5 Auto Masturbators to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level! – 2023

Almost every mature man from time to time feels a sharp sex drive.

It’s okay if there is someone with whom you can satisfy your desires. But what about those who don’t have a permanent partner nearby? The solution to this problem was found by scientists who invented an innovative device – a masturbator.

Buying a stimulation machine for men is quite simple for the modern person, and, most importantly, it is not a shame! We bring to your attention one of the best male masturbators of our time – Autoblow A.I., which will fulfill all your desires, providing a minimum of inconvenience.

#Top Auto MasturbatorBenefits
Autoblow A.I.

  • Choose any function so that the automatic male masturbator acts on the place where you like it most
  • Ten types of sucking will diversify your intimate life and provide you with the choice of suitable modes for maximum pleasure
  • Silicone sleeves fit all penis sizes
HotOctopuss Pocket Pulse

  • It’s not necessary to start the game when your penis is upright
  • You can put a device on a relaxed penis
  • It is an excellent advantage over other automatic male masturbators
Lovense Max 2

  • Compression of the penis at all 360 degrees. The maximum pleasure on all sides
  • The air outlet controls the pressure inside the device and regulates the suction
  • Suitable for most penis sizes
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The best interactive device of our time for sexual games and complete ecstasy
  • Extreme power is up to 140 beats per minute
  • Use manual mode or interactive features
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

  • Trembling knees from a super-powerful orgasm
  • 100% medical silicone sleeve material. Soft and flexible entry
  • 1-year warranty upon registration at Lovehoney
Auto masturbators is striking in its versatility, it needs to be charged more oftenWith this toys you can finish without any movement We will analyze detail all the advantages and disadvantages of these super-powerful vibrators

1. Autoblow A.I.

If you are in search of the best blowjob on earth, you can search no longer. Autoblow A.I. will give it to you today, tomorrow, and for many years will make you happy!

Stimulation machine developers watched over 1000 hours of blowjob videos for more than 1000 hours to understand what movements give men unsurpassed satisfaction.

All experience is implemented using an automatic vibrator, which amazes me with its realistic actions.

If your partner does not want to give you as many blowjobs as you wish, take pity on your partner and buy Autoblow A.I. This machine does not get tired and does not refuse to satisfy you. Of course, you can do it by your hand or use a mechanical sex toy, but moving up and down will quickly tire you, and your penis will slowly die of boredom.

We are sure that you are among the men who like to try something new. Moreover, this new one is a fantastic experience and grandiose result.

The computer mechanism of our vibrator for men will provide more than 250 positions. And it will give you the most realistic blowjob. Which blowjob do you prefer? Fast? Slow? Variable? All this will be provided to you by unsurpassed Autoblow A.I. Thanks to the ten functions, you can set the work mode so that you do not stop to adjust in the middle of the enjoyment process.

So, by acquiring the automatic male masturbator Autoblow A.I. for sex games, you give yourself hours of pleasure. And your endurance is trained thanks to this.


  • It is not necessary to buy batteries all the time. Connect the vibrator to the network and enjoy the process. Do not worry about connecting to the system; this machine is completely safe for you. There will also be no more disappointment when you are at the peak of bliss, and at that moment, the batteries in the vibrator are ending. Forget about it, the continuous process is guaranteed to you!
  • Silicone sleeves (100% silicone) are very soft, flexible, easy to clean, and changeable. The sleeve can be reused a large number of times.

  • The automatic male masturbator is half as quiet as the previous model, but it’s three times more powerful.
  • Your girlfriend will not get tired of a blowjob. She will be happy to kiss you while the device is working. And the equipment, believe us, will never get bored!
  • Your hand will also not hurt after a long blowjob. Satisfaction occurs automatically, without the movement of a hand.
  • It is not necessary to stop to change the settings of the automatic male masturbator. Set the order of the operating modes before, and it will do its job non-stop.


  • If you are very enthusiastic about the process, be careful not to unplug the cord from the outlet.


Artificial intelligence is not just two words for advertising a device for men. It fully justifies all the possibilities and the result. Ten modes of operation sufficiently provide me with a powerful blowjob. I am sure that you cannot ignore ejaculation for a long time, it comes quickly, and it is like an explosion.

