3 Penis Extenders of 2023 That Will Take Your Bedroom Game to the Next Level

Choose the best penis extender with us

I recently analyzed safe ways to mount the proportions of my penis. Among the devices with the best feedback were penis extenders.

I considered penis pumps, but I came to the conclusion they only improve erection. The dimension of your member, these devices do not affect (as the cosmetic surgery, often: [1]).

There are several brands boast of medical certificates. So, my ranking is the best device for correcting the shape and rising the length of your dick.

All products in my current rating have passed clinical tests and are completely safeMoreover, all today's penis extenders models have proven to be valid Doctors tracked the results. Then the satisfied users added their opinion

1. Quick Extender Pro

Based on the research urologists developed a special device for penis enlargement.

Moreover, the doctors discovered an excellent extra effect from a penis extender.

The best system for extending the penis in user surveys is Quick Extender Pro. In a short time from 3 to 6 months, you can increase your penis by 12-32%. In 2 months you will get rid of the member’s curvature without medical operations.

Doctors warn that different people may have different results. But the device adds an erection enhancement to you. Training with penis extender provides the best results and absolute safety.

The main advantages of the device

  • Extenders guys can appeal for correction and enlargement of the penis at any age.
  • No more medication or surgery.
  • The effect of penis enlargement is reached by microcracks in the skin. The new nucleus fills the cracks and fixes the results.
  • Extenders are cozy to use. The owner may have it unnoticed under clothing.


  • It is impossible to predict the exact results in advance.
  • The effectiveness of penis extender is reduced if a person does not exercise.

Quick Extender Pro Model Description

The male system of penis enlargement base on the DSS mechanism. Best results have arrived thanks to Double Strap Support. The device pulls the fabric not only the head but the entire penis. Thus, uniform enlargement occurs.

Leveling Peyronie’s Disease

Quick Extenders gently work on a penis. A person may install the pulling in one direction or another. The owner may change the impact strength. The color marking provides control over the process of enlargement and straightening:

  • Green means low tension.
  • Yellow means a medium impact.
  • Red color indicates the maximum permissible load.

Customer Feedback

My first experience with penis extender was at 31. My girlfriend saw good results in 30 days.

Best of all, the training didn’t cause any misery or discomfort. You do not need to compel yourself to carry this device every time.

Why choose Extender Pro?

The device has medical certificates. He was recognized throughout the world. Never before has penis enlargement been so comfortable and fast. Other models could damage your penis or be useless toys.

What else the clients learn about extenders from the Quick series?

  • The design consists of the best silicone and medical aluminum. These materials are absolutely safe for human health.
  • The device is light and cozy for everyday carry.
  • Assembly does not require special technical knowledge or service.
  • Long service life guarantees you the best results.

The brand is so confident in the grade of its extenders that it offers a refund if the buyer does not get the desired effect. What could be more reliable?

2. SizeGenetics

Most guys would like to have a big and straight penis. Are you among them, but nature has decided otherwise?

Modern extenders allow you to fast fix the situation.

This device enables each person to magnify the parameters of his penis. The whole process takes place at home in a cozy environment. Owners do not need to get stimulant medications or surgery.

Extra bonus!

SizeGenetics will return your money if you do not achieve a positive effect.

Pros penis extender SizeGenetics

  • Soft-tension provides comfortable workouts.
  • Thanks to the lightweight construction, a person can bear the penis extender wherever he goes, hiding under clothes.
  • The device is prescribed to its patients by urologists before invasive techniques.
  • The first effect you notice in 2 weeks!


  • The device shows different results for different men.
  • It is impossible to predict exactly what effect each person may get.
  • If you quit training, the result may become less noticeable.

The second way to use the penis extender

If your penis is crooked due to Peyronie’s illness, a penis extender will also help.

Regulate the pulling in the desired direction. The device in just 2-3 months will make your penis completely smooth [2]!

The penis extender has European medical certificates. This technology is recognized as safe worldwide. The device was made from neutral materials, so the risk of allergic reactions is minimized.

A warning!

If you have serious illnesses, consult with your doctor before using a penis extender. The list of possible contraindications includes:

  • Epilepsy and other diseases of the nervous system.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diabetes.
  • Oncological diseases.

Customer Feedback

I purchased a penis extender to rectify the curvature. I was pleasantly amazed that with improving the shape I got an extra inch in length! I spent 3 months on getting such results.

3. Phallosan Forte

Do you want to add 2-3 inches to your penis? Or do you want to have a smooth shape without curvature?

Both problems can be solved by applying the penis extender.

This device is the best in the modern community of medical equipment to enhance the penis.

The penis extender acts delicately without damaging the sensitive organ. Moreover, with regular workouts, you get a stable effect.

The penis extender bonuses

  • The mechanism produces a vacuum that delicately straightens and pulls the client’s penis day after day.
  • The mechanism permits the owner to mount a penis at home or in any other place. A person can have the device under clothes completely unnoticed.
  • You can refuse surgery.
  • No need to take any medications.

