Artificial Vaginas

If you want to make a difference in your life or just have fun on the weekend, you need a new sex toy!

It doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a relationship! Diversity is synonymous with fun. We have compiled a list of gadgets for you with the best user reviews.

Hundreds of people cannot be wrong!

Sensors for pinpointing the penis along the entire length create enveloping and deep sensationsSex gadgets works for 2 hours without recharging in the most intensive mode The channels has the perfect width and length to please 90% of users

1. Autoblow A.l.

A new, improved sex toy for those who can not imagine a comfortable life without a blowjob.

The male masturbator uses work algorithms identical to real techniques. With your eyes closed, you will not feel the difference!

The previous model was good, but the world does not stand still! The manufacturer has optimized all the features and added new ones.


  • The most intense action awaits users at the end of the channel. Thus, you get super stimulation where it is most needed.
  • The sex toy has several modes from slow teasing to fast, intense progressive movements.
  • A sleeve with an opening in the form of a mouth is attached to the male masturbator as a gift.


  • The male masturbator charges from 110 to 240 V. The users no longer need to think about batteries.
  • For easy cleaning and 100% hygienic use, the manufacturer in the kit offers interchangeable sleeves. Any branded artificial vagina consists of 100% medical silicone. The sleeves are durable and easy to clean. They dry quickly. After cleaning, use refreshing powder for the most realistic feel.
  • Three variants of artificial vagina allow you to choose the type of sensations that you want to get today (mouth, pussy, or butt).

Additional bonuses

  • The updated engine made of solid metal has a long service life, and it is also more potent than other analogs on the market.
  • The sex toy works twice as quiet as the previous version.


A water-based lubricant and renewing powder after washing an artificial vagina help improve the user experience.


  • They are not here. The development team and hundreds of users have already seen this from personal experience.

Customer review

I used the previous version, and it was good. But this male masturbator is by far the best solution. 10 speeds, and various modes will not let you get bored. Feeling really like a real blowjob. I think I need to order both other sleeves for comparison.

Sleeves are easy to clean and do not need to be dried indefinitely. I am happy that I tried this sex toy.


This Fleshlight kit combines beauty, speed, and functionality. Two artificial vaginas made according to the exact sketches of the hot movie star Riley Reid.

Sex Quickshot gadgets are mini versions of sleeves made from an ultra-soft material.

Both artificial vaginae have through channels and two holes. Therefore, you can use these toys on any side.

What is included?

  • A transparent branded case for an artificial vagina allows you to use sex gadgets manually or using Launch.
  • Quickshot Launch Riley Reid is a multi-functional and trouble-free machine for you to enjoy.

Extra bonus

In the kit, customers receive the perfect lubricant Fleshlube Water 8 oz. This lube will make your sensations as realistic as possible and preserve the quality of the sleeve for a long time in its original form.

  • The transparent texture of the artificial vagina allows you to see your penis during the game.
  • The brand quality of the Fleshlight sleeve allows you to forget about buying new sex toys for a long time. These will definitely become your favorites.
  • Quickshot Launch gives your hands a rest, and you are guaranteed complete relaxation.
  • The small length of the channels does not allow you to feel full and deep immersion.

Customer review

This is a wonderful sex toy if you are looking for a new sensation. Male Launch works flawlessly. On the handles are buttons that are very conveniently located. You quietly control your pleasure! Sleeves are easy to remove and clean.

They dry quickly and are then ready for use again. Soft transparent SuperSkin material combined with a lubricant gives a real penetration feeling.


The original Fleshlight has a hole that looks like an exact copy of the adult movie star Stoya.

The actress also took part in the process of developing the texture of the channel.

Her experience and inspiration were appreciated by fans of her work around the world.

Sleeve Texture

A narrow entrance with small tubercles flows into a wide chamber with pointed cones. Next is a dense ring. And the next camera begins with the expansion and meets you with a ring of flat tubercles.

What buyers will get in the kit?

The male gadget consists of a sleeve and a case for storage and more precise control during the game. 8 ounces of the ideal Fleshlube lubricant will take you to the next level.

  • A non-slip case will allow you to hold the male masturbator during the game comfortably. The case also provides a secret and hygienic storage of delicate artificial vagina.
  • The sleeve is easy to wash and dry.
  • The patented SuperSkin material feels no different from the human body.
  • The channel is longer than average, so not all users will be able to feel the texture of the male device at the end.
  • The latest artificial vagina camera is a bit monotonous and gives extremely vivid sensations.


Customer review

For a long time, I did not dare to order this sleeve because of its price, so I tried cheaper analogs. But they did not give me a sense of reality. When I received the Fleshlight package, I realized that it was worth every penny.

The exterior design is amazingly realistic, and the skin is soft and supple. The channel inside is very well textured. The sleeve requires a thorough cleaning, but this is a prerequisite for the use of any artificial vagina.

4. F1s Developer’s kit RED

A smart male stroker is a new user experience and a new level of sensations!

Try an innovative way of management through the free LELO mobile app.

  • You can control the vibrations of the sex gadget via Bluetooth.
  • The massage mode with sound waves creates incredible sensations that are not like the standard experience.
  • The male stroker case is waterproof and is charged by the mains.
  • High technology cannot be cheap.
  • New users will have to deal with the instructions and the mobile application.


  • Two engines provide two types of diverse sensations. Users can turn on standard vibrations or ultrasonic exposure, as well as combine both modes.

Customer review

This is the best silicone vagina I’ve tried! This device can be called a male vibrator.

An ideal thing if you are tired of standard masturbation.

5. Doc Johnson Mood Exciter Double-Sided Stroker

Budget and compact artificial vagina for solo and pair games will help to realize all your fantasies!

✅ Pros
  • The patented Sil-A-Gel material makes it easy to wash and dry the sleeve. The texture retains its properties after numerous uses.
  • The sleeve has 2 holes, so you will not achieve the effect of complete immersion.
  • For some users, this faux vagina may seem short.
  • Unrealistic design is not suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Customer review

I wanted to use this sex toy as an additional stimulation for playing with a partner.

But it turned out that she did an excellent job alone!


If you still doubt whether you need premium quality sex gadgets, be sure to try one of them. We guarantee that you can not resist purchasing something similar!

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