Fleshlight Shower Mount for Man: Hands Free Suction

Fleshlight sex toys are world-famous for their quality and superior design. Fleshlight is an iPhone in the world of sex products.

For each toy, you can pick up many additional gadgets so that the game process gives you as much pleasure as possible and is 100% comfortable.

In today’s article, we want to introduce you to a compact but very useful gadget that will open up a world of new emotions for you. Of course, you might think that nothing can be better than your favorite sleeve. But what if you can improve it a bit? How to do it? For example, let your body choose the right rhythm without your hands. Just turn off your thoughts, relax, and enjoy!

A special screw allows you to adjust the angle of the convenient product easilyThis device can be tailored to suit your individual needs by a guy of any height and build The product can be washed with soap and water or use the brand-name cleaner for sex toys

New experiences in new corners of your home

Have you noticed that even using the same Fleshlight toy in different rooms of the apartment brings different feelings?

This psychological effect can be further enhanced if you do not lead the process with your hands, as you usually do. Add more realism to your game! How to do it?

The Fleshlight brand suggests using unique mounts to mount your favorite sleeve on the wall and imagine your girlfriend or the hottest porn star or someone else.

All you need is a smooth, flat surface. Why not do the experiments in each room in turn? Fleshlight accessory leaves no traces of any of the various types of surfaces. Our customers recommend that beginners first try out all the walls in the shower. It will be an exciting experience.

Detailed Product Description

Fleshlight adaptation has a powerful suction cup, the suction of which is regulated using a unique lever.

You just need to move it and firmly press the gadget to the selected surface. To remove the gadget from a wall or door, you will need to pull the suction cup lever the other way. A reliable and straightforward mechanism works in any situation!

Fleshlight accessory is a universal product since the manufacturer did not use adhesives or something on the surface of the suction cup. Such options are also found on the market among sex toys. But such a product could only be glued in one place. You could not remove it and then reuse it. There is also no guarantee that no spots will remain at the place of its attachment. As you can see, the Fleshlight substrate is the most convenient alternative!

The manufacturer also took care of the super easy cleaning of the accessory. The design is waterproof.

The product can be washed with warm water and a block of antibacterial soap. This is enough to keep the gadget clean and safe for you.

  • Fleshlight accessory mounts to any flat surface.
  • The powerful suction cup will stay in the place where you fastened it even during the hottest game! Some users noted that the Fleshlight product could not be accidentally ripped off even in a fit of powerful passion.
  • Fleshlight mount is a 100% hygienic gadget.
  • Fleshlight accessory adheres perfectly to the surface of any material. You can fix the suction cup on a wooden door, ceramic wall tiles, glass or plastic shower doors, even marble tiles or sanitary ware. The branded device will stick perfectly everywhere!
  • The Fleshlight device fits perfectly with the classic sleeve housings. You can use this gadget with classic sleeves or models of the Girls series.
  • The Turbo series and Quickshot sleeves are not suitable for the Fleshlight mount. They are too small for these mounts.

Quick installation

Fleshlight mount is designed in such a way that you can easily install this product anywhere in your home.

The suction cup is so powerful that you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of your favorite branded sleeves.

To install the gadget, carefully read the instructions, if necessary, look at the action diagram described in the pictures. You will easily find the right lever, which is responsible for creating a vacuum. Just pull this lever and then firmly press the Fleshlight mount to the desired surface. It can be any smooth wall, wooden door, or even a table! You can also adjust the angle of the fixer of the sex toy, so the surface does not have to be vertical!

The angle control is carried out using a special screw. This option allows you to take into account your physiological characteristics and make fun without hands as comfortable as possible!
If you want to move or remove the gadget, you just need to push the lever again, which is responsible for creating a vacuum. Pull the small protruding tip, and the gadget can easily be removed from the wall.

No external factors affect the suction power. The manufacturer knows that branded toys are often used in the shower.

Increased humidity and temperature often negatively affect various suction cups. But the Fleshlight product does not apply to them! Its special design makes using the gadget in the shower 100% convenient and safe. Try it and see for yourself!