I am delighted with this sex toy, and I have had quite an outstanding experience. I have tried many sex things in the online market. In comparison, there is not a single suitable device. Recommend to all single men, married, and with any other status. You will never regret the purchase of this product. It will give you gorgeous sex, a blowjob, and an explosion of emotions!

One minus – I broke up with my girlfriend, and I no longer need her X)))

2. Pocket PULSE by Hot Octopuss

This auto-male sex toy will create deep and penetrating vibrations that will show you a new level of pleasure.

The automatic male masturbator is suitable for any size of a male penis, as the valve is flexible and will not damage your penis.

All the power of pleasure in your hand! Feel it with the compact Pocket PULSE automatic male masturbator!

Many advantages and a minimum of disadvantages for your intimate life. The realism and lightness of the toy will give all men complete delight!


  • The smoothness of the automatic male masturbator, its lightness, compactness, and ergonomics will pleasantly amaze you from the first minutes of meeting Pocket PULSE.
  • Using lubrication in the process of satisfaction, you provide yourself with a realistic and safe intimate game. With lube, you will not have penis damage from playing with an automatic male masturbator.
  • Five realistic speeds.
  • Rechargeable. There is convenient charging – USB. You do not need to run to the store for batteries, charge the device, and enjoy it. Do not worry, if the device is charged, it will not stop during your masturbation process.

  • 100% waterproof. Use the toy in the shower, bath, pool, or whirlpool.
  • Suitable for any penis size.
  • In stock, there is a cover for storing sex toys. Do not be afraid to open the boxes; no one will see the automatic male masturbator, as is in the case.
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • There is a safe delivery without a hint of the contents of the box. No one at the post office or in other places where the box will be visited will find out about the goods, as they will not be able to find any marks indicating the sexual nature of the things.
  • You can download the user manual on the official Hot Octopuss website.


  • It often needs charging. The auto device works only for 1 hour, not more. The long charging time is about three hours.
  • Not suitable for paired games and does not have a remote control function.


At first, I liked the packaging. It is stylish and contrasting. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of a case. It is important to me, as guests with children often come to me, and children are very fond of opening different boxes in search of exciting things.

When I used it for the first time, I finished very quickly. It creates such fantastic waves that my courage failed me, and I promptly gave up.

The auto vibrator sits well in hand and is easy to use. Just two buttons will give you several wave functions. Having even big fingers, you can quickly get to these buttons.

The good news was the waterproofness of the auto device. I can easily wash it under the tap and are not afraid that I will break the male masturbator. And teasing myself in the bathroom has become a good tradition of my day off.

It’s inconvenient for me to give waves to the hand. If it bothers me, I change my side. Also, the noise level does not suit me; it is quite loud. If you use the lower frequencies of waves, no one will hear, but at high levels, you can listen to them in the next room with complete silence.

To summarize, I recommend this best realistic thing! The male masturbator is cool and worthy of its money. Inexpensive, but high quality!

3. Max 2 by Lovense

One of the best super-powerful vibrators for male satisfaction will give you an unforgettable realistic experience and hours of unrivaled enjoyment.

Many parameters and control using a smartphone make an auto sex toy better than many other male masturbators.


  • Super high vibration levels. Firm compression over the entire length. Potent but quiet waves.
  • There is a realistic sleeve for extra maximum pleasure and multifaceted sensations. The inner sleeve is made of a very soft and pleasant to the touch material.
  • The texture stimulates while you stroke.
  • It is controlled by buttons on the case or with a smartphone.
  • You can even choose the positions in which you want to have sex.
  • Synchronize with your partner and have sex at a distance or in the same bed. You are provided with interactive sex, but it is so real that you will confuse auto Max 2 with your girlfriend!
  • Sync with Nora or another Max / Max 2, and the toys will respond to each other’s movements.
  • Control your sex toy with your smartphone at any distance.
  • Let other men and women control your toy and get a new unique experience.

