Small Sex Dolls: Top 5 Mini Love for Men – Women Torso

A properly chosen small sex doll will be the best investment in your sex life. You’ll love the wonders she makes to you and how she trains your sex skills and endurance. They are made of TPE destined to fulfill love and sex fantasies.

Choosing a mini sex doll is hard. A TPE sex doll is not cheap, so take your time to make the right choice.

Consider the material: a sex doll of your choice will be made of silicone, TPE, CyberSkin, or latexThe size and weight of a sex doll are also crucial A mini sex doll can be a nice option to save money. It’s not as heavy as a copy of a woman’s body

Choosing a Mini Sex Doll TOP 5 Options to Buy in 2021

1. Dominique Sex Doll Review

Basic Sex Doll Features

  • Skin tones: white, fair, medium, tanned, coco, and black;
  • A variety of hairstyles: 16 color and hairstyle options to try;
  • Additional eye colors: green, brown, blue, grey;

  • Nails and toes’ colors;
  • A possibility to select breasts for the se doll: solid (natural feel), hollow (air inside), and gel (implanted feel);
  • Nipple color of the sex doll: 3cm, 5cm, or 7 cm nipples can be skin color, light brown, pink, or dark brown;
  • There are two vagina types: fixed or removable;

  • An enhanced mouth option can provide close-to-real oral sex;
  • The sex doll feet can be either standard or for standing sex (which means that they are reinforced with metal for a more stable standing position);
  • There’s a shoulder add-on option – moveable shoulders reinforced with metal;
  • An insertable penis add-on option: a 6 or 7.5 inches’ fake penis;
  • An additional hook for convenient vertical storage in the closet;
  • An optional special case that can be used for secure and discreet journeys by air.

Dominique Sex Doll: Measurements & Other Specifications

  • Legs – 32.7 in;
  • Arms – 23.6 in;
  • Shoulder width – 13 in;
  • Weight – 63 lbs;
  • The vaginal, anal, and oral depth are 7.1, 6.3, and 4.7 inches accordingly.

Dominique Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • Full customization from head to toes;
  • Compact size;
  • Natural TPE skin and ultra-realistic design;
  • It’s a lightweight love doll;
  • Metal skeleton construction.


  • It’s one of the priciest sex doll options, but it’s worth every penny paid.

2. Lily Sex Doll Review

Basic Sex Doll Features

  • A choice of skin tones: white, fair, pink, natural, light tan, tan, brown, and black;
  • Four hairstyles available for your sex doll: blonde, brown, red, and black;
  • Three eye colors available: blue, green, and brown;
  • Three breast options: standard, hollow, and gel;
  • The vagina can be either built-in or removable;
  • Optional pubic hair;
  • Optional reinforced standing feet;

  • Hard storage case (if needed);
  • Suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Lily Mini Sex Doll: Measurements & Other Specifications

  • Hips – 31.5 in;
  • Vagina – 6.7 in;
  • Anus – 6.7 in;
  • Mouth – 5.1 in.

Lily Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • This TPE mini sex doll is less customizable comparing to the previous product;
  • There’s a reinforced skeleton made of steel with joints that can be moved;
  • Discreet sex doll packaging promised by the seller.


  • The quality of the hairs would be better;
  • The vaginal lips of Lily sex doll could be bigger.

3. Lana Sex Doll Review

Basic Sex Doll Features

  • Asian sex doll is the most popular in the market of sex toys;
  • Lana sex doll does not have a tongue, but the lips are realistic for a close-to-life oral sex experience;
  • Minimum assembly is required for this sex doll, but it’s intuitive.

Lana Mini Sex Doll: Measurements & Other Specifications

  • Hips – 29 in;
  • Bra size – 26D;
  • Shoe size – 3;
  • Vagina – 6.7 in;
  • Anus – 6.7 in;
  • Mouth – 5.1 in;
  • The mouth is shaped for life-like oral sex, but there’s no tongue.