Disadvantages of the system

  • With different men, a penis extender can achieve a rise of 12-30%. It is impossible to predict the result in advance.
  • A penis may be enlarged only through regular workouts.
  • If a guy gives up workouts, the result may not be permanent. Ht will have to start wearing a penis extender again.
  • This is the most expensive model in the ranking.

Extra bonus!

In addition to the straight and large penis, the owner may have a more stable erection.

How does penis extender FALLOSAN forte work?

Due to the formation of a vacuum, the system imperceptibly pulls the penis tissue.

New cells fill the cracks and the length increases. If you adjust the system for tension in any direction, you will gradually level the curvature.

Improved blood flow to penis creates a longer and more powerful erection. The device can be used after surgery. The penis extender assists you to restore erectile function after various diseases.

Success factors

  • Buy PHALLOSAN forte to increase and correct penis regularly.
  • Give your workouts a day from 8 to 12 hours.
  • The owner may sleep with a penis extender at night.

  • Set the stretching force for individual needs (the impact compel increases from green to yellow and red).
  • Protraction to the red level is equivalent to 3 kilograms. Doctors do not recommend wearing more weight.

3 safety factors

  • The penis magnification mechanism has no sharp elements. You can not get hurt.
  • The system includes only safe inert materials. You will not get an allergic reaction, even if you are prone to skin irritation.
  • There are no pressure elements that can lead to squeezing of blood vessels.

Customer Feedback

I increased my dick by 2 inches in half a year. It is not too much, but I did not wear a penis extender usually.

Sometimes I missed workouts. On the day I wore this device for about 8 hours. As a bonus, I got a stiffer erection.

What to look for before buying?


Buy products only from proven brands. The selected model must have a certificate of safety. Also, the manufacturer must list all the materials from which made the device. Nobody wishes to have an allergic reaction.

In addition, the design should be smooth, without sharp corners and spikes. The universal dimension of the device adjusts to your parameters. Otherwise, you risk passing on blood vessels or rubbing tender skin.

Comfort of use

To have a stable result, the owner must wear a penis extender at least a whole working day. If the time is less than 6 hours, the owner not get any effect.

So, if you feel bad and uncomfortable, you may hardly spend the whole day with this mechanism.

I hope my rating will assist you to buy the most reliable and cozy penis extender. If you have questions regarding model selection or practical advice, do not hesitate to ask them on our website.


1. Cosmetic surgery of the penis

2. Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

What are the benefits of using a penis extender?

1. A larger, longer, and thicker penis

Using a penis extender can have a positive effect on the size, length and thickness of the penis. It has been reported that users of penis extenders have seen an increase in their penis size and thickness over time, along with denser and harder erections and more forceful orgasms. In some cases, it has even been reported to help correct Peyronie’s disease. In addition, the increased size and thickness of the penis can provide a man with increased self-esteem, confidence and even better performance in the bedroom.

2. Increased penis strength and rigidity

Using a penis extender increases penis strength and rigidity by stretching the penis slowly and making it bigger, similar to the way cosmetic surgery is done. This stretching makes the penis more dense and harder, improving erectile function and providing more control during sex. It also helps to prevent premature ejaculation and can even help correct curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease. Penis extenders also increase self-esteem and confidence by making the penis larger, allowing men to attract more attention from the opposite sex. Additionally, users will experience more intense and forceful orgasms, as well as increased energy and stamina in bed.

3. Improved sexual performance and stamina

Using a penis extender can have a number of positive effects on sexual performance and stamina. Penis extenders are devices that are designed to increase the size of the penis. They can be worn for a few hours a day for several months to achieve the desired results. By increasing the size of the penis, this can create a denser and harder erection, which leads to increased control, stronger orgasms, and overall better sexual performance. Additionally, the increased size of the penis can provide the user with increased confidence and self-esteem, making it easier to attract the opposite sex. Research has even shown that 61% of patients experienced a Peyronie’s correction with the use of a penis extender. Ultimately, the use of a penis extender can be beneficial in improving sexual performance and stamina.


What is a penis extender?

A penis extender, also known as a penis stretcher, is a non-invasive device originally created to straighten a curved penis without surgery. It has since become popular for its ability to increase penis size without surgery. The device works by stretching the penile tissues and improving blood circulation around the penis shaft. It consists of two edges – one is placed at the base area of the pubic region and the other at the frontal part – and a head portion with a strap or other fixing point. It is made of medical-grade materials and can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and Peyronie’s Disease. Penis extenders are the safest and best way to increase penis size and provide a long-lasting effect when worn for a few hours a day for six months or more.

What are the benefits of using a penis extender?

The benefits of using a penis extender include an overall improvement in sexual strength, an increase in penis length and girth of up to 32%, improved functionality of up to 36% for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, correction of Peyronie’s disease, prevention of premature ejaculation, improved self-confidence, a denser and harder erection, more energy in bed, increased and forceful orgasms, and an overall improved relationship with partners. Furthermore, the Jes-Extender is designed and handmade by specialized Danish engineers to ensure quality and is used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

What is the most effective penis extender?

When it comes to finding the most effective penis extender, there are many factors to consider. The Quick Extender Pro is our top choice, offering a combination of affordability, power, and comfort. It is capable of delivering relatively fast results, thanks to its high tension strength and comfort. PeniMaster Pro is a great option for convenience, while those seeking maximum comfort should look to PeniMaster Pro. For those looking to correct mild to moderate Peyronie’s curvature, Quick Extender Pro is the best option.

