6 Most Realistic Sex Dolls of 2023 That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Every man dreams of finding a girlfriend that will be wanting him every day, every second.

However, only some of us are not just lucky enough to meet such a girl but even to become her boyfriend or husband. In this case, let us suggest you a solution that solves your problem: just select a proper silicone sex doll and be done with it.

Female sex dolls are masturbators that are alike women’s bodies. You may penetrate them every way you like: through their pussies, butts, or mouths. Such sex toys have been known to humankind since ancient times. However, until recently, these were primitive inflatable devices, which were a distant likeness of real women.

#Top Most Realistic Sex DollsBenefits

  • This sex toy has plump labia and round buttocks
  • Sweet mouth so that you can do whatever you want with her
  • As for the depth, it is 7.1″ for vagina, 6.3 for an anal channel, and 5.1″ for a mouth
Thrust Pro Elite Layla

  • The item is TPE-made which is a safe and non-allergenic analog of silicone
  • The internal length is 11.5 inches
  • The price is much more affordable compared with full-sized sex dolls
Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Alana is suitable for all types of sex, except oral
  • This is one of the most realistic masturbators among mini sex dolls
  • The toy has puffy pink labia and rounded buttocks

  • Due to the presence of metallic construction and movable joints, this model can bend its arms and legs, sit, turn its head
  • It is TPE-made (the analog of silicone)
  • The holes are suitable for a large penis

  • High realism of facial features and figure
  • This sex toy is made of TPE that is more soft and durable than silicone
  • There is a large selection of eye shades. You will find here not only classic options like brown, green, or blue but also more complex tones, such as amber and garnet

  • It is made of TPE, a more advanced analog of silicone. It resembles real human skin
  • Alani’s labia look very seductive, as well as her tits and nipples 
  • You may choose her hairstyle, eye color, and some other additional options
Today the sex industry has stepped forward and offers men take pleasure in lifelike sex dollsStaring at these beauties, you will scarcely at once understand that they are toys and not real girls Do not believe it? In this article, we have reviewed the TOP-6 most realistic female sex dolls

1. Adrianna by AF Doll: A Hottie with Seductive Shapes

This gorgeous girl is one of the most realistic sex dolls in the niche.

We are certain that this review will help our readers to see this with their own eyes.

Sensual appearance

While looking at this beauty, it is difficult to imagine that she is not real. Just by peering closer, you begin to guess that you have a sex doll in front of you. Such naturalism is easy to explain: Arianna’s creators put their hearts into making this sex doll look so lifelike. Manually molded facial features, a figure with the well-balanced proportions, a naturalistic skin tint, and silky hair help to achieve this aim.

Strong frame

The main problem with the old-fashioned inflatable sex dolls was that they ultimately did not keep their shape.

Such dolls could be placed either on the back or stomach, and there was no question about putting such sex dolls in a more elegant and seductive pose.

But with Arianna, such problems do not arise. Since she is one of the superb and expensive sex dolls, this toy has a metal frame and flexible joints. This design allows you to bend her arms and legs, move them apart, tilt and turn her head.


While creating sex dolls, it is severe enough to make their flesh and skin feel realistic to the touch.

Therefore, Arianna is made of TPE. It is a thermoplastic elastomer which is similar to silicone but has some differences.

For example, they are both soft and flexible, but TPE has a more realistic texture that resembles human skin. Also, TPE is wear-resistant, stable to compression, lightweight, and durable.

Additional options

Make an order for Arianna, and you can determine all the details of her looks. Maybe you want her to have blue eyes and blonde hair? That’s not a problem! What about a redhead with green eyes? You’re the boss! The choice is yours, beginning with skin complexion up to what color of nail polish she should use. Furthermore, you could go for sex toys that have a heating system as well as shrug their shoulders and stand on their own on any flat surface.

The only disadvantage

As you can see, Arianna is almost perfect. The only drawback is her high cost.

If you order this sex doll with additional parameters, such as the ability to control body temperature, the amount will become even higher.

For the average user, dolls like this are barely affordable.

2. THRUST Pro Elite Layla: Compact and Affordable

If you want to try something more naturalistic than a regular masturbator, but are not ready to spend a fortune on full-sized sex models, then it’s time to pay attention to Layla. She belongs to the category of female mini-sex dolls, compact but highly usable ones.

  • Thanks to their small dimensions, all mini sex dolls are easy to keep (and even hide).
  • It is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex.
  • Since there is no through-hole at the back, a slight sucking sensation is created into the tunnels during frictions.
  • A cleaning challenge is presented when your sex doll doesn’t have an accessible hole to wash away the semen and lubricants used.


  • It doesn’t have boobs and mouths.


  • Some people are not happy with the smell.


  • One should therefore ensure that the sex toy is stored in a container or case as its surface can be affected by dust or lint.

3.THRUST Pro Elite Alana: A High-Quality Item for Self-Satisfaction

Are you fond of having vaginal and anal sex in a doggy style?

Then Alana is what you need. With her tight holes and textured tunnels, she is one of the most optimal and affordable sex dolls that you can find.