  • Rechargeable. Forget about the batteries. You will no longer invest in your auto sex toy.
  • Wireless. Pull out the cord during your sexual gratification? It is unreal! This male masturbator without a wire will provide you a free game.
  • For an additional fee, you can buy a Sleeve Simulating Vagina and diversify your sensations.
  • There are seven levels of vibration (low, medium, high, pulsating, wavy, fireworks, and earthquake). Waves modes can be created independently.
  • There is a vibration function to the beat of the music.
  • There are three options for compressing your penis (soft, medium, and deep).
  • Compared to previous models, the Max 2 has an improved touch sensor and a longer battery life.
  • Male masturbator Max 2 is connected via Bluetooth to a personal computer, where you can also control the toy.
  • Easy to wash – inner sleeve is removable.
  • Free of phthalates and harmful impurities.

Parameters of sex toys

  • Length 9.50in.
  • Width 3.33in.
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android.


  • There is no case for storage. Box with the image of a vibrator, it is difficult to hide it.
  • If you forget to charge it, the vibrator may turn off during your sex game.
  • With powerful vibrations, Max 2 is quite noisy.


When I received the best Max 2, I was surprised at the size of the box. It was so big that I was scared at first. But when I opened it, I calmed down, and the male masturbator was the size expected for me.

I like that the charging cable is magnetic, it is very convenient. It charges about 100 minutes and lasts for a long time – up to 3 hours of continuous operation, depending on which vibration modes you use. One battery charge is enough for several masturbation sessions, so I am satisfied.

I keep the male masturbator in its native box, but it’s hard to hide the box because it has a picture of the vibrator on it.

So far, I have not had the opportunity to try a vibrator with someone else. I tried it only solo. But I look forward to this opportunity.

I like the texture of the inner sleeve, and it is quite realistic. Also, in the vibrator, there is a compression mode of the penis as if the vagina compresses it. I like it. Such vaginal contractions are very similar to real intercourse.

To use the best male masturbator, I downloaded the application on my smartphone and was glad that I did not need to create an account, but I could use it. I would not want to show my name.

The best thing that made me tremble was setting the vibrations to the beat of the music. When you are lying on the sofa, your best favorite songs are in the headphones, and the vibrator gives you pleasure to the beat of your favorite tunes. What could be better?

4. KIIROO Onyx2

This revolutionary toy completely changed the sex that was before. Before Onyx2, we satisfied ourselves either alone or with a partner.

Now we have a real opportunity to get visual contact with the desired object and have sex with it.

Make your fantasies come true !!! Make love with a stranger and get complete satisfaction! Touch men and women via the Internet and let them touch you!

Many men watch pornographic videos to get an orgasm. We used this fact to your advantage and developed an interactive male masturbator specifically for you! Choose any one and have sex with them in real-time!

The new motor and improved pushing movements in the Onyx2 system can reach 140 beats per minute. A realistic super-soft sleeve enhances your enjoyment.

Wherever you are, you can relate your pleasure to the partner in the distance. Thanks to Onyx2, distance love is possible now! You can feel love, despite the number of kilometers between you.


  • Remote control.
  • Ten shrinking rings imitating a sensation of impact.
  • There is synchronization with your partner’s device. Now sex will not be alone. You can contact from a distance with your partner.
  • Quiet motor operation. No one will hear in the next room how you use the male masturbator.
  • For fans to share love, use a webcam, and live broadcast.
  • Easy device management using touch panels.
  • It is the best thing for a person who travels frequently.
  • The sleeve is reusable and replaceable, made of soft and safe material.
  • The presence of Bluetooth.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is splash-resistant, so a quick rinse of the device under the tap is allowed. After that, wipe it dry.
  • 1-year full warranty.


  • Not suitable for men with a thick penis (hole diameter from 1,57in to 1,77in).
  • Not suitable for men with a long penis (internal length of the device is 6,49 in).
  • Heavy (35,274 oz). Your hand gets tired when you hold the device for a long time.
  • It takes a long time to charge (from 4 to 6 hours). And the working time is short – up to 1 hour of constant work.


