5 Realistic Masturbators of 2024 That Will Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

What masturbators are popular around the world? What is the difference between the most interesting models?

What to look for when buying your first masturbator? Features of these sex toys and recommendations for purchase and use.

Masturbators differ in shape, feel, size, material. What types are there – read in this article. Here we will tell you about the most popular types of sex toys for men and the specifics of their choice and use.

#Top Realistic MasturbatorsBenefits
Autoblow A.I.

  • Artificial intelligence repeats realistic blowjob movements
  • You can select several vibrating speeds to diversify your experience
  • Three sleeve sizes allow this male masturbator to be used by guys with any penis size
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Combo

  • The masturbator has an absolutely realistic appearance
  • The inner relief channel provides more vivid sensations than real sex
  • The length and diameter of the canal is suitable for any penis size
Tenga Zero Flip Hole

  • Many men enjoy seeing their penis during sex
  • In this pussy model, manufacturers have combined a transparent jelly sleeve and transparent inserts on the body
  • Users can control the grip force with their hand
Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Vantage Pack

  • The artificial pussy will automatically move along your penis as fast as you want
  • The kit includes a masturbator, pussy and perfect water-based lubricant
  • The transparent pussy material allows you to see your penis during sex
Lovense Max 2

  • The masturbator provides compression and massage along the entire length of the penis
  • The inner sleeve design realistically mimics the anatomy of the human body
  • A masturbator is a fairly notexpensive sex toy
It is recommended to heat some types of masturbators before use. For example, Fleshlight are perfect for thisThe inner soft part should be immersed in warm water for 5-10 minutes, and only then proceed to use You can also heat the inner part with the help of a special device, creating the desired temperature

1. Autoblow A.I.

The vibrating pattern sex masturbator is the perfect complement to the evening if you just want to sit back and relax.

An automatic blowjob is the most common male fantasy.

  • Artificial vibrating pussy is a good way to add or replace sex with a real partner. 
  • The powerful motor has a long service life and performs its function perfectly. 
  • The cost of this realistic sex masturbator is not repulsive.
  • The motor of a sex toy, while vibrating, makes a lot of noise (although for many this is not a fundamentally important indicator).

User feedback

This male masturbator gives excellent results. My feelings, of course, are different from a blowjob with a real girlfriend. But they are great compared to other fake pussy I have tried. I love that you can only massage the tip of the penis, or you can simulate full immersion.

The website details the sizes of the sleeves that come with this sex masturbator. Due to the exact dimensions, I was not mistaken with the choice of pussy. In addition, I connect a headset to create a virtual fairy tale together with a vibrating masturbator.


This male masturbator is a replica of the outer pussy of a famous hot porn star.

At the same time, the actress for adults developed the inner relief together with a team of designers.

  • You will get the ultimate water-based lubricant from this set and male masturbator. 
  • The branded cover will make it easier for you to hold on to the masturbator, plus it will be much easier to have command over the intensity and pace of your movements.
  • The masturbator requires a long and thorough cleaning.
  • The inner channel of the pussy dries for a long time.

Feedback from a regular user

This pussy was my first masturbator. I am very pleased with the feeling. I feel the channel even tighter than during sex with a real partner. The only thing I don’t like is that the masturbator dries for a long time after washing.

I think my next sex toy will definitely be with vibration. I might even consider buying a masturbator that does an automatic blowjob.

3. TENGA Flip Male Masturbator

The squeeze-control transparent masturbator is one of the best inventions of the male sex industry.

  • The internal design of the masturbator provides guys with a luxurious experience. Many people say they experience orgasms brighter than during real sex.
  • The cost of this male masturbator is higher than the average. 
  • The design of some unrealistic pussy’s does not allow some users to relax. 
  • With the masturbator, you can only use water-based lubricants.

Feedback from a regular customer

This masturbator is certainly not cheap, but it’s worth the money! The inner texture of the pussy is incredible. I have never experienced anything like it. And I had no problem cleaning like other sex toys. The only thing that bothers me is the need to use only water-based lubricants.

I like the silicone options better. But you have to get used to it. The ability to control chamber pressure and suction is something that all male masturbator manufacturers should strive for. I didn’t even need a vibrating function to achieve my most powerful orgasm.


Such a device can be called a full-fledged sex machine.

This masturbator does more than just vibrate.

  • The masturbator is driven by a motor. Now your hands are free for relaxation or more pleasant activities.
  • There is no feeling of being completely filled by the small vagina. 
  • This male masturbator does not feel real. 
  • A sex toy is considered to be among the best in the sexual market.

User Feedback

I use this masturbator in combination with virtual reality glasses. The sensations are very realistic. Moreover, with ordinary sex, it is not always possible to get such a vivid orgasm. The sleeve is of course very short. But it is easy to clean and dry.

The top panel of the masturbator has an adjustable smartphone mount. If you are too lazy to connect virtual reality glasses, you can just play your favorite movie on your smartphone.

5. Max2

This cordless masturbator will free your hands for an unforgettable experience. We are worried that you will stop loving real sex as much as before.

This pussy moves along the entire length of your penis and squeezes it along its entire length. Love tighter or weaker? You can personally control the suction power!

  • You can control your pleasure via your smartphone or entrust it to your partner. Try real cyber sex!
  • You will have to clean the inside of the masturbator very thoroughly.
  • The sex toy is only suitable for medium sized penises.
  • Some users find the feeling to be not very realistic.

Customer feedback

I tried trying this self-pleasure toy because I really wanted to experience new things. I can tell that it is not very similar to the real sex. However, I have amazing climaxes from this! In the mobile app, I pick different settings so that every time it would be something new for me.