Lana Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • Customization options;
  • Lana mini sex doll is small and almost weightless;
  • It’s easy to store;
  • The head turns 180 degrees;
  • The fake skin of this mini sex doll feels very realistic;
  • The customer service is prompt and helpful;
  • The three orifices coming in the package with Lana mini Sex Doll are deep enough for the majority of men.


  • Lana mini sex doll has no tongue;
  • There’s no rib cage;
  • The quality of the wig is not the best one;
  • This mini sex doll is not comfortable to use for men over 6″ for standing sex, and the standing feet option does not help that much.

4. Sex Doll Torso with Arms Review

Basic Sex Doll Features

  • Sex Doll Torso with Arms is suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex;
  • Regardless of TPE, the openings feel true-to-life;
  • The body of this mini sex doll is very symmetrical;
  • The material of Sex Doll Torso is durable and resistant to almost any damage;
  • The seller offers discreet shipping in an unmarked package;
  • The TPE mini sex doll comes with storage hooks and underwear;

  • There’s an additional heating option;
  • It’s a full-life sex doll experience without having to pay too much.

Sex Doll Torso with Arms: Measurements & Other Specifications

  • Made of realistic TPE;
  • The sex doll torso is of a natural size woman because it does not have legs.

Sex Doll Torso with Arms Pros & Cons


  • The sex doll more realistic and appealing than in the pictures;
  • This Sex Doll Torso with Arms Nice, jiggling breasts and butt;
  • The sex doll is a flawless purchase for the price;
  • Customer service is flawless.


  • Restricted sex doll customization;
  • Absence of legs, which is normal for a Sex Doll Torso.

5. Platinum Silicone Sex Doll Torso Review

Basic Sex Doll Features

  • The reinforced skeleton of this mini sex doll is made of lightweight steel;
  • The joints are movable for life-like sex experience;
  • Platinum Silicone Sex Doll is suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex;
  • You can customize your sex doll, starting from facial features, finishing with the pubic hair;
  • You can replace the existing parts of the sex doll to change the appearance or renew some of its parts.

Platinum Silicone Sex Doll Torso: Measurements & Other Specifications

  • Waist – 22.05 in;
  • Hips – 35.43 in.

Platinum Sex Doll Torso Pros & Cons


  • The small silicone sex doll is compact and effortless for maintenance and storage;
  • This mini silicone sex doll is beautifully sculptured;
  • Sex doll customization is available.


  • Some customers say the customization options are not enough for this mini sex doll.

What Is a Small Love Doll?

A sex doll or a love doll is a male masturbation tool. Purchasing a sex doll is like buying a car. You have to consider all benefits and drawbacks before you get your best sex toy ever.

Every sex doll has peculiar functionality.

  • Do you want your sex doll to have a reinforced skeleton with movable joints?
  • Do you want a sex doll to have a full body or a torso with hands will be enough?
  • Do you want to have an interchangeable vagina option for your sex doll?

  • Are you interested in the sex doll’s appearance customization?
  • Do you need a heating system for your sex doll?
  • Does your mini sex doll need additional tools for convenient storage (hooks or cases)?
  • Do you need an additional insertable fake penis for your sex doll?

Choosing the best small sex doll, you’ll love depends on these questions.

Why Do Men Love Having Sex with a Doll?

A regular sex doll or a small sex doll can help their owners have entire control over making love. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to have it rough or learn to caress your sex doll or make love like a gentleman.

A high-end quality sex doll will impress you. Making love to a sex doll is close to making love to a real woman thanks to the anatomical design of the manufacturer.

We hope our review will help you to pick out the best small sex doll model for your pleasure.

Choosing the Best Mini Sex Doll, Review: Bottom Line

Sex is a form of art, and there’s nothing wrong with buying a small sex doll to train your endurance and skills.

A sex doll is one of the best male toys ever designed. Your choice should start with the following:

  • Pick out the right sex doll: realistic, full-size, life-looking sex doll; a tiny and lightweight small sex doll; a sex doll torso if standing sex is not important to you.
  • If you’re a newbie, we do not recommend you buying a full-size sex doll. A mini sex doll under 66 pounds will be a flawless option for a start.
  • A mini sex doll is perfect for discreet storage.

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