6 Male Butt Plug Essentials to Spice Up Your Playtime: A Hook for Every Occasion! – 2023

Do you want to add pepper to your sex life?

No matter what gender you are, think about the additional capabilities of your body with stimulation of the anal area!

The vibrating butt plug will add spiciness to your sensations and make orgasms merely deafening!

In this review, we will talk about the best male dildo models. To choose the right butt sex toy, you need to understand your capabilities. Explore our rating and act intuitively. You are a beginner, but you are very curious to feel the anal game? Now our prelude is over. The best male dildo models are waiting in the wings. Let’s start our review!

Take the butt plug smaller, but with more functionality, for example, with a built-in vibratorAre you already enjoying anal penetration with a small butt plug? Increase the size to immodest limits!

1. Hush by Lovense

Make your anal experiments more comfortable and inspiring with a silicone vibrating butt plug. Both men and women can use sex massager.

The anal plug has a perfect smooth plug-in shape. The outer part of the anal dildo will additionally stimulate the external tender zones.

It can be balls or pussy. The vibrating function in this sex toy works almost silently. When the butt plug is inside, even the people sitting next to you will not hear its motor. Therefore, it is an ideal accessory for erotic games in public places.


  • Male sex toy responds to voice commands, so you can turn it on without even touching the smartphone or the body of the toy.
  • Due to its streamlined shape and medium size, silicone anal plug can be used by both men and women.
  • High-quality medical silicone has a very smooth coating that allows the butt plug to slip in easily.

  • The material has no pores. Therefore it does not allow bacteria to develop and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • An exclusive design with a spiral on the narrow part of the anal plug delays the lubricant to make sex smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Notches on the neck of the anal plug prevent sex toys from falling out if you don’t want to.

  • The sleek shape with a pointed tip facilitates the penetration of the butt plug inside.
  • The design is waterproof, which allows you to take a bath or shower with an anal plug inside.
  • Users do not need to worry about batteries continually. The butt plug is charged from a standard power outlet.

  • The charge lasts for a session lasting 2 hours.
  • Super powerful motor creates very intense vibrating vibrations.
  • There is male massager equipped with a variety of modes to satisfy all users.

  • To ensure that both beginners in butt experiments and experienced users can find a suitable option, the anal plug is produced in two different sizes.


  • Similarly, the male sex toy is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile platforms.


  • While you can control the anal plug from a distance as far as several meters away using Bluetooth, the partner who wears it may choose to stand or sit.


  • This sex toy is incredibly powerful and exciting. We did not find a single flaw with this anal plug.

Buyer Feedback

My boyfriend first persuaded me to such an experiment. This silicone butt plug first scared me a lot. In the picture, the sex toy seemed smaller. But the manufacturer planned the design so competently that penetration turned out to be very delicate.

The silicone coating is also super soft. A delightful set of patterns immediately made me forget my fears! If you also want to experiment with non-standard penetration, I advise you to pay attention to this anal plug.

2. Doc Johnson Tango Butt Plug

Do you think that 7 inches for anal entry are too much?

In this case, you can use this Butt Plug partially. Divide your anal knowledge into three stages and master a new sex toy gradually.

The wave shape with a smooth tip is ideal for custom experiments.

  • The reason for this is because there is a special hole at the bottom of the anal plug that allows you to wear it on any device with a Vac-U-Lock attachment mechanism. This gives you an opportunity to play your games without using your hands or partner’s hand.


  • At the base of the butt plug, there is a smooth extension that will help you fasten any sex toy on a harness and use it as an anal dildo.
  • The waterproof design was created for a memorable impression in the bathroom or shower.
  • The soft coating material of the butt plug made of high-quality PVC should preferably be combined only with water-based lubricants.

Buyer Feedback

When I first received this in the mail, I was amazed. This anal plug looks huge! If it weren’t for a specific form, I would have thought it was a regular dildo.

But the material is so soft and the streamlined shape that it was not difficult for me to introduce this thing to my partner. A large amount of lubricant also helped the process. We have other toys of the brand, so the Vac-U-Lock mount was very welcome.

3. A-Gasm

Experience your most potent orgasm with the male anal prostate massager. The insert butt part is combined with a penis ring.

The combined effect of this penis / anal plug ring on the user is nothing short of total orgasmic joy.

As the ring holds you more massive, the plug drives your prostate crazy – so when the time comes to a climax, expect fireworks—silicone 4 “x 1 1/4” plug, 1 1/2 “wide penis ring.

