Reasons Why Bathmate is the Best Choice for Your Bathroom: A Comprehensive Review 2023

Today’s review is dedicated to comparing 3 of the best Bathmate models that help guys increase their penis size.

The Bathmate brand has been active in the market for many years, allowing all men to improve their sex life. First of all, Bathmate will help improve your health. A stable and prolonged erection affects not only the physical but also the psychological comfort of any man.

Secondly, Bathmate allows you to add to your length from 1 to 4 inches and a little extra volume in girth. The developers of the device conducted numerous studies. More than 70% of the guys surveyed would like to have a larger size. The brand also examined user reviews. Almost 100% reported positive results. Of these, 92% of the guys got precisely the result they were counting on and even better!

Undoubted advantage of all three Bathmate models in our review is 100% efficiencyAll conscientious users get again in member size by 1-3 inches or more You will get this result without surgery and the use of any medications

If you want to try to improve your health without the help of a surgeon and pills, read our guide, and make your choice.

#Top BathmateBenefits
Bathmate Hydro 7

  • Unlike air pumps, the Bathmate pump uses water in its mechanism
  • This means that the pressure level is much easier to control
  • You cannot accidentally harm yourself, even if you try too hard
Bathmate Hydromax 7

  • Hydromax is 35% more efficient than previous pumps
  • Hydromax pump is made from comfortable and safe materials
  • Ultra-strong glass and medical silicone allow guys with sensitive skin to use the device
Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 Wide Boy

  • This gadget guarantees you the largest possible increase in size
  • Bathmate Wide Boy provides you with a stable and long-lasting erection
  • You can create it at any time of the day. Bathmate always works reliably


Bathmate pumps are the best devices on the market for men’s health. Bathmate pump users can increase not only penis size but also achieve a more stable and lasting erection.

Also, the Bathmate pump can help you create an erection the moment you need it.

All these effects are not only safe for the body but also have a healing effect. Bathmate pump is a good help for men of age or those who have not had a disease or surgery for a long time (in this case, prior consultation with your doctor is necessary).

Product Description

Hydro7 is the scientific development of Bathmate. The pump is a proven and safe way for guys to increase their members and self-confidence.

How do you achieve the effect?

All users need to know is that the vacuum works for their benefit. The soft traction that the Bathmate pump creates makes your penis grow. First, the skin is stretched, then additional connective tissues are formed. Thus, the Bathmate pump contributes to a slow but steady increase in length.

Moreover, thanks to the vacuum, the Bathmate pump creates additional blood pressure and a steady flow of blood to your penis. This means that you can create a solid erection when it does not occur naturally. And after several months of training with the Bathmate pump, your erections will become more stable and lasting even without using the device.

  • Bathmate pump is a proven and effective way for guys to improve their sexual abilities.
  • These pumps also help improve your body and make your penis size more impressive.
  • Using the Bathmate pump is easy and enjoyable. You can do this every time you go to the bathroom or shower.
  • Using the Bathmate pump is 100% hygienic. You only need to flush your gadget with soap and water before and after use.
  • You get stable results after just a few months of training without medication or surgery.
  • This device is too soft if you are already a professional user of penis pumps.

Specifications Bathmate pump

  • The device is ideal for guys who have a penis size of 5-7 inches, that is, most.
  • All materials from which the Bathmate pump is made are absolutely safe for skin and health. You do not have to worry about allergies or worn-out skin, as all materials are certified and repeatedly tested before being put on the market.
  • Ultra-strong glass, medical silicone, and water are what will come in contact with your skin.

Features Bathmate pump

Many men just need a detailed review of the Bathmate pump. This device is not new in the market, and hundreds of satisfied customers already exist. Also, before the Bathmate pump was launched for sale, lengthy studies were conducted on different groups of volunteer guys.

The results are very encouraging. Now, guys with a small or medium size penis can solve their problems.

You can also improve your shape with the Bathmate pump if you suffer from various curvature of the penis in any direction and to any degree.

What is the best use of the Bathmate pump?

To get impressive results, do not rush. Start with workouts lasting no more than 5 minutes. Let your body get used to the Bathmate pump. For beginners, the ideal strategy would be three daily sessions of 5 minutes each.

Then you can independently control your feelings and plan a training schedule.

It is advisable to engage at least three times a week so that you and your partner like the results of using the Bathmate pump.

