5 Ways to Fake a Pussy and Get Away with It: A Hook for the Desperate and Daring – 2024

There’s nothing wrong with a male desire to boost up the orgasms and add something artificially satisfying into the regular jack-off routine. A fake pussy can be an excellent semi-realistic option for anyone who:

  • Has no intention to invest in a woman’s pussy and start a relationship;
  • Has an incredible libido that is hard to control;
  • Wants to boost up the orgasmic vibes;
  • Needs to have some practice because of health and surgery;
  • Seeks for improvement of sexual performance between the bedsheets with a woman.

An artificial vagina or fake pussy can deliver you a bunch of close-to-realistic sensations. It’s high time to have a look at the best options available in the market.

The inner sleeve is removable – there’s nothing hard in cleaning after every useThe sleeve can sustain the temperature of your body The casing and the overall design of the tool are very convenient

1. Autoblow A.I.

General Description

It’s one of the best pieces of art ever created by horny men for horny men. Its design is far from realism, but the sensations it delivers are very close to the regular blowjob.

This automatic machine will stroke the shaft of your cock to the full possible extent.

There’s a wide range of blowjob options for the most satisfying experience:

  • Full stroke;
  • Intense or fast edging;
  • Teasing;
  • Top or bottom stroke;
  • Top and bottom stroke combined;
  • Two types of masterstroke unique options;
  • Whole A.I. automated blowjob experience.

This is not a fake pussy, because it is destined to imitate a regular blowjob. You won’t need batteries, and the controls are positioned so that you could use the device intuitively.


  • The above device does not have a battery that one can recharge or change;


  • Each of these sleeves is made with silicone of the highest quality;


  • It is easy to maintain – wash it using warm soapy water and apply a little talcum powder or special sex toy renewal powder, this preserves its surface from damage;
  • 10-speed options are available for ten types of a blowjob;

  • The motor itself is destined to last a lifetime – it’s full metal;
  • I. was created with the use of artificial intelligence, which promotes incredible and deeply satisfying automatic blowjob experience;
  • This exact model is quieter than its predecessors and several times more powerful.

Customers’ Opinion



  • It feels realistic and performs its function correctly.
  • Effortless maintenance is among the most popular advantages.
  • This is a renewed model that is entirely functional and satisfying for most of the customers.
  • The cord, instead of the regular batteries, has a significant advantage – you don’t have to switch to hand job when the device recharges.
  • There is a need for you to get used to it because this toy is quite big. On the other hand, you can always place it between your couch cushions or on top of the desk.


  • Some customers find the general design scary.

2. Riley Reid Quickshot Launch Package

General Description

Do you know anything about Riley Reid? It’s one of the most renowned porn actresses originating from the United States.

She’s been through the adult industry for more than ten years and made numerous men crave for her skills, as well as for her vagina.

FLESHLIGHT has something to make you feel surprised and at least partially satisfied.

Riley Reid Quickshot is one of the most-wanted premium FLESHLIGHT masturbators imitating Riley’s butt or vagina (depending on the customer’s choice of the sleeve). If you’re a newcomer to the world of FLESHLIGHT products, you should know that their toys look like regular flashlights with sleeves imitating realistic and non-realistic pussies, anal holes, and mouths.

The inner insertable and interchangeable sleeves are made of the unique patented material destined to last a lifetime if you don’t forget about regular maintenance.

Both couples and singles all over the world trust the manufacturer.


  • Original water-based lubricant from the manufacturer is included in the package;
  • You’ll also get a compact case with the BUTT and LADY orifices;
  • The sleeves are made with the use of the patented SuperSkin material developed by FLESHLIGHT pros;
  • The case has a cap for convenient and discreet storage of the fake pussy;
  • The pussy orifice is molded from the porn actress, and the inner texture will make you cum in seconds of it’s your first FLESHLIGHT product experience;
  • Popular as a sex stamina training tool because of its intensity.

Invest in a shower mount and a sleeve warmer to please yourself in the most realistic ways possible and wherever you might want with this fake pussy.

Customers’ Opinion



  • A lot of customers’ reviews on Amazon have noted “Better this than a wife with kids” as one of the most common comments;


  • The material of the sleeve feels realistic, according to almost every review made;


  • FLESHLIGHT Launch is anything other than an ordinary masturbation machine – you can sync it with personalized interactive porno videos offered by the maker for that realistic experience;


  • Launch will let you relish interactive virtual reality without wasting your energy in a meaningless relationship you don’t want.
  • Unfortunately, the inner texture with its wild patterns is entirely unrealistic – it will be impressive, but too tight if you opt for long masturbating sessions;
  • The maintenance is not as effortless as you might think – you’ll have to spend about 5-10 minutes to make it clean.
  • The sleeve has to be warmed up in the water or by means of the special device – otherwise, it will be cold to the touch.