I have also tried connecting this masturbator with the Nora sex toy from the same collection. The experience turned out to be interesting. But in all cases, I don’t like washing and drying this sleeve after the party.

Masturbator Sets

It is not always clear for beginners which toy they will like. That is why sets of masturbators are created, where several models are collected that give different sensations.

The difference can be in the relief, in the diameters of the holes. A set is always much cheaper than a few items bought separately.

A set of masturbators is a great gift. Stylish packaging and optional compliance with some parameters is something that can be handed over to a friend, acquaintance, or relative. It can be a serious or a comic surprise that will always come in handy.

How to use masturbators correctly?

After purchasing a masturbator, a thorough treatment of the sex toy is required. Disinfection will allow you to clean the device from everything that could get inside during production or transportation. It is advisable to cleanse with a special cleaner, it will eliminate not only dust, but also bacteria.

Any masturbator should be used with a special lubricant. It will make the glide smooth and all movements enjoyable.

Lubrication will prevent chafing, speed up the time to approach orgasm. But the type of lubricant must be selected based on the material of the sex toy. The water-based lubricant is suitable for all types of masturbators, but it can evaporate and is added in the process. Silicone grease is only used with PVC masturbators, but it is very economical and does not require additives.

The masturbator must be washed after use. Waterproof models are often simply rinsed under running water. Megamasturbators are often sold with a special syringe that allows hygiene procedures. It is ideal to wash the toy immediately after use so that the lubricant and body fluids do not dry out. At the same time, bacteria do not develop in them, they are easily erased from the surface.

If you understand that you will not go to wash the device right away, use it with a condom.

Realistic masturbators are stored in a special powder. It maintains the integrity of the material. If not used, the delicate material can crack, roll or simply lose its properties. If the toy is not used for more than 2 months, the talcum powder will have to be changed.

Keep masturbators away from direct sunlight at best. Almost all materials cannot stand their impact. Try to put your sex toy in an area free of dust or dirt so that you don’t need to wash your masturbator before your next experience.

Remember, male sex toys are individual items. It is not recommended to pass them on to someone.

How Do I Pick a Good Masturbator?

First, decide what sensations you want to experience. What is more interesting for you: oral, vaginal or anal sex. You may decide that you want to alternate sensations. After making a decision, the range of possible options will immediately narrow.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on your first toy. The high price of universal models with the ability to regulate pressure, create vacuum and other sensations is justified. Such a device will really delight with every use.

Vibration and rotation is also a good option. But all this increases the price by at least 30-40%.

If you aren’t sure why you need this or that feature, then purchase a basic model. After using it, you will already know what is really worth adding.

Pay attention to the product material, care features when buying. The simpler it is the better. After all, not after every orgasm do you want to spend many minutes in the bathroom removing the remnants of pleasure. Keep this in mind when buying a masturbator.

Look for a sex toy manufacturer. Reputable companies guarantee good quality and complete safety of their models. Buy from trusted suppliers so you don’t face fakes. And remember that quality sex is important, and you only need to use things that do not threaten your health.

Disposable Masturbators

Disposable masturbators are devices that allow you to get new pleasure every time. Their inner contours can be very different and each one is worth trying.

For the first time such devices were offered by the Japanese company Tenga. They have released masturbators that look like an egg. Inside there is an elastic device for erotic massage, a sachet of lubricant. Throw away the toy immediately after use. It is not intended to be washed. But often people use it not once, but two or three times.

The peculiarity of disposable models is a modest cost, but vivid sensations. Manufacturers are trying to make the application more interesting. And you can even buy a set of disposable masturbators with different interior patterns to give you a different feel every time.

Disposable masturbators are compact, lightweight. They are easy to take on trips. Anything extra is not required. The grease is already included in the kit.

Mega Masturbators

Modern vibrators can work wonders. There are models that combine many functions at once.

For example, Twerking Butt is a sex toy paired with 3D glasses. It is controlled using a smartphone and can recreate sensations that will be much brighter than communicating with a real person.
Twerking Butt can vibrate, massage, heat itself.

The ass is trained to twerking, and these shakes are really exciting. The two holes simulate anal and vaginal sex. And, using special films created specifically for such masturbators, you can suddenly experience everything that happens in the cinema.

Similar models can have many special features. The number of movements is very varied. The sensations are much brighter than when using conventional masturbators. But the price of the device is also different.

Masturbators are copies of porn stars

Porn stars excite great desires in thousands of men. And today masturbators create a cast of the vagina or anus of famous girls.

This is a real opportunity to have sex with a star you’ve only seen on screen before. In this case, the relief of the vagina or anus will exactly correspond to a living person.

Replicas of the genitals of porn stars are created from realistic materials. They are very delicate on the inside and really pleasant to the touch. The depth, relief, features of the entrance are repeated to the smallest detail, and some models are even painted by hand to perfectly repeat the shade of a particular person’s color.

The most famous series of masturbators, created from casts of the bodies of real people:

  • Penthouse Toys.
  • All Star Porn Stars.
  • Fleshlight Girl.


As you understood from our review, there are a lot of options for male sex masturbators.

Manufacturers try to surprise customers by offering to try a new product every year. You should not immediately chase the most expensive and technically equipped models.

If you are starting your collection, start with simple models of sex masturbators. If you have tried a few toys already, pay attention to the vibrating function. When buying a masturbator or pussy, safety should be your main concern. Choose materials and technologies that are of good quality. They can only be guaranteed by well-known brands.


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