The universal design of the Bathmate pump allows all users to understand the design and begin training easily. Also, the branded design of the Bathmate pump is recognized as the most effective in the fight for a large member. More than 1 million guys tested the effectiveness of the Bathmate pump!

Bathmate pumps varieties

Manufacturers have provided three models of Bathmate pump:

  • A clear bulb is a perfect start for beginners. This Bathmate pump creates not very strong pressure, which makes it as comfortable as possible.
  • If you are an advanced user of pumps, then you clearly want to achieve more serious results. In this case, the blue bulb will be the best solution.
  • The red bulb in the Bathmate pumps range is designed for professionals. This device allows you to create the strongest vacuum and, as a result, the most energetic tension. You will feel how your penis is growing, and the results will be visible most quickly.

Additional equipment

To make your workouts as comfortable as possible, use the optional Bathmate accessories:

  • Shower straps allow you to fasten your device and free your hands.
  • Unique branded bags for transporting the Bathmate pump allow you to carry your gadget with you when traveling.
  • Max Out Jelqing is the brand’s patented product that makes the Bathmate pump as gentle and smooth as possible. This is especially useful for guys with sensitive skin.

Unique Bathmate pump offer

The company is so confident in the quality of its product that any user can return the product within two months and get back all their money. The Bathmate pump also has a full two-year warranty.

Customer Feedback

The Bathmate pump was brought to me in an anonymous package without any identification marks. Therefore, you can not worry that your neighbors or friends will be aware of your problem. I immediately tested my new Bathmate pump, and it delighted me! The feeling of use is quite pleasant, pulling. An erection appeared immediately.

Even if you create maximum pressure, you still will not feel pain, although I was afraid of this because of a bad experience with the air pump. At first, I fanatically practiced five times a week for a month, then reduced the number of workouts to 4. For two months, I got a 1 inch gain. Now I do the exercises strictly every other day. I hope I can add another 1 inch. In any case, I am satisfied. I advise all guys who are not happy with their size, be sure to try!

2. Hydromax7

We continue our review and bring to your attention the Hydromax pump. This is an excellent device for beginners and advanced users.

Hydromax pump generates pressure 35% more potent than the previous version. You can train comfortably and safely, and at the same time, get amazing results!

Hydromax pump allows you to get a stable erection, as well as an increase in penis length. All you need to do is train regularly with Hydromax.

Hydromax pump is ideal for guys with a penis size of 5 to 7 inches. When you reach the limit, you can use a more giant flask if you want to continue to increase your capabilities.

Guaranteed Result

Hydromax pump manufacturers are so confident in the efficiency of the device that they return money to customers if they have not received satisfaction within two months! Judging by the reviews, 92% of users were delighted with Hydromax.

  • This is the perfect gadget for beginners who want a quick and safe result. Hydromax pump will also help active users of such devices to improve the results already achieved.
  • The large bellows system has few bends and no sharp edges. Therefore, using the Hydromax pump is 100% safe and comfortable even for beginners.
  • A unique soft pad along the edge of the Hydromax creates a tighter fit to the skin, which allows for increased pressure. You can also pump Hydromax with one hand and much faster than before. In this case, contact with the skin is as delicate as possible.
  • A shut-off valve for the outflow of water allows you to control the pressure and your sensations better.
  • The Hydromax pump measuring scale allows you to monitor your achievements (in inches and centimeters) closely.
  • If your size is more than 7 inches, then this gadget is small for you.
  • The tension can be slightly uncomfortable for beginners, it must be constantly monitored.


Our review of Hydromax would be incomplete without a description of additional features.

To use Hydromax pumps even more comfortable, the Bathmate brand produces shower straps, flask brushes, and towels. Bathmate also offers to measure sensors for Hydromax so that users can even more easily monitor pressure levels.

Customer Feedback

Hydromax from the Bathmate brand was my second penis enlargement device. I tried cheaper air models. But this experience was painful. I even got bruises.

This does not happen with the water system. Bathmate’s Hydromax has already added me 1 inch of length, and I’m not going to stop there.

3. Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy

The final item in our review was Bathmate’s most powerful brand. HydroXtreme7 is designed for professionals or advanced users.

  • The increase in penis size with Bathmate is gradual and absolutely safe for health.
  • After a few weeks of training with Bathmate, you and your partner will see impressive results.
  • The certified and safe materials that Bathmate gadgets are made to allow these guys with sensitive skin to use these pumps.
  • This product is the most expensive in our review.
  • Powerful pressure is for advanced pump users only.
  • For the first time, it will be a little difficult to deal with the equipment.