3. Lovense Max 2 Masturbator

General Description

It’s one of the most adjustable masturbation tools destined to deliver unique sensations to the users. It’s suitable for the majority of sizes, and it provides impressive stimulation.

In addition to the basic sleeve option of this toy, there’s a possibility of buying a fake vagina option. The manufacturer proudly calls Max 2 one of the most realistic jack-off devices.

What is so special about this fake pussy that the manufacturer is sure it’s one of the best choices in the market? We hope our review will be handy.


  • It connects with your phone so that you could use some of the remote control options;
  • There’s a possibility for a long-distance control so that you could play with your partner;
  • You’ll get a chance to boost up your long-distance sex thanks to the distant synchronization option;
  • There are three fake pussy contraction settings: deep, mild, and subtle;
  • The pussy is fully rechargeable;
  • It’s not waterproof, but splashes of liquid will not hurt it.

Customers’ Opinion



  • The pressure combined with the properly chosen vibration setting will make you cum earlier than you might control it;
  • It’s an ideal way to feel good about oneself and increase the energy levels in one’s body;


  • The control buttons are well positioned and have a better quality than the original versions;


  • Externally, it looks cute and fashionable – take a blank sleeve so that most people who happen to see it do not know what it is.
  • Owners of fat and long boners will be disappointed – nevertheless, stroking with this tool will be pleasing in any case.

4. F1s by LELO

General Description

The fake pussy will help you break the line between pleasure and science.

You’ll be surprised at how the set of enhanced functions can boost up your sexual performance and deliver the incredible pleasure that you’ll crave for more and more.

LELO magical fake pussy has two built-in motors. Combined with a couple of the other revolutionary technologies, this device will give you a chance to experience something mind-blowing and unpredictable. The following review might come in handy.


  • The tool has intuitive and effortless controls and is designed so that you can use it with one hand;
  • The body of the device is made of textured, high-grade aluminum so that you have no trouble gripping it;
  • The design is ergonomic, and the inner materials are safe for your skin;
  • You’ll feel the inner curve, which was crafted with your cock’s physiological shape in mind;
  • The masturbator has a visual dimension window panel – this will make your partner, and you feel even more excited;

  • The tool is compatible for iOS and Android gadgets;


  • As described by customers’ reviews, the tool is water resistant;


  • After fully charging, F1 can be used for up to 2 hours;


  • It is a smart sextech jerk-off device, equipped with ten sensors that can make you hornier or harder depending on your level of horniness.

Customers’ Opinion



  • It’s one of the most popular masturbators in the market nowadays.
  • The design is appealing, and the controls are intuitive. Besides, there’s a convenient mobile application available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.
  • Maintenance is easy. The entire mechanism is water resistant. Just clean it with a special solution or wash it using warm water.


  • It’s one of the best options for people who still feel insecure and awkward about using sex toys!


  • The intellectual system helps to prolong and magnify your orgasms.


  • It does not feel like a DEVICE. Just lube it up and enjoy the show because the feeling is very natural.
  • It’s not the best option for the beginners and for those who have no idea on how to use and automated sex toy. Using regular masturbators will be more beneficial at the beginning.

5. Stoya Destroya Combo

General Description

The combo package offered by FLESHLIGHT includes:

  • The casing stuffed with the sleeve molded from Jessica Stoyadinovich – one of the best and most popular porn actresses;
  • Best maintenance solutions;
  • Water-based lubricant (the renowned Fleshlube Water);
  • Printed instructions about the usage and maintenance of your toy.


  • It’s one of the tightest and most stimulating fake pussies ever released by FLESHLIGHT;
  • The actress’s autograph is very close to reality with the design of her mouth;


  • The materials are completely safe for anyone and vegans;


  • When touched, SuperSkin feels like actual skin;


  • It is not natural at all – the inner part of the sleeve should be snug and extremely stimulating;


  • To improve your sexual performance, use Stoya Destroya as it helps to develop your sexual stamina.


  • Before using it, warm it up with hot water.
  • 9 inches of insertable length.

Customers’ Opinion



  • Stoya is not afraid of water – you can take it to the shower and fix it to the wall by means of a special mount.
  • The pronounced surface of the inside is one of the most enjoyable things for the majority of the customers. It makes you climax faster than you expect, but the stimulation results in incredible orgasms and complete satisfaction.
  • It’s surprising to mention that this FLESHLIGHT product does not have any significant faulty characteristics to mention. Just make sure you keep your device clean, wash it out properly after every use, and don’t forget to use talc or special powder to keep the inner surface of the masturbator safe from the deterioration.

Best Fake Pussy: Bottom Line

Never strive for anything that is called “entirely realistic.”

The only close-to life feeling is provided by the material of the surface. In any case, the aim of a masturbation device is to feel you higher than you’ve ever been.

Each of the tools described above is far from realism. Nevertheless, each of them will deliver strong emotions and incredible satisfaction.


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