Lesbian Sex Toys: Strap On, Double Penetration Dildo for Girls

Choose the best lesbian sex toy in 2021

This review is about the best lesbian sex toy.

So here you will find great sex toys although all these models can be useful and direct couples if they are ready for experiments (it’s so useful: [1])! Let’s get started!

The toys is suitable for both direct and lesbian pairsMedical silicone and safe plastic are easy to clean. These materials for sex devices are safe for all people The vibrator can take a shower and even a bath with you, because the design is waterproof, even at the recharging point


The two-part toy is explicitly designed for pair sex, although you can use it alone.

Two vibrating heads enhance the feelings of sex in both partners, both women, and men.

Toys with this design are ideal for lesbian couples.


✅ Pros
  • A powerful antenna makes the signal from the console uninterrupted at a distance of several meters around.
  • The lesbian sex toys have eight vibration patterns that will delight all women without exception.
  • The toy does not need batteries and is charged through the cable from your laptop.
  • Exclusive sex toys cannot be cheap.
  • Your TIANI 2 is designed so that it can be inserted so that the smaller hand is in the vagina and the large outer side is on the clitoris. The easiest way is to place the massager before your partner enters you.
Sense Motion recognizes your actions. The more actively you move, the more the mechanism vibrates.


Wear a miniature dildo before your partner or more massive toy penetrates you. The design was designed so that a more full tip massaged the clitoris, while a narrow tip remained inside.

Customer Feedback

I would not call this sex toy 100% suitable only for lesbian couples. It fits perfectly on the body of all women.

I enjoy using a solo toy.

I like the ability to control the strength of vibrations without pressing buttons, only with the movement of a hand with remote control.

2. Nova by We-Vibe

Our next copy has a very unusual shape.

Curved tip sex toys rest on the clitoris and massages it is not the usual vibrations and bending and increasing pressure.

Many women admire this feature. You do not need much time to get the result.

  • The sex toy has two independent motors in both tips. Therefore, you can include them in turn or together.
  • The vibrator mechanism is protected from water ingress so that you can use the sex toy in the bathroom or shower.
  • Use the branded mobile app to unlock all the abilities of smart sex toys for women.
  • You can adjust the intensity of the massage or vibration modes using the buttons on the case or through your smartphone.
  • The sex toy has ten patented modes. You can create and save your own every time you use a mobile application.
  • Both motors in sex gadget are tranquil. No one will hear you even from the next room.
  • The inserted dildo seems too small for some women.
  • The little tip of the Nova sex toys can put too much pressure or not reach the desired area.

User Review

I was ideally suited unusual shape Nova. I like to experience new opportunities for sex toys every time, so every session, I create new patterns.

Fast charging is a big plus. A dildo can work for two hours without stopping, but I don’t need that much.

Therefore, one charge is enough for 2-3 sessions.

3. Mantric Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Classic vibrating dildo nicknamed the rabbit will become one of your favorite sex toys.
  • Dildo format is perfect for lesbian and straight pairs.
  • Sex gadget has a waterproof design for easy cleaning and sharing of bathing.
  • It is unlikely that you can use sex toys of this form with strap. For lovers of harness need other models dildo.
  • Silicone sex toys can only be used with water-based creams.
  • For a sex device to work for an hour and a half, it must be charged the same amount.

User Review

Mantric sex toys are the perfect size for all women. We are a lesbian couple, so we use a dildo in turn.

And Mantric works great for me and her. I like that there is a lock on the case against accidental activation.

This is convenient if you carry your sex toys on a trip.

4. Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

All women love oral sex, especially lesbian couples. To make it easier for them, Sqweel 2 was developed and improved.

Sex toys of this type are not like an ordinary dildo.

They cannot be tied to a strap or do something else. But ten silicone languages ​​will allow you to relax and unwind finally!

  • Flicker mode rotates the wheel of a sex device in opposite directions so that you get exceptional sensations!
  • Sex toys to simulate oral stimulation are suitable for single girls, straight and lesbian couples.
  • Sex device has three modes, and in each of them, there are three speeds for your enjoyment.
  • Sex gadget must be kept in hand during the entire session. Sqweel 2 is not compatible with strap and harness.
  • Cleaning all ten blades of a sex device takes a long time.
  • Care must be taken to prevent water from entering the mechanism during cleaning.
  • The surface of the sex massager can only be lubricated with water-based lubricants.
  • You will have to use batteries for this sex gadget.

Buyer review

Sex toy at first seems too big. But then you realize that this impression creates a travel case.

During the session, the size does not bother you. With the help of two buttons, it is easy to switch modes.

You will get an incredible orgasm when, after the classic style, turn on the reverse! You will have to wash each tongue thoroughly, but it is worth your feelings.

5. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

Next in our ranking is an unusual dildo. This sex toy is perfect for lesbian couples because it has two tips.

Outwardly, it looks like two members that are glued together.

You can easily use such a dildo with a strap or another device for pair irks.

  • The realistic texture of sex toys with bumpy veins gives you maximum stimulation during penetration.
  • Stretchy material gives you a feeling of real sex.
  • Sex gadget should be thoroughly cleaned so that the remaining grease does not clog in the pores.
  • PVC material causes allergies in some users.
  • It will be difficult for you to find a suitable strap for wearing a double dildo.


User Review

I love to use this dildo with a strap. The material is flexible enough for double penetration.

But we are with a girlfriend just delighted with the joint games!

I recommend this toy for all lesbian couples. Moreover, the price is very affordable!

6. Adam & Eve G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe

The vibrating finger attachment is the perfect complement to your foreplay or sex.

This is almost a must for every lesbian couple, as it greatly expands your possibilities!

The nozzle fits tightly on your hand due to the monolithic mini strap. The shape is perfect for finding the G spot. And gentle silicone very delicately touches the skin. On the outer side of the nozzle, there are small bristles for additional clitoral caresses.

  • The toy gives you 100% control and allows you to adapt it to any parameters of the body. Change the bend as you need it.
  • At the end of the nozzle is located vibrator with seven different speeds and modes.
  • The nozzle has a length less than the average. This is not enough for some users.
  • Bristles for the clitoris are too small and do not always reach the goal.
  • You need to buy batteries separately.
  • The vibrator is connected to the console through a cord. The whole structure is not very comfortable. In the process, the cable may become entangled in the strap that is worn on the arm.

User Review

I like that the nozzle at the end expands a bit, imitating a real member. Also, your partner can control the bend, so you 100% enjoy.

A little interferes with the cord, but you can get used to it.

Be sure to use a water-based gel, so as not to spoil the material of the nozzle. If you have very wide palms, then the strap may make you feel too tight or not fit.

7. Adam & Eve Double Delight Strap-On

Before you are not an ordinary dildo, but double tips attached to the strap.

This is ideal for lesbian couples or for direct.

Unless, of course, a man agrees to anal sex.

  • Thanks to the double tips, both partners get pleasure at the same time.
  • The strap is adjustable in size and suits most people. Fasteners are conveniently fixed at the waist and around the legs.
  • The material is similar in composition to latex so that it can cause allergies in some people.
  • Not all sex toy users will decide on such an experiment.
  • To facilitate penetration, be sure to use a water-based cream.

User Review

This is an excellent thing for a couple of not timid girls. Both dildos have a textured head and realistic design, except for color.

Moreover, bending and soft textures make you feel particularly useful.

The strap does not slip and does not rub the skin, so it is very comfortable to wear.

Did we surprise you today? Agree, it is always interesting to try new entertainment (and healthy, too: [2])! Choose the most exciting toy and have fun! And we will go to test new samples.


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