Detailed Product Description

If you seriously decide to increase your penis size without surgery and pills, then Bathmate will help you do this within a few months.

You should know that to maintain the result, and you need to continue to exercise regularly at least two times a week.

The effect of using Bathmate is due to the soft tension of the skin. Cells begin to divide actively, so new tissues form. The regular use of Bathmate not only increases size but also improves blood circulation. Thus, Bathmate promotes the formation of a stable and powerful erection in men of any age.

User Review

I was not sure that using the Bathmate device would help me get anything other than an erection. But to my surprise and joy, I noticed that a month later, I received an extra inch in length! Moreover, the diameter also increased slightly. Perhaps the whole point is that blood flow has improved. In any case, I am very comfortable using Bathmate.

Even the maximum tension does not provoke pain. Also, I never had bruises or anything like that. To make the training even more enjoyable, I additionally ordered all accessories of the Bathmate brand. The more comfortable the workouts, the less desire to miss them!

General conclusion

One minus of all three products in our review is that in order to maintain the results achieved, users have to train for life. We can draw an analogy with the gym.

Depending on your personal qualities and physical characteristics, you can improve your shape and size in 3-6 months. But if you stop training, you will lose or worsen the result.

How does Bathmate work?

Bathmate products use hydraulic pressure, rather than air pressure, to provide a safe and controlled environment for penis enlargement. The process starts with the user relaxing in a bath or shower for a few minutes to de-stress. Next, the user pushes the pip piece into the closed position, removes the insert and fills the pump with water before putting the insert back.

The user then places the pump over their penis, ensuring that the black pip piece is closed and their testicles are out of the way. The user then angles the pump slightly up and opens the valve, pushing the piece into the central position and proceeding to pump slowly and evenly, until the bellows piece weakens. To remove the pump, the user releases the vacuum first, depressing the cap and allowing the pump to slide off easily.

The user can then massage their penis and reapply the pump to repeat the steps. To protect against too much pressure, the user should remove the device every couple of minutes to let the penis breathe and retract slightly.

Overall, with consistent use of Hydromax pumps, users can expect an increase in blood vessels and blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger erections and improved sexual performance. The most obvious results can be seen in approximately 60 days and, according to the company, over 80 percent of customers reported longer or better quality erections after use. Furthermore, 83 percent of users said they noticed a penis size increase after 6 or 12 months.


What is the Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate Hydromax is a brand of DX Products Limited (formerly UM Products) and was invented by John Oakes that manufactures vacuum pump systems to help men with erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and prostatitis as well as aiding men in recovering from prostate surgery and getting penoscrotal implants. It uses a water-based system that does not make air bubbles, creating a safety cushion for the penis. It also works with negative pressure which is gentler than air pumps, and it doesn’t pollute the air when used. Hydromax Bathmate is effective and reliable, and it can help men improve their sexual stamina and performance in bed. To use the Hydromax, one needs to warm up the genital region with a gentle massage and make sure the valve is in the closed position. The HydroXtreme valve should be open and the handball should be connected to the end of the hose.

How does the Bathmate Hydromax pump work?

The Bathmate Hydromax pump works by using hydraulic pressure instead of air pressure to create a vacuum around your penis. The valve allows you to control the pumping pressure, power, and comfort during use.

To begin, fill the pump with warm water, insert your flaccid penis, and then push the soft comfort ring against your body to create a good seal. After the seal is made, start to pump out the water. As you pump, the pressure will increase and blood will flow into your penis, creating an erection.

The negative pressure created by the pump will then force your penis to stretch out in all directions, causing micro-tearing of the erectile tissue. This process increases the blood flow into your penis and helps to transport more nutrients to the tissue, allowing for recovery and growth.

Consistent use of the Hydromax pump is necessary to experience the best results. It is recommended to use the pump for 3 minutes at a time with rest, three times daily, for maximum gains. The manufacturer offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can return the product within the time period if you are not happy with the results.