The Fleshlight fastener is easy to install thanks to its ultra-simple and robust design. On the case, you will find the inscriptions on the on and off switch. The wing nuts for adjusting the angle of inclination are also easily screwed onto the thread. For their tight clamping, no additional tools are needed.


  • The accessory for adults has dimensions of 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches.
  • The branded gadget weighs just 5.3 ounces.
  • Black elegant color and minimalistic design will perfectly fit into the interior of your bathroom or any room in the house. The absence of sharp corners will not allow you to get hurt in a fit of passionate play. The design also eliminated all kinds of grooves and recesses in which the remains of the lubricant or other liquids could accumulate. Therefore, cleaning the gadget will not take you much time and will not cause difficulties.

What kind of toys is Fleshlight mount compatible with?

You can use this gadget with all the branded sleeves that fit in the standard black brand case. This means that you need to strive for the standard manufacturer size. More miniature versions for travel can’t be reliably fixed inside this gadget.

We understand that most of our customers value diversity very much.

Therefore, so that you do not get bored, we recommend trying this gadget with every star from the well-known Girls series (Stoya, Riley Reid, Lena the Plag).

Any of them is perfect for working with a vacuum suction cup. This game will give you a lot of exciting and enjoyable minutes. Moreover, your hands will be free for other more important things!

User review

I had a little doubt before ordering. I already had several branded premium products, and they all worked well. The fact is that the Fleshlight mount is not a required gadget, but just an additional feature that increases your comfort. But still, I wanted to free my hands, this is a completely different experience, all the guys will understand me!

As I said, I have some great SuperSkin sleeves in various sizes. The accessory is only suitable for the classic black case.

The Turbo series in a transparent argument is too small for this gadget. Remember this when ordering a Fleshlight mount. Naturally, Quickshot also does not work with the accessory too.

I really liked that the brand made this gadget reusable. If you attached it to the wall in the shower, this does not mean that you did it forever. The place to which you apply the suction cup also does not need to be washed later, and it remains clean.

All you have to do is select a flat and dry surface, attach a sleeve retainer to it and slide the suction lever to the side, as shown in the instructions.

Then, with the screw, you can adjust the angle at which you want to fasten your favorite hub in the sex accessory. If you decide to move the Fleshlight accessory to another location, you just need to move the suction lever again and pull it a little at the special tip on the suction cup.

The design of the Fleshlight gadget is absolutely waterproof, so I never have problems cleaning the gadget. The strong suction cup holds well on any smooth surface. I experimented on tiles in the bathroom, glass shower door, wooden interior doors. Fleshlight device has proven to be excellent everywhere!

I am glad that I ordered this addition to pussies, as hands-free sessions feel much different. If you are using branded bushings and are satisfied with them, I recommend that you definitely do some research with the Fleshlight accessory!


Most of our reviews are devoted to a variety of models of sex toys. Among them, the Fleshlight brand often appears, as our customers and our team members appreciated their quality!

To make a quality product work even better, Fleshlight designers have developed special mounts that free users from the heavy and monotonous work. We told you about all the features of the Fleshlight accessory, and we hope that our pleasure guide has been helpful to you. Feel free to ask questions to our team! We wish you a pleasant shopping and even more enjoyable sessions with your favorite toys!


When choosing sex toys and other products for intimate use, first of all, take care of your safety. Materials for the production of intimate products must be absolutely hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. The plastic from which Fleshlight suction cups are made passes the same strict quality certification as to all other brand products.

Also, pay attention to product design. All products that will be operated in a very emotional state should not have sharp corners or other dangerous parts.

Even if the gadget does not have direct contact with the body, it must be smooth and safe. You do not know what emotions await you next time!

External beauty and stylish design are not 100% prerequisite for sex toys. But how can one get physical pleasure separately from the aesthetic? The Fleshlight brand pays particular attention to the external beauty of its products. That is why users know and appreciate Fleshlight toys all over the world.

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