5 Incredible Alternatives to Fleshlight of 2023 That Will Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

This year, the variety of sex toys has increased even more.

Guys who want to relax have plenty to choose from.

We wrote a lot about Fleshlight brand products. And we still think their pocket toys are great. But now it’s time to experience something new! Are you ready for this? Then proceed to the review of the best Fleshlight alternative toys in 2021.

You will experience the most realistic sensations that cannot be distinguished from a real sexThe most important advantage of sex toys is that your hands remain free during the game Users can control the intensity of movement, pressure and speed

1. Autoblow AI

Our team is sure to test all the new items among sex toys.

The previous version of this hole was also great, but now manufacturers have further enhanced the alternative vagina.

Pocket pussy brand Fleshlight occupy a considerable share among all sex products, but we strongly recommend trying the new version of Autoblow.


  • The total amplitude of the reciprocating movements involves the whole trunk of your sexual organ, ensuring no single part is left out.


  • Maximum stimulation is focused on the glans that makes for a fast and powerful orgasm.


  • You can choose the area with the most intense impact and change it while using Fleshlight alternative during sex.
  • To use this Fleshlight counterpart, users do not need batteries. The device is connected using a cord to a conventional electrical network.

  • The manufacturer offers three sizes of interchangeable sleeves so that guys of all sizes can find a suitable option for themselves.
  • The bushings are made of super smooth medical silicone and do not differ from Fleshlight in quality and durability.
  • Sleeves are comfortable to rinse and clean. Thanks to the smooth internal texture, they are easier to clean, and they dry much faster than their counterparts from the Fleshlight brand.

  • To make the material feel and look like new, after cleaning it is enough to use branded renewal powder.


  • Our team of active testers could not find a single significant drawback in this model.

Buyer Feedback

I have been a fan of the brand for a year now since I purchased their previous pocket blowjob toy. I am delighted with the new version. The head stimulation is so intense that the first time I lasted only 1 minute!

Now I always start with a tantalizingly slow pace. I also like to speed up and slow down periodically. Enchanting sensations are guaranteed at the end! And this sleeve is much easier to wash than Fleshlight since there are no grooves and grooves inside that hold the lubricant.

2. THRUST Pro Alana Masturbator

Fleshlight standard pocket pussies are not enough for you? We offer you to pay attention to a great alternative to Alana!

This sex toy has two inlets and delightful outdoor design.

You can not only alternate between elastic pussy and tight anal opening but also enjoy a complete imitation of real skin. Rounded shapes will also delight your aesthetic taste!

Take your favourite lubricant for the most natural and smooth penetration.

  • Most women have holes that are about the width of their fingers. The user can see how wide her pussy is and how tight she feels.


  • The doggie style pose is imitated by this toy.


  • This Fleshlight dupe is so heavy it does not require the use of hands; the toy neither slides nor topples during an average speed or force drop.
  • The waterproof design makes it easy to wash holes and allows you to play in the bathtub or shower.
  • The TRE material this Fleshlight alternative is made of is not 100% hypoallergenic. It is suitable for 90% of users, but due to the presence of the smallest pores, this imitation of real skin cleans harder than thick silicone.

User review

I used to use standard Fleshlight pussies. When I wanted more variety, I ordered this toy. She is amazing! The material feels like real skin. This butt is very tender and resilient. She looks as if my girlfriend hadn’t left the gym all day!

The internal channels are very ribbed, so I can not last longer than 5 minutes, so powerful stimulation! The anal entrance can be a little tight for big guys, but if you are average, then this is a perfect size! It’s a bit boring for me to clear these channels after each game, and the toy also dries for a long time. But these are trifles compared to the pleasure you get from playing with Alana.

3. Max2

This high-tech device will be an excellent substitute for Fleshlight if you like smart toys.

We know that everyone loves them since you do not need to work long and monotonously with your hands! So, Max will not leave indifferent any man.

The combination of smart sensors and a nanotechnological inner sleeve, which some users feel even softer than Fleshlight, allows you to immerse yourself in your fantasies completely.

