge
  • The user easily controls the settings using touch panels
Lovense Max 2

  • You have easy access to the control panel
  • The suction power is natural to increase or weaken as you wish
  • Channel size is perfect for 95% of guys
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • Sexual technology rush to the aid of your hands
  • An active game session can last up to 1 hour
  • The maximum speed is 140 shocks per minute
Sex toys should be safe in the first placeThen you can choose among the functional features In our rating, you see the most high-class models that work perfectly and are safe

1. Autoblow A.I.

This magic gadget is programmed to do blowjob using real tricks.

Scroll down to preview the action.

  • Users can adjust not only the speed but also which zone their cock pocket robot should stimulate more actively.
  • It is enough to apply a brand-name renewing powder to maintain the original feeling after washing.
  • Our user control group did not find any flaws in this dick sucking robot.

User review

I have already tested the previous model of this sex toy. The old one was good too, but the improved blow-job machine is absolutely fantastic! The design is a bit bulky though it is compensated by such an engine power that I forgot about everything in the world!

I would also ask manufacturers to add to the kit sleeves various internal textures to choose from.

Then this dick-sucking robot will be number one in the world!

2. F1s developer’s Kit RED

Love everything high-tech? What about trying to entrust your pleasure to a sex robot? Don’t be afraid to stick your cock in this fantastic hole.

The development team checked all the smallest details before launching into space.

All you need to provide in advance is an excellent water-based lubricant and a high-quality porn film.

  • The form of standard vibrations and sound waves are two types of massage that complement each other resulting into an amazing experience.


  • It is also possible to receive pleasure from two small but powerful motors. In addition to this, no one from your neighbors will ever know about your personal life and hobby.
  • The device works for 2 hours without recharging. You do not need batteries, as the case must be charged from a conventional electrical network.
  • We understand that this pocket robot costs a lot, but its capabilities significantly exceed the price.

Buyer Feedback

I doubted the price for a long time, but guys, it’s worth it. Internal sensors let you focus on stimulation where I want. Controlling speed and stroke length is very easy.

A transparent window on the case adds visualization. My girlfriend especially likes it. I have not seen such a design from other brands.


Do you like a blowjob? What about extra help?

This kit can be used alone or as an adjunct to oral caresses.

  • The sex robot automatically maintains the speed and length of the reciprocating movements.
  • The design allows you to connect two mini-bushings using a specially branded gadget to lengthen the channel.
  • A transparent sleeve and body allow you to observe the massage of your cock.
  • The sleeves are short. They work better when you suck them.


  • The sleeve has two open ends so that you won’t get the feeling of full cock head stimulation.

Owner review

It is not a pocket toy, but if you have time to relax at home, then you will be delighted.

We often have fun with my girlfriend and this sucking toy. Be careful; your partner may start to be jealous!

4. MAX2

The next model in the ranking is a revolutionary pocket masturbator that can do everything and more.

You can connect this device to a smartphone, adjust the pressure and speed. And the inner texture of the sleeve is no different in softness from real skin.

  • All around and along the length of your penis, the toy squeezes it.


  • The toy can be controlled by a smartphone or synchronized with another similar robot (or model from the same series).


  • Spray resistant housing.
  • You have access to 3 degrees of stimulation intensity and several different impulses.
  • This sex toy is not at an affordable price.
  • The internal texture may seem a little monotonous.
  • The sleeve is compatible only with water-based lubricants.

User review

The feel of this toy is like launching a space rocket! Not a single person, and you can deliver as much pleasure as this electronic masturbator can.

A wide variety of settings and functions also justifies the high cost.

5. Onyx2 by Kiiro

Try this model to compare who can bring you more passion: your partner or robot?

  • 10 shrinking rings stimulate your penis along its entire length with maximum intensity.
  • The toy can be synchronized with virtual reality glasses.
  • After the battery is completely discharged for 4-6 hours, it must be infected.


  • The price of the toy is higher than average of the market.


  • Before use you will have to read carefully the instructions as management can be a bit complicated for the first time.
  • Suitable bushings are only compatible with water-based lubricants.

User review

This toy has been charging for ages after I received it. But the long wait was worth it.

I have never experienced such bright orgasms before!


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