Jes-Extender is another popular penis extender with a medically documented average growth of 28%. They have multiple packages available to suit different budgets, and offer a double-money back guarantee if the training program does not produce results. Finally, the Proextender is FDA-approved to treat penile curvature and has a 6-month clinical study backing it with a 100% success rate and no side effects. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which product is the most effective for you.

How long does it take to see results with a penis extender?

It is estimated that it can take up to 6-12 months to see visible results with a penis extender. The amount of time required for the results to show depends on the amount of time you wear the penis extender daily. It is recommended to wear the extender for at least 6 hours a day for 90 days or 3 hours a day for 180 days for best results. Additionally, some manufacturers claim that using a penis extender for 10 hours a day for 6 days will give the same results as using it for 1 hour a day for 60 days. Ultimately, your body needs time to adjust and grow, just like it would with any other exercise, so patience is key!

Is a penis extender safe to use?

Yes, penis extenders are safe to use when used as directed. They are designed to cause no harm when you gradually ramp up tension strength and the number of hours you use the device. Tingling and stretching sensations are normal when using a penis extender, but pain and discomfort aren’t normal or expected at all. The only real downside to using a penis extender is the amount of time you need to use it in order to get results. It is recommended to use it for 4 months to one year in order to get the most out of your device. Furthermore, as a safety precaution, you should always consult a medical professional before using a penis extender, since it may be contraindicated for some men due to underlying health reasons. Surgery is almost always a last resort in medicine because the risks of complications tend to increase as compared to non-surgical solutions, so a penis extender is the best option for gaining penis size.

What is the difference between the various penis extender devices?

The difference between the various penis extender devices lies in the speed of the results, the level of comfort, the budget allocated for obtaining the extender, the design of the extender, and the convenience offered. Speed-wise, some penis extenders are built to deliver results after 6-12 months of gradual, low-impact usage, while others have greater tension strength, allowing for more intensive use and faster results. Comfort-wise, some companies upsell based on comfort and packages that include additional features to help you maintain comfort. Budget-wise, penile extenders are priced differently, with some entry-level options being cheaper than others. Design-wise, penis extenders vary in their aesthetics and the level of psychological connection they provide to the user. Convenience-wise, some devices are lightweight and slim, making them suitable for wearing under clothing, while others are heavier and bulkier, and still others, such as the PeniMaster Pro or Phallosan Forte, can be worn in bed without issue.

How does a penis extender work?

Penis extenders are medical devices designed to correct Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes curvature of the penis. The device may also be used to increase penis length and girth. Penis extenders are made up of a plastic base ring, two metal shafts with internal springs, and an upper plastic support with a silicone band. To use, the device is worn on the penis in the flaccid state throughout the day for four to nine hours.

The user adjusts springs that pull the penile shaft to stretch and make it longer. The traction force, or weighted force that is stretching the penis shaft, can be increased over a period of six months, from 1.3 pounds to 2.6 pounds. According to one study, this can result in an increase of 0.9 inches in flaccid length.

While use of the penis extender may result in a small increase in length and girth, it can be very uncomfortable to wear and may cause some pain. It is important to consult a doctor when looking to use a penis extender, as they can provide advice on the best way to use it and answer any questions or concerns.

Can a penis extender be used to treat any medical conditions?

Yes, a penis extender can be used to treat certain medical conditions, such as Peyronies Disease and erectile dysfunction. In fact, some health insurance companies cover penis extenders when they are prescribed by a medical professional. Clinical studies have also found that high quality penis extenders can be effective in treating Peyronie’s disease, as well as providing improved erections, increased stamina, and even length in some cases. However, it is important to talk to a doctor before starting any treatment with a penis extender, as they can evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment plan.

Are there any side effects associated with using a penis extender?

Yes, there are some possible side effects associated with using a penis extender. These can include pain and discomfort, bruising, tingling, and stretching sensations. It is important to follow the instructions that come with the device and to increase tension gradually in order to avoid any potential side effects. In addition, if you are taking any supplements or medications, it is important to consult your doctor to ensure that they are not contraindicated for you. Surgery is usually a last resort due to its high risk of complications and should be done only when necessary. Finally, if you buy a poor-quality penis extender, you may experience injuries, soreness, discomfort, or pain. To minimize these side effects, it is important to use a clinically proven penis extender and to learn how to use it properly.

What is the best type of penis extender for my budget?

When it comes to finding the best penis extender for your budget, it’s important to consider what you’re getting for your money. The Quick Extender Pro is our top overall pick for 2021 because it’s the most affordable option that still offers great features. It has high tension strength and a comfortable design, making it capable of delivering relatively fast results. PeniMaster Pro is another great budget option, offering convenience and maximum comfort, while Quick Extender Pro is the best choice for those looking to treat Peyronie’s disease. All of these penis extenders rely on penis traction and produce desired results when used as intended and for the necessary length of time. In the end, it’s important to weigh the features and benefits of each product and decide which one works best for you.


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