5 Remote Control Butt Plugs of 2023 to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level!

Nowadays, intimate enjoyment can be tempted not only in the bedroom. Today there are particular adult toys which may be inside for many hours.

They will give a feeling of fullness, light massage or even vibration. They have a special design that does not interfere with movement and contribute bliss. Among these toys, brave experimenters retrieve many interesting options like remote control or vibrating butt plug.

We will talk about them today. You will learn how to determine the best butt plug, as well as compare the most popular options. If a person has no personal experience with the butt plug, a regular user review is what will help you not to go wrong with your purchase!

Modern manufacturers offer so many different models that no experimenter will be left unsatisfied. Of course, the price depends on the set of functions.

You should not immediately chase the most luxurious copies with control via a smartphone. If you don’t like the idea of ​​anal penetration, it will be a waste.

When people can call themselves an experienced experimenter, they will definitely want to diversify their sensations and come up with personal vibrations!

People should attempt sundry configurations and accessoriesSome plugs have a huge set of built-in functions In other models, you don't get anything extra besides the plug

1. Hush

The vibrating butt plug with remote control has been a hit in the adult bauble market for the past few years.

This strikingly ergonomic butt plug is sought-after with both sexes. Quiet operation, delicate silicone and special vibrating patterns make it the best among similar toys.

✅ Pros
  • The butt plug is very quiet in all modes, so it can be implemented in societal places.
  • The dense non-porous substance of the butt plug is readily to sweep after utilization. The superficies dries instantly.
  • The vibrating butt plug’s waterproof design allows you to have a bath while inside user’s anus.
  • The plug battery lasts for 2 hours of intense gaming.
  • The drawback of this vibrating butt plug with remote control is the above average price. But many buyers consider it the best plug in their collection.

Tips. Pay attention also to related products. Choosing a lube can get tricky if you’re a beginner.

Experienced guys prefer water-based formulations in order to maintain the excellent quality of the pieces in their collections. Also try combining multiple accessories for all-round stimulation or mood.

Regular User Review

Since I bought this vibrating butt plug with remote control, I have almost stopped applying other sex toys. Insertable length is 3.8 inches. This is the best option.

I really like the spiral plug. It accumulates lube and makes it lighter to expel the gadget after the session.

2. We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

The combination of anal plug and vibrating external tip will give you an unparalleled experience.

Soft yet dense silicone creates intense vibrations ranging from smooth to powerful. The material is very smooth, so the plug slips easily inside.

During the game, such a plug maintains a more persistent and long-lasting erection.

You can also use the butt plug in solo play without a partner.

  • Flexible base allows for any shape of the human body. The plug is versatile and fits all body types.
  • Medical grade silicone is non-porous and therefore easy to clean. Also the butt plug dries quickly after cleaning.
  • You don’t have to constantly buy batteries because the device is rechargeable.
  • You can control the butt plug using a remote control or a free mobile app that is updated periodically by the brand’s developers.
  • The silicone surface will deteriorate under the influence of any lubricant other than water-based.
  • The price of this plug is higher than that of the average sex toy.
  • Some users complained about the disconnection with the mobile application when the gadget was controlled from long distances.

Hint. Take your time to try all the features of the remote and smartphone. If you try to test all modes and ways of playing in one day, it will be like launching a spaceship! Lots of technical information and test drives are fun, but don’t help create a relaxing environment. Your job is to create an exhilarating experience and a deep, exciting experience. In addition, this way you will provide yourself with intimate experiments for at least a month in advance.

Feedback from a regular customer

My passion for anal plugs began with this sex toy. This model has a small size and smooth transitions, so I had no difficulty getting the tip inward. Two handpieces massage all sensitive areas.

I love that you can individually change the settings and vibration rate of each handpiece. The design was developed in such a way that smooth curves fit perfectly to the contours of the body.

3. Lovehoney Vibrating Plug

Have you ever thought about learning how to twerk?

This butt plug offers such powerful vibrating patterns that you will not only get a gentle internal massage, but also a spectacular shake from the outside!

This is the perfect plug to diversify your experience!

  • The soft silicone coating is completely safe, even for sensitive skin.
  • The waterproof housing allows you to enjoy the bath and shower.
  • You will have to regularly buy batteries for the butt plug and the remote control.
  • The delicate silicone only needs to be supplemented with a water-based lubricant.
  • There is no way to control the plug through the mobile app.
  • Some experienced users in the review of this plug write that the batteries last for a short time.

Review from a regular user

This plug creates amazing powerful vibrations. I like that all modes are different from each other. You can choose your favorite pattern or try them all during each game. I also like that the vibrating bullet is easy to remove from the silicone body for a thorough cleaning.