This blowjob machine is driving me crazy. Onyx2 automatic male masturbator is designed to enhance the feeling of intimate touch. My wife and I often travel, and our automatic masturbators help our light not to die out. If it were not for this vibrator, I do not know what wall I would climb from sexual desire when I am on a business trip.

On business trips, I am not always alone in my room, so I often use an automatic male masturbator in the bathroom, and no one hears it outside. It is an important thing. When choosing a sex toy, one of the essential points was the quiet operation of the device.

It does not just vibrate, and it has rings that are compressed internally along the entire length of the penis. I get orgasm quickly, and it is always very high quality. My wife does not do a blowjob as good as Onyx2)))

I keep Onyx2 in the box, as it is black without any hinting pictures. It is convenient both on a trip and at home on a shelf. No one is interested in looking into an ordinary black box. But soon, I will have to buy a separate container, as the paper box has already worn out. It is small, and it is difficult to accommodate all the components of the device, so it breaks so quickly.

5. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator by Lovehoney

The goal of the automatic masturbator is to act on the head of the penis and bridle. Involved all the sweetest places of your penis!

You do not need to move your hand up and down; you enjoy the process when the automatic masturbator does everything for you!

Powerful engines create high vibration frequencies and using the buttons on the device, you can choose the mode of use that suits you. Soft silicone, the ability to use the automatic masturbator underwater, and many other advantages are endowed with the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator by Lovehoney.


  • Two powerful motors provide deep vibrations.
  • Several speeds and the ability to determine at what angle to hold the device provide the owner of the automatic masturbator with a chic orgasm.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Innovative button interface.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Little vibrator. Convenient for transportation and storage, takes up small space. Almost invisible.
  • Convenient USB charger.
  • Waterproof. You can have sex with it in the shower, bathtub, pool, or jacuzzi.
  • Fast delivery.
  • There is simple packaging without a hint of the nature of the purchase.


  • It delivers sensations only at the end of the penis, and not along its entire length.
  • Although the applicant indicates that the device is suitable for all penis sizes, this is not so.
  • It is a long charge (up to 6 hours).
  • It cannot be used while charging.
  • The device emits sufficient noise at certain vibration levels.


It is my first sex toy, and I am pleased with it. It was scary to order. I read a lot of reviews and settled on choosing this device. I’ve used an automatic masturbator for a year, and I’m still not tired of it. And I use it almost every night.

The toy is unrealistic, but I don’t care, as I masturbate with my eyes closed. It fits nicely in hand and holds a reasonable charge.

Water-resistance (it’s elementary to wash it) and a lock while traveling are also great features for me.

I was afraid that there would be difficulties in using the vibrator, but I was wrong. Only three buttons and you know how to do everything! Very simple, everyone will understand. I read that some users accidentally hit the buttons during masturbation, but it has never happened to me.

There are many levels of vibration. I use, probably, only half. I think every user will find a suitable program.

I like the fact that the toy does not need to be pushed during masturbation. It does everything itself the best way, sometimes I always change the angle of inclination and get new sensations. After I cum, I turn the toy over, and in this way, all the contents do not spill out but remain inside.

The only problem I encountered is the noise. It is really loud. And also, from the vibration and rattling of the plastic, a gray part began to peel off.

In general, I am satisfied with the toy and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sex toy.

A few tips for using automatic masturbators

  • If you try to rotate the masturbator on your penis or to change the angle of penetration, then this can bring you new pleasant sensations. Do not be afraid to experiment. Thus, every day you can discover something new in masturbation.
  • For a more real feeling, you can preheat the masturbator. Elementary warm water, be careful with a hot one. It is forbidden to boil any sex toys. For a better result, you first have to unscrew the auto masturbator. Let it warm up for about 5 minutes. Please note that other heat sources may damage your masturbator.
  • Be sure to use grease. Caution: Use a water-based lubricant. Do not use, for example, oil. It can permanently damage the auto vibrator. In most cases, it is enough to apply grease with a finger to the area for penetration. Squeeze your masturbator at the entrance and smear the lubricant with penetration. Just enter the penis inside the masturbator, then move forward-backward.
  • It is also a great way to improve your sexual stamina.
  • Please store your masturbators in a dry, dust-free place. We recommend unique bags for storing sex toys that provide excellent protection against all kinds of damage.

