4 Penis Pumps of 2023 That Will Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level!

When it comes to our health and beauty, you need to be very attentive to the choice of products. Renis pumps created to improve the quality of sex.

You will get a more stable erection, an increase in the penis in length and diameter and straightening if you have Peyronie’s disease.

See how many advantages the male pump gives you? Now let’s look at ways to choose the best penis pump.

We offer our own rating of the best models among penis pumps. We compiled it based on feedback from our customers. So, let’s start!

If 90% of customers are satisfied, the result is likely that you will be among the lucky onesThe most reliable information you get from customer reviews, and not from the description of the seller To find out for sure what suits you personally, you need to try

1. Hydromax7

This model penis pump is not by chance the first on the roster. This vacuum sex toy for men is appropriate for 80% of users! However, most of them are satisfied with the result. And the penis pump itself is quite simple to use.

✅ Pros
  • The improved penis pump model after redesign allows for up to 35% more energy.
  • The penis pump permits the user to adjust the size. This vacuum pump is ideal for owners of a length of 5-7 inches.
  • The penis pumps make an erection firmer and give men confidence.
  • With systematic training a few times per week men can get from one to three extra inches. 
  • If a user has Peyronie’s disease (penis curvature), vacuum pumps will correct this defect. This means that you are improving your penile health. 
  • The cost of this model penis pump is average. So it is good for beginners to try it. 
  • Regular use of the penis pump helps to increase the stamina. Because of this, you will improve the quality of your sex life. 
  • 92% of users got steady results after using the penis pump for only one month! Further use of vacuum pumps enhances and stabilizes the effect.
  • To attain visible results using penis pumps, the user must train regularly.
  • The consequences of using the penis pump for all men differ.

What else do you need to know about penis pumps?

The brand is confident in the quality of its sex equipment for men, so users can return it to the store within two months from the date of purchase. This is the best guarantee of results from using the penis pump.

The site has a detailed dimension scheme for the acquisition of the ideal penis pump. In addition to vacuum pumps, the manufacturer offers accessories that increase the comfort of use.

What has been improved in the penis pump after the redesign?

  • The pump for men has an innovative bellows system. Because of this, construction has become more durable and more forceful. If properly used, the penis pump will last for several years.
  • A soft pillow permits you to improve the feeling during training with best penis pumps. It prevents skin rubbing and is easy to remove for washing. The cushions in the penis pump provide a tighter fit to the skin, so creating a vacuum becomes easier and faster.
  • The best penis pump has a special valve that permits the user to monitor the tension and amount of water. With this detail, it has become easier to apply the penis pump.
  • Each penis pump has two measurement systems. This allows you to control your results after each workout.

What additional accessories to the penis pump can you count on?

Each client can additionally order:

  • Measurement sensor.
  • Specially branded towel.
  • Strap for fastening the best penis pump in the shower.
  • Special brush for a more comfortable cleaning penis pump.

The penis pumps received approval after medical research

Aspen Clinical Research certifies the Hydromax7 model. This is the reason behind making penis pumps from reliable penile health materials. Moreover, your penis cannot be harmed by vacuum no matter how hard you try it. The device does not contain any substances that might cause allergies or skin irritation either.

Regular user feedback

Already after the first three workouts, I felt that the blood flow improved and the erection became more powerful and stable. A month later, I was already one inch longer. Now I have reduced the number of workouts with a penis pump to two times a week. So I support the achieved result.

2. HydroXtreme7

Do you want to make a minimum of effort and get great outcomes? Then the best choice for you is the Xtreme penis pump.

Thus, you will restore or improve your penile health, add a volume and length to yourself. A better and longer lasting erection will provide you with much more memorable sex.

✅ Pros
  • With regular workouts, you get a stable erection and become more resilient in the bedroom.
  • The best penis pump is absolutely safe in any operation. Thanks to a special system, you are reliably protected from too high pressure or from retracting the testicles inside the flask. 
  • The bulb size is good for men with a 5-7 inches long penis. 
  • A special characteristic about the best penis pump is its special unit. You just have to squeeze it to remove water from the device. Now you can use the penis pump with one hand. 
  • It is recommended that beginners and intermediate users start with Xtreme series as it has a wide range of settings.
  • The visible effect most guys get after just one month of regular training. Then you can maintain the result or further strengthen it. It all depends on the number and regularity of training, as well as the individual capabilities of the body.
  • If you complete training with penis pumps, then over time you will return to the original data.
  • In our list, this is the most expensive penis pump.

What is included in the package for the most comfortable use of the penis pump?

The Xtreme series is necessarily complemented by a set of accessories for the penis pump. To improve the effect, penis pumps are equipped with:

  • Improved pressure regulator for fast pumping and discharge of water if you feel discomfort.
  • The special valve allows you to instantly reduce the pressure in the penis pump if you feel too much tension.
  • The shower belt allows you to pump the penis pump without using your hands.

You will get additional guarantees

If you are not satisfied with the work of the penis pump, you can return it to the manufacturer within two months without giving a reason.
All the materials from which make the penis pumps passed medical testing. They are completely safe for men’s health.
Penis pumps from the Xtreme series have an extended warranty of two years.

User Review

I got a two-inch gain in just two months. When choosing a penis pump model, I was interested in the seller’s promise to return the money if there was no result. I think that no one will return a truly working product.

Now I support the result. In addition, erection has become noticeably more powerful and stable. I advise you to use penis pumps in general for all the guys!