I have also tried putting a condom on top. Then only an antibacterial spray is sufficient for cleaning. The remote works great even from across the room. When your partner controls the vibrations, you feel much more excitement!

4. Lovehoney Butt Tingler 3.5 Inch

Do you want to try safe and satisfying anal play? Then a 3.5 ”plug is the best solution. You can change modes, decrease or increase speed.

The vibrating bullet is easy to reach to change batteries or wash the silicone case. Soft and durable medical grade silicone gently touches the skin. At the same time, the coating retains perfect smoothness for a long time.

  • Soft yet dense silicone does not irritate the skin on contact. Also, silicone toys are easy to clean.
  • Only 3 modes are built into this plug, only 2 speeds are also available. Most modern sex toys offer a wide variety of vibrating patterns.
  • The small size of the plug is loved by beginners, but for experienced enthusiasts, this length and circumference is often not enough.
  • You can only use water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys to avoid ruining the delicate finish.
  • You will have to change the batteries regularly to keep the plug vibrating.

Loyal customer review

This model was my first anal plug because of the affordable price. I also liked the small size as I didn’t know what to expect from such a game. I’ve only been using this plug for about a year. Then I wanted to increase the size.

I also wanted to try more varied vibrations. But I must say that even after a year of regular use, the toy works great. I recommend this model to beginners in anal experiments.

5. My 1st Surge

Experience sensual vibrations and indescribable sensations!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tested the remote control butt plug before or if this is your first experiment.

The size and shape of this model will satisfy the needs of all curious users!

  • This butt plug with remote control model is the best choice for allergy sufferers because it is made of dense medical grade silicone.
  • You will have to constantly change the batteries as this vibrating butt plug is not rechargeable.
  • Only water-based lubricants can be used with the silicone butt plug.
  • The remote control to this butt plug works only from a distance of a couple of meters, since it is connected to the vibrating part with a cable. This is not the best idea when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies have been used in the world for a long time.
  • This butt plug cannot be controlled over Wi-Fi, so it is not a smart toy.

Regular User Review

This butt plug was my first sex toy of this type. Now I use more expensive models with mobile app control. But for beginners, this butt plug will be the best option.

10 vibrating patterns help you determine what sensations you like. I got a very vivid impression! What’s more, this butt plug model has a very attractive price and beautiful design.

Butt plugs to punch

For a long time this topic was banned. People were afraid to talk openly about anal sex. And only a select few knew about the existence of special devices to get pleasure “there”.

In fact, anal sex is no worse or better than traditional sex. Many women and many men like this.

If you feel like trying anus stimulation, it doesn’t make you gay overnight! Moreover, if you liked it, but you continue to practice sex with women, you are still straight! Only you have richer imagination and vivid emotions. And that’s great!

A few words about the health benefits for men

Do you know that prostate massage is often prescribed by doctors for medical reasons? Such manipulations reduce the risk of cancer, prostatitis and infertility. Also, prostate massage improves blood circulation in the pelvis. This means that you are guaranteed a stable and long-lasting erection!

First you need to develop a rectal ring. The first penetration often causes strange and even unpleasant sensations.

Therefore, the plug must be small. Make sure to use plenty of lube.

In the beginning, devices that just widen your anus a little are fine. The special shape of these plugs is aimed at targeting the prostate. By contracting the muscles, you perform a gentle massage.

Once you are accustomed to the sensations, you can move on to vibrating patterns.

This approach will change your attitude towards sex once and for all. You can massage before love play as a workout. After getting used to it, start testing with a partner!

More sophisticated love games

Massage is great. But anal gadgets were created not only to prevent the onset of impotence. Additional stimulation during sex is a delight for both sexes.

For women, using butt plugs is a way to try double penetration by practicing sex with only one partner.

When the plug is worn by a woman, the man also experiences deeper sensations. The gadget sticks out through the thin walls of the vagina, putting additional pressure on the penis.

In this case, you need to pay enough attention to the choice of the model. There are specific male options that are strictly aimed at prostate massage. There are universal plugs that are usually in a smooth cone shape and will suit everyone.


The variety of butt plugs is as great as that of other pleasure gadgets. If we talk about the first experience, then it is more logical to start with soft materials.

Silicone or cyber skin is great. But don’t forget about the existence of glass and metal models. They are tougher but have a striking effect.

Some sexologists recommend starting with jelly-like models. They are the softest and help to gently prepare the body for the penetration of harder objects. Remember hygiene. The safest material is silicone. There are no pores on its surface, so the gadget is the easiest to clean and dry.


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