How to clean the masturbator: It is essential to clean the masturbator properly. And it is not as difficult as you think. It is quick-drying and water-repellent materials. It is enough to use warm water and liquid soap. Let’s talk about cleaning the auto masturbator in more detail.Here’s what you need: warm water, liquid soap, lint-free fabric, disinfectant spray, talc.

If your auto stimulation machine has vibrating parts, and if they are not waterproof, make sure that you remove all the mechanisms before cleaning. Turn the sleeve inside out.

Now you can easily cover the inside with a little liquid soap and use warm water to wash it. Then use a lint-free cloth, wiping the auto product dry. It is easy and fast since masturbators are water repellent.

In the end, you must use a spray to disinfect. Wait a few minutes and wipe the stimulation machine dry again.

The final step in cleaning the stimulation machine is to sprinkle it with talcum powder or baby powder. It will help you maintain the surface of your sex toy.

The best auto masturbators of 2023

1. Autoblow 2+XT

The Autoblow 2+XT is the best auto masturbator of 2023 due to its impressive range of features and capabilities. It offers adjustable intensity levels, electrically safe materials, and a 5-arm penis gripper that is 50% tighter than similar devices. Additionally, it has a powerful electric motor that creates stronger vibrations. It also has a hands-free design, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the Autoblow 2+XT is body-safe and can be used with other sex toys. It also has an extended guarantee and comes with several storage cases for extra convenience. Finally, it is affordable and easy to clean, making it the perfect auto-masturbator for those looking for an enhanced experience.

2. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is one of the best auto masturbators of 2023 due to its revolutionary design, powerful features, and interactive capabilities. The Onyx 2 is smaller and lighter than the Fleshlight Launch and its replaceable, reusable sleeve has ten contracting rings that simulate the feeling of real sex, no matter your preference. The masturbator can produce up to 140 strokes per minute, allowing the user to customize their experience with the touch-sensitive pad and manual settings. Additionally, it can be synchronized with virtual reality technology, as well as with your partner’s automated sex toy via Bluetooth. The Onyx 2 also comes with a 12-month guarantee and free, discreet shipping. With its sleek, futuristic design and powerful capabilities, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 is the perfect auto masturbator for anyone looking for a truly intimate experience.

3. The Handy Automatic Stroker

The Handy Automatic Stroker is one of the best auto masturbators of 2023 due to its ultra-premium construction and advanced features. It is made with premium quality materials and the very best electronic components for a truly realistic experience. On top of that, it is ready for Virtual Reality video, giving you an immersive experience that is far beyond any other auto masturbator. Furthermore, the Handy Automatic Stroker offers three intensities of suction and 7 vibration functions, allowing you to customize your experience. With its sleek, discreet design and powerful performance, the Handy Automatic Stroker is the perfect companion for any man looking for a luxurious self-pleasure experience.

4. The Arcwave Ion Electric Masturbator

The Arcwave Ion Electric Masturbator is an incredibly unique and powerful auto masturbator that is ideal for men with sensitive penises. Its patented Pleasure Air™ technology provides next-level stimulation, as it directly targets the most sensitive nerves in the penis and delivers a more intense and powerful orgasm than traditional vibrations or friction. It features eight powerful settings and levels of intensity, as well as Smart Silence, meaning it can start and/or stop the party automatically depending on its proximity to the user’s skin.

The Arcwave Ion also features a twist-to-open design that makes it easy to use and helps to speed up its drying process, so you can get back to pleasure in no time. Additionally, it has a detachable storage base, making it ideal for couples play and group sex. It’s made from soft black silicone, and attached to a robust plastic handle, and is easy to clean and maintain. With its rechargeable battery and 70 minutes of run time, the Arcwave Ion auto masturbator is one of the most convenient and enjoyable sex toys available in 2023.

5. Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta is a great auto masturbator of 2023 due to its unique features and design that allow it to provide a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Its dual silicone wings wrap around the penis for pinpoint vibrating stimulation, while the multiple textured layers provide enhanced sexual pleasure and guide lube to just the right spots. Additionally, its powerful industrial motors produce incredibly high-powered vibrations, yet remain surprisingly quiet. For those looking for a customizable experience, the Manta has 6 patterns and 6 speeds, controlled by 3 buttons on the handle of the toy, so you can find the perfect setting for you. Lastly, the Manta is rechargeable with a battery life of up to 120 minutes and waterproof, making it a great travel companion for anyone looking for a pleasurable experience.

6. Tenga Zero EV Electric Masturbator

The Tenga Zero EV Electric Masturbator is one of the best auto masturbators of 2023 due to its versatility and functionality. It features a 90-hinged design, enabling men with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease to use it in the most comfortable way possible. It also comes with a built-in manual control, where you can choose the suction strength and its variable performance modes let you explore different sensations. Furthermore, its discreet design allows for optimal privacy and its lightweight makes it easy to transport. Finally, its soft plastic material is easy to clean and its rechargeable feature provides long-lasting pleasure. All these features make the Tenga Zero EV Electric Masturbator one of the best auto masturbators of 2023.

7. The Lelo F1s

The Lelo F1S V2 is a great auto masturbator for 2023 because of its cutting-edge SenSonic technology and customizable SDK app. SenSonic technology uses two powerful motors to stimulate the entire penis with sonic waves from all directions, meaning you can achieve stronger orgasms than ever before. The SDK app gives you the power to program your own motions, sensations, and vibrations so you can customize your experience – and the device even has 10 hi-tech sensors that can analyze your speed, stamina, and skill so you can get the most out of your solo sessions. Additionally, the Cruise Control setting dynamically adjusts the intensity of the vibrator as you use it, so you never experience any drops in power. With its premium materials and luxurious tug, the Lelo F1S V2 is the perfect choice for those looking for a completely personalized and immersive masturbator experience in 2023.

8. Rose Vibrater Sex-Toy for Women Sucker 7 Multi Speeds Clitoris G-spot Massager

The Rose Vibrater Sex-Toy for Women is a great choice for auto masturbation because of its features. It is made from ABS, TPE and silicone for a safe, comfortable experience and is rechargeable for convenience, making it a great option for traveling. It has ultra suction, vibrations, and thrusting, allowing users to customize their experience to meet their individual needs. Plus, it has a moderate noise level and a discreet package for privacy. With its 1.5-inch inner diameter and 5-inch insertable length, it is also perfect for those with size issues. Finally, with a run time of 1 hour and 30 minutes, it provides long-lasting pleasure. All of these features guarantee an incredible and satisfying experience, making the Rose Vibrater Sex-Toy for Women a great choice for auto masturbation.

9. Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Automatic Masturbator

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Automatic Masturbator is an innovative male stroker designed to provide users with an amazing, hands-free masturbation experience. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 250 strokes per minute, which is far beyond what the average person can achieve with their hand. Additionally, it features three different pleasure zones — base, shaft, and head — that allow users to customize their experience to suit their preferences.

The Quickshot Launch is popular because it allows users to combine two of their favorite activities — watching porn and jerking off — without any effort. It also has a user-friendly motherboard and a universal smart phone mount, making it easy to sync the device with virtual porn. Finally, its replaceable, reusable sleeve provides a realistic sensation and it is compatible with most Fleshlight models. Therefore, users have the option to experience different kinds of intercourse without having to commit to a partner.


What materials are auto masturbators made of?

Auto masturbators are typically made from medical-grade silicone, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). These materials are considered safe, phthalate-free, and latex-free and will not harbor bacteria. Additionally, some auto masturbators may feature hard plastic parts, so pay attention to the design and material used before making your purchase.

How do auto masturbators work?

Auto masturbators work by providing a hands-free stimulating experience for users. They typically consist of a motorized inner chamber that is designed to simulate the sensation of having sex by providing thrusting or vibrating motions. To use an auto masturbator, users simply insert it into their vagina or anus and then turn on the motor. Depending on the model, other features such as adjustable suction power settings, heating and cooling functions and even remote control capabilities may also be available. Once the motor is activated, the user can enjoy powerful vibrations and unique textures that stimulate their nerve endings and provide intense sensations. With the right auto masturbator, users can easily reach orgasm without any manual effort.