  • Vagina and anus have a ribbed inner surface.
  • Alana is suitable for men with a large penis (the internal length of the tunnels is 7.5 inches).
  • This model is affordable for the average majority of users.
  • Such toys usually do not have a through an outlet, so they are not easy to wash.
  • With the interconnection of the channels, remnants of sperm and lubricants move from the vaginal tunnel to the anal one.


  • It can be used with water-based lubricant only.


  • It is good for dog-style sex only.
  • Some users have noted that the color of the vaginal lips quickly becomes faded.

4. Alana by JY Doll: A Sex Doll with Huge Boobs

Here is another one female sex doll named Alana, but this time it is full-sized and made by the other brand.

Let’s see why you may want to have sex with this sweet hottie!

The advantages

  • This sex toy meets your tastes if you like big (very big!) boobs.
  • Alana has a sexy bend in her lower back and a nice bulging ass.
  • There is an option to select the tone of skin, eyes, and nipples, shaved or hairy pussy, fixed or removal vaginal tunnel. You may also add an enhanced mouth with a tongue for better oral sex.
  • You can dress Alana to your liking.


  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
  • Bust*Waist*Hips: 34.6*16*33.9 in.
  • Vaginal channel*Anal channel*Mouth: 6.3*5.5*4.7 in.

The disadvantages

  • Washing her after use would be hard given that this is a full-size model.


  • It is hard to take care of big sex toys compared to mini-models (since you have to brush her hair from time to time).


  • This one cannot be termed cheap even when you opt for the minimum set of choices for female sex dolls.
  • Since Alana is 5 feet tall, it is not so easy to store her. You will need additional space for hanging her on a hook or keeping in a storage box.

5. Aspen by YL Doll: An Attractive Doll for Hot Sex

Just take a glance at this seductress, with her slightly opened lips and mouth-watering medium-sized breasts!

Well, if you’re crazy about girls with wide hips and a round ass, then Aspen is one of the superior choice among full-sized female sex dolls.


  • You can have a hairstyle and a hair color, the polish for your nails, and the size and shape of your nipples.


  • On this sex doll, the tits can either be hollow or solid.


  • Also, there are other options to choose from like heating the doll so that it is at a warm temperature, having storage hooks or even an upgraded flight case.


  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
  • Bust*Waist*Hips: 33.5*22*40.9 in.
  • Vaginal channel*Anal channel*Mouth: 6.7*6.3*5.5 in.


  • Aspen can’t be called affordable. She has a higher price compared to other sex dolls, which we talked about earlier.
  • This model is relatively heavy and bulky, so you need to think in advance where and how to store it.

6. Alani by AF Doll: An Artificial Girlfriend for A Breathtaking Sex

This model is the last one in our TOP-6, but it does not make her worse than the other ones.

Like previous sex dolls, she looks highly realistic and can bring you dozens of pleasant moments.

  • The face of this sex toy were made by hand, so she looks very lifelike.
  • Alani has a proportional and well-balanced figure with a durable metal skeleton and rounded shapes.
  • If you want to buy a sex doll with a full range of options, it will cost a lot.
  • Some of the sex dolls we discussed earlier had fewer hairstyles and eye colors.


  • The enhanced mouth option does not include a tongue. So, there is just a normal one.


  • Alani’s anus should look more realistic. It should be made more life-like if she plans on engaging in anal sex.

Female Sex Dolls FAQs

What are female sex dolls look like?

There are highly realistic models made in full size, and simpler variants (mini sex dolls). We should also mention sex dolls that mimic the bodies of porn actresses.

I am a geek. Are there any sex dolls that will blow my mind?

Sure enough. Some brands create sex dolls that are looking like elves, anime girls, and so on.

Which of sex dolls are the most affordable ones?

The most affordable are inflatable rubber sex dolls. However, quality almost always is inferior.

Next on the price ladder, there are mini sex dolls with realistic pussies and buttocks.

What materials are sex dolls made of?

The common materials are silicone, TPE, and TPR. Cheaper sex dolls are produced from vinyl and latex.

Can using a sex doll be dangerous?

Yes, but only if a sex doll is made of low-quality materials.

Therefore, always buy sex dolls only from trusted manufacturers who care about using body-safe materials.

Do I need to use a lubricant?

Definitely yes. After all, sex toys do not produce vaginal juice, like real women. Therefore, you may damage the delicate skin of the penis during frictions without a lubricant. Please note: since the larger part of sex dolls are silicone-made, use them only with a water-based lube.

How should I keep my female sex dolls clean and tidy?

All sex dolls must be washed with running water after using to remove any remaining seed and grease.

However, bacteria can grow and an unpleasant odor can develop. It is important to note that highly lifelike sex-dolls require more care than torso dolls (such as combing their hair from time to time) apart from normal washing.

I have a tiny room, and there hardly is place to keep something big, especially sex dolls. Besides, I live with a female roommate, so I don’t want her to know that I practice sex with dolls. What should I do?

In this case, it is recommended to buy a masturbator or another sex toy that doesn’t need a lot of space to store.

Why might I need female sex dolls if I already have a regular girlfriend?

If your girlfriend does not mind, you can use sex dolls when you are parted, for example, when she went on a business trip.

Are sex dolls suitable for threesomes?

Of course! Many couples find themselves unwilling to let a third person into their bed.

Sex dolls cope with this challenge without putting the relationships at risk with jealousy.


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