3. Hydro7

Now we come to the most budgetary model of penis pumps in our rating. This is the softest Renis pump but at the same time effective.

This is the best model for beginners.

✅ Pros
  • Visible results 80% of men get just a month of regular training.
  • Hydro7 is the best Renis pump model for guys with penis size 5-7 inches.
  • This penis pump model has the most affordable price.
  • The penis pump has a relatively weak vacuum, so it is not suitable for advanced users.
  • You should also choose another model if you are aiming for very noticeable changes.

Every buyer receives a quality guarantee

The warranty on all penis pumps of the hydro model is two years. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can cancel the purchase within two months.

The manufacturer uses only materials approved by clinical trials. They do not cause allergies and do not rub the delicate skin around the penis.

You will receive in the kit

  • Belt to support the device in the shower.
  • Brand towel.
  • Convenient brush for washing the device after each session of increasing your cock.
  • Sensor for measuring results.

Customer Feedback

If you are new to dick increase, this model is ideal for you. You definitely do not damage the skin, because the pressure is not too strong. I got an extra inch of profit in two months.

But now I thought about the model more powerfully, not only to maintain the result but to get even more length.

4. Penomet

This brand is a pioneer in penis enlargement. The patented device for two to three months solves the problem of weak erection, increases the length of the penis, eliminates the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

Are you a beginner or a professional in lengthening a member?

In any case, this pump will give excellent results.

✅ Pros
  • The sessions do not last more than fifteen minutes. 
  • Its growth in length can be up to three inches, depending on the characteristics of the body. Girth can be increased by 30%. 
  • Within a month of training, 90% of men produce a noticeable outcome. 
  • It is possible because the unique patented mechanism Gaiter enables you to adjust pressure. In fact, you change stroke during exercise; thus, it can help you create a workout plan and slowly increase your effort. So this gives you an increase in length without affecting blood vessels negatively.
  • With weak erectile dysfunction, regular workouts help restore a powerful erection. As an added bonus, you can prolong sexual intercourse much longer.
  • An accurate body measurement scale helps you monitor your results.
  • The penis pump requires detailed assembly. It takes some time. In addition, before the first use of the device, you will have to deal with the instructions.
  • To maintain the achieved effect, each user will have to continue training throughout their life.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the size scale. For each penis size, a separate flask is provided. There is a risk to choose a size larger or smaller than required.
  • If you have achieved the maximum result and want to go further, you need to buy a larger flask.

Each user receives a guarantee of quality

This means that within two months you can refuse to purchase. The innovative AquaPressure conversion pump provides optimum pressure. You are guaranteed to get the result, but you cannot injure yourself. The valve of instant relief of vacuum with the slightest discomfort makes the device absolutely safe.

User Review

I have Peyronie’s disease, my penis is a bit bent right. Before buying, I consulted with my doctor. He said that with regular training, I can correct this defect. A month later, my doctor noted that there is a significant improvement.

Now I do not stop training to maintain the effect. Bonus, I got a more powerful erection and endurance in bed!

Some thoughts about pumps

What are the most useful sex toys for health? Of course, all of them! A good orgasm has not hurt anyone yet. But there is a special type of toys for men that can seriously improve your sex life. We are talking about penis pumps.

Of course, all devices that affect your health should be tested and have a clinically approved mechanism. All research results are reflected in special certificates.

If you want to improve your erection and achieve an increase in the penis, you need to carefully approach the choice of the penis pump. Our list includes the most popular models among buyers. They all have great reviews, safe and easy to operate.

If you are still new to increasing member, you may have questions. That’s what guys want to know most often.

If I choose the maximum bulb size, will I get the maximum result?

Not again. Prior to making a choice of the correct size, you should verify with the producer scale. All brands are different. Choose a model that would be perfect for you. Hence, it will be convenient to have exercise which implies no skipping classes. And outcomes will not take long.

By the way, be sure to measure not only length but also diameter. Otherwise, it may happen that you do not fit into your flask.

Do I have to buy a model with a medical certificate?

This is desirable but not required. Beware of too cheap options that can be fake. But if you do not suffer from allergies, you can save on less expensive plastic. In this case, a certificate confirming the safety of the structure should be. This means that your pump cannot harm you. The brand does not provide such information? It is better to refuse to buy, so as not to visit the doctor once again.

Before use, should I consult a doctor?

If you have a specific disease, this is a very desirable step. If you have no health problems, but there are complexes about the length of your member, you can skip the trip to the clinic.

Should I choose the most difficult model?

Not at all! If the pump needs to be assembled and adjusted for half an hour before each workout, consider how often you will use it? At the same time, the model can give really good results!

But let’s be honest, you are unlikely to train regularly. And this is the key to success.

How often should I clean the device?

For your safety, this should be done before and after each session. Even if you do not use lubricants, skin particles or natural secretion gets inside the flask. Be sure to disassemble all parts and wash them thoroughly and dry them.

How long will my device last?

It depends on the strength of the materials. Ultra hardened plastic and medical silicone are designed for active use for several years. Of course, such a pump cannot be cheap.

How often should I train?

To start training, you need to find something comfortable and sessions should be regular. You have to do minimum of two workouts per week. But you can try every day! Each session should last for 15-30 minutes, no more than that.


Now you know everything you need to quickly and safely increase the size of your penis in all directions.

We showed you the best sellers among vacuum pumps and talked about the most important nuances. Now you only need to make a choice and start training! And we will keep our fingers crossed!


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