What is the best auto masturbator on the market?

Are you looking for the best auto masturbator on the market? You are in luck! There are now a variety of different automated male sex toys available, from the popular Fleshlight Launch to a variety of other brands. These auto masturbators offer a tantalizing, hands-free experience that is sure to bring pleasure.

When comparing auto masturbators, there are some key features to look for. Look for masturbators that have a realistic masturbation sleeve and offer a variety of orifices for different experiences. Additionally, consider a masturbator with motors and innovative techniques that provide a sexual experience that is similar to the real thing.

Price is also an important factor to consider when selecting the best auto masturbator for you. There are a range of options available, from $139 to $1.3k. Consider your budget and the features that are important to you to make the best selection.

Overall, auto masturbators are a great way to explore and experience pleasure without the need for manual stimulation. With the right one, you can enjoy a hands-free experience that is incredibly satisfying.

How do I choose the right auto masturbator for me?

Step 1: Determine the type of automatic masturbator you’re looking for. Choose between electronic and manual models, and decide whether you want a realistic or a textured one.

Step 2: Consider the features of the auto masturbator. Look for features like heat, vibration, suction, or a stroking motion, interchangeable canals, removable sleeves, programmable speed settings, adjustable suction panels, and downloadable apps and Bluetooth controls.

Step 3: Select your auto masturbator by brand. Popular brands include Fetish Fantasy, SexFlesh, Trinity Vibes, and Fleshlight.

Step 4: Choose the auto masturbator’s material. Popular materials include cyberskin, latex, silicone, TPE, stainless steel, rubber, and PVC.

Step 5: Look for high-tech settings, customizable components, creature conveniences, and added safety features.

Step 6: If you’re unsure what to buy, go with a combo so you can explore the depths of your depravity without breaking the bank.

How do I use an auto masturbator?

Step 1: Gather the necessary supplies such as lubricant, condoms (if desired), and your auto masturbator.

Step 2: Apply the lubricant directly to the toy or your body, or both.

Step 3: Switch on the device and get ready to enjoy. Experiment with different speeds and levels of pressure to find what feels best.

Step 4: When finished, take appropriate steps to clean your device according to the manufacturer instructions. This will ensure that it stays in good condition for future use.

Step 5: Be sure to follow safety guidelines when using any type of sex toy, including auto masturbators. Never leave it plugged in when not in use, use water-based lube instead of oil-based products, and make sure your device has been tested for safety before purchasing it.


To use my auto masturbator, I make sure I have the necessary supplies ready, including lubricant and condoms. I apply the lubricant directly onto the toy and my body and then switch on the device. I experiment with different speeds and levels of pressure until I find what feels best. After I’m finished, I take appropriate steps to clean my device according to the manufacturer instructions. I also always make sure to follow safety guidelines when using my auto masturbator, such as never leaving it plugged in when not in use, using water-based lube instead of oil-based products, and making sure the device has been tested for safety before purchasing it.

What are the benefits of auto masturbators?

The benefits of using an auto masturbator are numerous. Firstly, they provide convenience, as they do all the work for you, allowing you to focus more on enjoying yourself. Secondly, they offer enhanced pleasure due to their unique design that can be adjusted according to your preference. Thirdly, they are much easier on the body than manual masturbation, which can lead to discomfort and chafing. Finally, they provide powerful stimulation and can be used for solo masturbation or in conjunction with partner play. All in all, auto masturbators offer an increased level of pleasure and can help spice up your sex life.

Are auto masturbators compatible with virtual reality devices?

Yes, auto masturbators are compatible with virtual reality devices. Many models now support VR and have interactive features so that users can have a more immersive experience while using their toy. This type of technology allows users to interact with their partners or people around the world while they play with their auto masturbator. Additionally, some models come with remote controls so that partners can control the toy together, creating a more intimate experience.


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