5 Prostate Stimulators to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level – 2023

Today’s review of silicone electro stimulators includes anal vibrating and simple prostate stimulators.

Modern sex toys are made of tough, safe silicone. To select your ideal prostate massager, you need to compare several shapes. The prostate is a very sensitive area in all men. Many people mistakenly believe that the prostate massager is a gay-only sex toy. But this is not the case. An additional vibrating or manual massage will make your erection last longer. With the prostate massager, your orgasms will be fantastic! They will be stronger and more lasting. In this review, we’re bringing you five of the most popular prostate stimulators.

Metal toys designed more for entourageRemote controlled toys for playing in crowded places Massagers for playing long distances (control via a mobile application)

1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident

This model was dubbed the Black Male Prostate Wand. This name was first suggested by marketers, but users happily supported this idea.

Effective and ergonomic design ideal for anal penetration. Smooth undulating transitions provide smooth glide. This shape resembles anal beads. But at the same time, this prostate massager provides a much more delicate penetration.

✅ Pros
  • The shape of the prostate massager’s handpiece was constructed to fit only perfect into the most sensitive areas.


  • You can work the vibrator by hand with skinny handles on either side.


  • Balancing anal prostate massager innovation makes it easier to move the toy by using inner muscles.
  • No vibrating and electro stimulation.

Customer feedback

I received this package in an unmarked box, which I was very happy about. The silicone is so soft to the touch that it resembles real human skin. I’ve tried butt plugs before so the size didn’t bother me.

On the contrary, I was delighted with the smooth transitions and such an ergonomic shape. There are no pores or wrinkles on the surface, so the prostate massager is easy to clean with a special antibacterial spray.

2. Vector by We-Vibe

This prostate massager has a patented shape. Everything about this sex toy model is great! Both handpieces are equipped with vibrating functions.

You get an unearthly pleasure thanks to the simultaneous prostate and perineum massage. The shape of the massager takes into account the anatomical features of the male body.

You can count on a delicate effect on the scrotum and prostate. Super soft silicone and smooth curves provide gentle penetration.

✅ Pros
  • Dense medical grade silicone has no pores, so bacteria do not accumulate on it. Also, the silicone massager is suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • There is no need to use batteries as the prostate massager is powered from the mains.
  • This prostate massager’s price is higher than average.
  • Its battery takes 90 minutes to charge which allows it to work for 120 minutes.

User feedback

I really like the shape and size of this prostate massager. You can control a sex toy using the buttons on the massager or through a mobile application. In the mobile application, you can combine different sex toys of this brand from the same series.

I love that the massager gives a warning signal that the charge is about to run out. The vibrations remain powerful until the very end of the session.

3. LELO Hugo

This remote controlled prostate massager leads every other review.

Vibrating patterns are among the most powerful and varied in this class of sex toys.

High quality ultra dense silicone does not cause allergies.

  • The prostate massager has a waterproof housing, which ensures that you get to enjoy some nice relaxing time in the bath.


  • Rechargeable electronics are the solution to saving you money on batteries.
  • This prostate massager is quite expensive.
  • You will have to read the instruction manual carefully.
  • The average size may seem large for beginners and small for experienced experimenters.

User feedback

I find this prostate massager perfect. It has two highly vibrating handpieces and a control panel. Your partner can also operate the toy from across the room. And the charge lasts for two hours. I love that you can adjust the power and change patterns in one move.

Also included was a charging cord and a branded storage case. This stimulant was the best gift for me.

4. Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

This luxurious prostate massager looks like a work of art.

Shiny stainless steel combined with a smooth, well-defined shape creates a sophisticated mood.

  • Elegant shape.
  • Luxurious material (hypoallergenic stainless steel).
  • Beautiful gift wrap.
  • No shaking.


  • The cost is higher than others.


  • There is no control panel.


  • Some people didn’t like the way metallic massagers felt.

Customer feedback

I first bought this prostate massager as a gift to my friend. He was delighted, so I duplicated the order for myself. This cannot be compared with a smart massager, which has provided several vibration patterns. But this toy looks like a premium gift.

Sometimes I use it when I want to feel cold metal. I can also use any lubricant. You cannot do this with silicone gadgets.

5. Edge

This prostate massager can sync with music so you can enjoy yourself to the beat of your favorite melody. Enjoy multiple vibration modes.

The silicone stimulator was created from a dense medical material so that even allergy sufferers can enjoy a sensual massage of the inner zones.

  • Synchronizing with music will give you unpredictable sensations.
  • The waterproof body of the prostate massager allows you to enjoy sex play in the shower.
  • This prostate massager is priced above average.


  • It’s just that the noise it makes is too loud for use in crowded places.


  • In order to maintain quality silicone coating, only water-based lubricants should be used.

Customer feedback

I chose this prostate massager for its unusual shape and a wide variety of vibration modes. I also like that the gadget can be controlled via a mobile application.

The control panel only works from a distance of several meters.

How to choose a prostate massager: 3 parameters

Battery-powered prostate massagers are a premium option. If you’ve never tried anal play before, it’s best to stick with something simpler.

The form

The curved head massager accurately locates the P-point (prostate). The extension at the handle controls penetration.

The ribbed surface will further stimulate the anal walls. Some models are equipped with point stimulation of the scrotum.


The silky silicone is ideal for men with sensitive skin. The head can be fixed or movable. This is not a critically important criterion. PVC plastic is also safe. But silicone is the most hypoallergenic material. Some machines have a soft rubber coating, while others are based on the thrill of cold metal touching the skin.

The size

The prostate is located three-quarters of a finger deep into the anus. Suitable insertion lengths are up to 4 inches.

The diameter should not exceed the standard 2 “. But it is better to start with models of smaller sizes.

Vibrating models

This is another subject. The vibrations are regulated at the base of the Massager. impulses run along the entire length of the rod, you are absolutely free in movement. You can sit or stand, since your hands are free; you can even choose a rhythm with a remote control! You can further adjust the movements of the gadget with internal muscles.

Stimulate your prostate in a variety of ways. Fortunately, the features of the simulators provide for many modes – from three to eleven.

Huge selection

It is difficult to stop at using only one model of anal prostate massager. The intimate goods market offers many positions:

  • Metal balls for perineal massage and immersion.
  • Replaceable attachments of different sizes for prostate massagers.


Without testing, it is impossible to unequivocally decide which anal prostate massager is best for you.

But you can reduce the risk of error to almost zero if you listen carefully to your body’s signals. Start small and work your way up. Don’t start with too intricate shapes. It is better to buy an ergonomic exercise machine so as not to feel discomfort.


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