What are the benefits of using the Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate Hydromax 7 provides several benefits for users looking to enhance their manhood. These include improved blood flow, enhanced erections and hardness, greater confidence, and improved sexual power. Bathmate Hydromax 7 has been approved by doctors and is clinically tested, making it a safe and effective penis enlargement device. Additionally, the product is designed to be comfortable to use and requires only 3 minutes of use per day. Users have also reported increased stamina, longer-lasting erections, and even an increase in length and thickness. Overall, the feedback from users is overwhelmingly positive and shows that the Hydromax 7 can provide the desired results.

What size of pump should I get for the Bathmate Hydromax?

What size of pump should I get for the Bathmate Hydromax to best suit my erect penis size?

How much pressure is used with the Bathmate Hydromax?

The amount of pressure used with the Bathmate Hydromax depends on the individual and the size of their penis. The Hydromax pumps provide 35% more pumping power than the original Bathmate Hydro series pumps, so it is important to start off with low pressure and build up gradually. It is recommended to not exceed the 15-minute threshold set by the manufacturer, as this could lead to overstretching of the penis tissue and cause injury. However, the survey conducted by Bathmate in 2020 revealed that 81% of people reported bigger erections after just two months of use. With regular use as part of a penis enlargement routine, users can expect permanent gains. The Hydromax is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different penis sizes, starting with the Hydromax3 for those with a micropenis, and up to the Hydromax11 for those over 9 inches.

How long should I use the Bathmate Hydromax for?

Using the Bathmate Hydromax is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps for using the Hydromax:

  1. Fill the Hydromax with warm water and insert your flaccid penis inside.
  2. Push the soft comfort pad against your body to create a good seal.
  3. Pump out the water to build vacuum pressure until you feel the effect of the Bathmate on your penis.
  4. Use the Hydromax for 3 minutes at a time with 2-minute breaks in between.
  5. Massage your manhood gently after each set of 3 minutes.
  6. Take some days off in between workouts to give your body time to recover.

For optimal results, use the Hydromax three to five days a week for no more than 15 minutes total each session. Keep your sets to 3 sets of less than 5 minutes each when you are new to the exercise. With regular use and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you should start to see results within a couple of weeks.

What are the safety measures to consider when using the Bathmate Hydromax?

When using the Bathmate Hydromax 7, safety measures should be taken to ensure maximum comfort and avoid any potential injuries. These measures include:

  1. Using the Hydromax 7 gently and not applying too much pressure when pumping.
  2. Pumping for no more than 15 minutes in 5-minute intervals.
  3. Taking short breaks and massaging the penis every 5 minutes to relieve any tension or discomfort.
  4. Starting gradually and paying attention to any discomfort as you go.
  5. Preparing your body for exercise by letting your muscles relax for about five minutes in the shower or bathtub to promote better blood flow before starting to pump.
  6. Making sure all the materials used in the Hydromax 7 are medical-grade and phthalate-free.
  7. Using the device correctly and following the instructions and precautions given in the manual.
  8. Making sure to use the safety valve in order to avoid any unintentional injuries.

What accessories are available for the Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate Hydromax comes with an assortment of accessories that can help you take your sessions to the next level. These include a towel, shower strap, cleaning kit, carry case, lube, measuring gauge, Deluxe Grooming Kit, hand ball pump and a penis ring accessory. The Deluxe Grooming Kit is a new addition to the Hydromax and is worth $47.98. It includes a cleaning brush and Bathmate Clean, which helps you to maintain your pump and penis. The hand ball pump comes with the HydroXtreme and the hose attachment, which you can attach to the Bathmate release valve, helps to reduce the weight during extended pumping sessions.

Does the Bathmate Hydromax have a warranty?

Yes, the Bathmate Hydromax 7 comes with a 2-year warranty and a 60-day risk-free guarantee. The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, and the risk-free guarantee allows customers to return the Hydromax within 60 days if unsatisfied and still receive a full refund. All Bathmate pumps are also medically approved, FDA registered and inspected, and ISO-certified.

Are there any risks associated with using the Bathmate Hydromax?

Yes, there are risks associated with using the Bathmate Hydromax. The most common risk is using the device incorrectly, such as applying too much pressure or pumping for too long. Doing so could overstretch your penis tissue and cause painful discomfort or injury. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommended 15-minute routine with 2-minute breaks every 5 minutes and to regulate the pressure. Additionally, it is important to make sure to use the device with high-quality, skin-grade polycarbonate plastic to avoid allergic reactions. When used as directed, Bathmate Hydromax is safe and can provide satisfactory results.


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