Moreover, a sex toy can be connected to virtual reality goggles or other toys from this series.

  • You can manage patterns through your smartphone, and your partner can do the same from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet.
  • The sleeve has an average inlet length and diameter, which are ideal for 95% of guys.
  • Among the patterns, there are wave movements and amplitudes along with classical pulsations.


  • The case has splash-resistant design, so also will be no problems with cleaning it or washing the sleeve.


  • This sex toy is charging from a regular electrical network, so you do not have to buy batteries regularly.
  • Transparent material does not imitate human skin.
  • The entry hole also does not look realistic.

In the kit you will receive

  • Smart splash-proof housing allows you to change settings using the buttons or the mobile application on your smartphone.
  • The soft and resilient inner sleeve is an excellent analogue to Fleshlight.
  • There is a USB cable to charge the device through your PC.

Buyer Feedback

This sex toy was the first in my collection of smart items. I used to use Fleshlight sleeves, and they do their job just as well. Automated experience is not only hands-free. You feel the control from the mechanism or another person if your partner controls the toy through a smartphone.

I also did not have problems with cleaning the sleeve. I would like manufacturers to add a variety of texture options like Fleshlight did.

4. Doc Johnson Double-Sided Stroker

This small pocket pussy can compete even with the famous Fleshlight. Soft material and bumpy inner texture created to give you pleasure.

Think about how great it will be to relax with this space alternative to realistic toys.

  • The gentle, patented Ultraskin material feels the same as human skin. With a water-based lubricant, you get the perfect balance of smooth glide and friction of the tubercles.
  • Dense non-porous material has an antibacterial effect and does not provoke allergies even on sensitive skin.
  • You can use the sleeve underwater and not be afraid that the material will lose its stimulating properties.
  • Only water-based lubricants can be used with the sleeve.


  • The inner channel is only 5 inches long which means a lot of guys won’t be able to get in it all the way.


  • When the sleeve has two holes, the feeling of tightness and complete penetration isn’t there.

Buyer Feedback

I ordered this item specifically for travel, as the standard Fleshlight is too large. This sleeve is not realistic, but it works great! You do not need a particular case to hold it. The crossbar design prevents the material from slipping out of your hand.

For me, the sleeve is a little short, but for business trips and various trips, there is nothing more convenient. This toy practically does not take place in a suitcase and weighs very little.

5. TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

Last in our ranking, but not in terms of its properties, is a spacing sleeve that looks like a nanotechnological book for fun!

Conventional sleeves and covers for them have only one hole. And this feature is complicated to clean, especially if you like to use a lot of lubricants. Inner tubercles and depressions in the texture trap particles of lubes, and you have to rinse the sleeve for a long time under running water. Then the sleeve will dry for several more hours.

  • Super unusual interior design is not like any of the famous counterparts. Soft protrusions, waves and ribs gently but sensually stimulate you throughout the process.
  • The one-way valve allows you to create a powerful vacuum.
  • The design is waterproof. Do not deny yourself your favourite entertainment in the shower.
  • Water-based lubricants can be used on the sleeve material only.


  • The design of the Fleshlight Pocket Replacement is not realistic externally or internally.


  • The toy’s interior material is plastic rather than silicone, so it is not completely hypoallergenic.
  • The length of the channel is 6 inches, which means that the sleeve can not accommodate some of the big guys.

User review

I doubted for a long time whether I needed this toy since I already have several copies of Fleshlight. But the photos of the internal texture posted on the site convinced me. The channel is quite tight, and the stimulation is fantastic.

It is difficult to resist for over 5 minutes with this. I also love being able to control the suction strength. Sensitive men might not use this feature at all. And if you want intense stimulation, it’s perfect!


So our review of the best Fleshlight alternatives has ended.

We value diversity, so we offer our readers sex toys from a wide price range, as well as with a variety of functions.

If you still have questions, you can ask them to our team! We work so that you can put together your perfect collection of toys for fun!


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