A free 5-piece anal preparation kit is included so you can get started right after it arrives.

  • A delicate silicone ring tightly wraps around your cock to make the climax fantastically enjoyable!
  • You can wear this anal plug as a prelude because it is compact and sleek enough to be worn even under clothes.


  • It does not break even during the most energetic activities due to its durable medical silicone.


  • Apart from the anal plug, buyers will be presented with a desensitizer, lubricant, finger sleeves, and spray for cleaning your butt plugs, in case you are going to put on them.
  • Premium silicone does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation, and also has no pores, so it is easy to clean.
  • Silicone sex toys are only compatible with water-based lubricants. This butt plug was no exception.
  • If the diameter of your penis is larger or smaller than the diameter of the o-ring, you will not be able to use all the functions of this anal plug.

User review

Before ordering this plug, I had to measure the diameter of the penis to find out if I can use the toy for its intended purpose. I fit perfectly, so I made a purchase. The anal part is not significant and not too wide. This butt accessory is comfortable to wear before and during love games.

The gel to reduce the sensitivity of the skin, which is sold in the kit, is also a wonderful addition. I advise beginners not to neglect this option.

4. Cock Locker

This big butt plug with expandability inside your body will surely appeal to fans of domination!

BDSM games are never without slight pain. But all is well within reason! Use this great anal plug and give size control to your partner.

A safe design that does not exceed the allowable diameter will make you worry, but will not cause harm. Also, this butt plug for men is ideal for training muscle relaxation.

  • The Cock Locker pumping mechanism works smoothly, gradually increasing the tension of the material.
  • The conical base makes plug penetration as easy as possible.
  • The flexible structure of the elastic material is due to the presence of the latex. The component can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.


  • It has a maximum size of 14.75 inches around. This is a lot for anal experimenting not just for beginners but also for butt plug users who are experienced.
  • Only use with water-based lubricants is permissible.

User review

In the picture, this thing looks pretty intimidating. But in reality, it turned out to be a very nice plug. I advise everyone not to save on lubricants since even in the smallest size, you will feel severe tension in your butt.

I have not reached the maximum size yet, and I’m in no hurry. The mechanism works smoothly so that you can have fun without any risk to health.

5. Adam & Eve Booty Kit

Do you want to train your anal muscles or just get a more vivid sensation in the process of intimate games? We present to your attention a set of three butt plug models in different sizes.

Three simple and completely smooth silicone plugs will be the perfect learning tool for beginners.

Flared bases have suction cups so that you can attach the anal plug to any flat and dry surface. Training without hands will seem even more exciting to you!

  • The set contains three items which will help you to start anal games comfortably.


  • With powerful suction cups, it is possible to play without having to exert your hands.


  • Soft silicone is a body-friendly material.
  • For advanced players, the size of even the largest gag may seem too modest.
  • There are no additional features like vibration.
  • The plug form is classic, with no interesting details.

Buyer Feedback

I trained for about a month with each of these silicone plug models. I had to try to master the largest size. I highly recommend everyone to start with this set, as the material is incredibly soft and pleasant.

In addition, a shape without a too strong texture does not make you startle when penetrating.

6. Bump Anal Vibe

Ten amazing settings for anal massage are waiting for you.

This is an incredible circuit board for men and women created to give pleasure.

All patterns are completely different, and the vibrations are powerful.

  • The waterproof design allows you to take a shower with this accessory, and it is also easier to clean the sex toy.
  • Several modes of vibration will not let you get bored.
  • It is difficult to enter with a wide tip.


  • The plug measures only 4.5 inches in length, which might be thought of as short by seasoned anal practitioners.


  • For it to last one hour, the butt plug has to be charged for two hours from the wall sockets.
  • The shape of the cork is too simple, without additional waves and ridges suggesting more pleasant stimulation.

Buyer Feedback

My boyfriend gave me this toy. And it is perfect! The average size does not provide me with discomfort. Vibration patterns are compelling and varied. Every day I turn on a new option. To control the toy is very easy; manufacturers made only one button to enable switching patterns.

I also really like that the plug can not be removed in the shower, as it is waterproof. The motor is tranquil. When this thing is inside of you, people around you don’t hear any strange sounds. Wonderful!


We hope that today’s review will help you determine the best butt plag that suits you best.

Most of these massagers were originally designed as male toys.

But manufacturers do not put any restrictions, so we offer buyers of both sexes feel free to buy something from our list of pleasures!


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